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The Puppet Company Wilberry Doll Collection Daisy

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Brand: The Puppet Company / Type: Doll

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    1 Review
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      11.08.2013 11:06
      Very helpful



      Lovely for small children

      Two different children, two different sexes. When it comes to toys, Im lucky that my children both enjoy playing with each others toys, despite the fact some toys are geared more towards a specific sex e.g bright pink Barbie kitchen, Iron Man action figure etc. But there are definite differences between my two children and how they play with things. Best example I can give is my daughter has hundreds of teddies and afew dolls. My daughter will hug and kiss them, and call them her ' baby ', where as my son is more likely to sit on them and swing them round by their legs. So with my daughter only having one doll at the time, but able to play with loads of others at stay and play, I realised it was time to broaden her collection for her birthday. I purchased this doll from Amazon for £15.76 ( currently being sold for £14.29 free p and p ).

      Why did I buy this?

      I was looking at a traditional doll, that had a hard face and hands and possibly hard body but i wanted to find something different. But the main thing I was looking for was a doll that had brown skin. My daughter is a walking melting pot of different cultures, and this is reflected in her skin tone due to her diverse family background. I wanted to buy her a doll that was different to what she already had or had played with in the past. Not necessarily one that looked just like her, but something that would give her doll collection, as it grows, a fair representation of the varied looks that we all see on a day to day basis.

      Trying to find well made and great looking dolls that are of colour, and are affordable, I found quite hard as the variety although has grown so much since I was younger, is still much more limited than others. But this particular doll online appeared very cute, good size, decent price and I liked the fact this doll was soft in the material it was made out of, rather than made of plastic. This I thought would make a very tactile and cuddly new ' friend ' for my daughter.

      How did she arrive?

      An important point really to make if this was intended as a gift for a child. She came in a tall plastic cylinder shaped box, clear. No top or lid so was exposed in this area. Inside the packaging, was a very useful piece of card that showed all the different dolls in this range with their names. Quite a good sized mix of dolls that were different colours, slightly different looks but all looked adorable and very cute!

      How does she look?

      Daisy the doll is 20 inches high when laid out flat and 6 inches across ( around the tummy area, not including her arms when spread ). Her texture and feel is completely soft, nothing on this doll is hard. Filled with some form of foam or similar material. Starting from the top, she has black hair that appears to be curly and almost wool like in regards to how the strands look. The hair is put up into two bunches with pink ribbon. Her face is dark brown in colour and slightly flat and round in regards to look. Eyebrows, eyes and mouth are stitched into the face, the nose is small and round, and feels as if theres maybe something in it to make it a bit more harder as it's quite tough when squeezed. Two flat small ears at the side of the head finishes that section off.

      In regards to her body, she wears a short sleeved stripped t shirt which is pink and white. It can be taken off and is fastened up at the back by Velcro. On top of the t shirt she wears blue denim dungarees that fastens by two poppers at the top. On the chest area is a stitched daisy which sits on top of a pocket. The dungarees are long legged, and on the side of each leg is a pocket. In one of these pockets is a small yellow duck made of fabric. Its attached to the inside pocket of the dungarees by a long piece of string. This duck is a small finger puppet, as it has a small hole just underneath it to place your finger in. The duck does not detach.

      The doll wears white socks that can be removed, along with some black fabric shoes again that can be taken on and off.

      Underneath the clothes on this doll, she wears a white vest and a pair of white knickers. All can be removed.

      All of her body that isn't seen e.g underneath her clothes, is brown in colour. No ' girlies bits ', so not anatomically correct, but what she does have on her hands and feet the appearance of 10 fingers and ten toes.

      Suitable for 3 years plus.

      So what do we think?

      My daughter loves this doll. Shes actually quite tall this doll, but not too big that my daughter struggles to hold her. Shes very light weight and tactile to touch and hold, and shes very soft. My daughter loves to cuddle, kiss and hold her which is very sweet to look at. Ive caught her doing alot of role playing with the poor doll-force feeding her crisps, sticking spoons in her hair and other wonderful things.

      The look of her is very cartoon like, so fun and cute to look at. You cant help but pull and play with her hair because of the texture and springiness to it.

      My son has had fun taking her clothes off, and basically throwing her around like a mad man, which just shows this doll is quite durable even in the hands of my children.

      What do I think?

      Well made doll and pleasing on the eye. Very nice alternative in look and feel to the traditional doll. Despite the fact this doll is for children age 3 years plus, I have no issues letting my daughter play with it even though shes younger. No sharp bits or things that come off the doll, except her clothes, so cant see her harming herself.

      I love the fact shes fully clothed and you can take them off. Good practising skills for my daughter when it comes to dressing and undressing herself. The clothes come off quite easily, and are very well made. Good quality material and well made.

      She hasn't got dirty yet, so don't even want to guess what I should do with her in regards to cleaning. Although it does say on the label surface clean only.

      I didn't notice at the time of purchase or even when we've been playing with this doll, that the little duck was a finger puppet. Nice touch, and after discovering this, the kids find it fun and an interesting thing to do with the doll.

      Overall a lovely doll.

      Only negative I have is in regards to how she was packaged. The cylinder she was in should have been more robust and have a lid on it. I bought this acouple of months before my daughters birthday and was concerned when I was storing it away ( stuck it behind my baby changing unit ) it would get dusty.

      Would I buy this again? Yes I would. Good price and good quality. A little different from the norm, enjoyable to play with and good size. Great addition having the finger puppet and a great addition to any childs doll collection.



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