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Zapf Baby Chou Chou Make Me Better

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Brand: Zapf Creation / Type: Doll

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    2 Reviews
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      25.01.2009 14:21
      Very helpful
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      Save a few extra pennies and buy Annabell instead!

      She is sitting on my lap right now. Silent, big blue eyes looking up at me ... but all that can change literally at the push of a button!

      Zapf Chou Chou Mummy Make Me Better was one of the dolls my daughter reived for christmas. Soft bodied with plastic arms, legs and head, she is alot lighter at 2.5kg than the 'Annabell' dolls that my daughter also has. This makes her alot easier for my three year old to carry around playing 'mummy and baby'.

      On unwrapping her gift, we were both pleasantly suprised. A fair sized box full of goodies it seemed!

      A doll and lots of accessories :

      A dummy
      A themometer
      A medicine bottle
      A medicine spoon
      A stethescope
      A syringe
      A toy for dolly

      Well can I just mention here that exactly one month after opening, neither myself or my daughter can find the themometer, medicine spoon, medicine bottle, syringe or bandages and babys hat seems to be missing too!

      On christmas morning, one excited three year old wants to play with everything and mummy spends hours making, fixing, fitting batteries ... This doll and all her accessories, which at first looked so pleasing to the eye, were held in place with no less than 20 bendy wires and I was still unravelling it all half an hour later!
      The doll itself has a compartment on the back (phillips screwdriver required) 3 AA batteries are required here (not included) and it was all easily accessible even for me!
      Located near the battery compartment, and by far the dolls best feature, is the on-off switch.

      Baby chou chou has various points around her body which by pressing, activate her sounds and functions.
      Press her tummy and she will laugh / giggle out loud.
      Press her back and she will cry, almost too realistically!
      Her cheeks will also glow red indicating that she has a temperature. This noise will stop by pressing into her mouth either her dummy or her themometer and her glowing cheeks will eventually fade themselves.
      Alledgedly if you push the medicine spoon to her mouth she makes sipping noises and on removing the spoon she should laugh indicating that she is feeling better but unfortunately we lost the spoon before being able to confirm this!
      Next comes my daughters favourite function - use the stethoscope to listen to babys heartbeat. ~This does work but you have to pace the end on exactly the right spot, to the left side of babys chest, which can be a bit frustrating for a 3 year old.
      Baby Chou Chou's last feature is a heart shaped bruise on her forearm. The bruising apparently should fade if you hold it for a few moments (as if to warm it up) but Ive found that your fingers need to be really warm for this to work (usually straight after holding a hot cup of coffee).

      Baby wears a flowered sleepsuit which is removable for washing. You can buy different outfits for your doll but as long as you look for 19" they neednt necessarily be Zapf clothing.

      Although this doll is recommended age 3+ , Im pretty sure that my 3yr old doesnt fully appreciate all its functions and would perhaps be just as happy with a cheaper doll.
      This doll retails at £29.99 but I have seen it on offer throughout January for around £17 on both Amazon and Toyshop.com.
      Argos seem to have dropped it completely from their new catalogue.

      I think that perhaps this toy would benefit from including a Drs case or even just a backpack to keep all the accessories together with the doll.

      Personally I wouldnt recommend this doll especially at full RRP or indeed for under 5's.
      As an owner of both this doll and Baby Annabell, Baby Chou Chou unfortunately is rather disappointing and I shall be saving my money for future Annabell dolls.


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        25.01.2009 14:19
        Very helpful



        A good bargain, glad we got it as interactive features are fantastic!

        Chou Chou Mummy make me better

        My daughter was given 4 dolls for xmas but this one seems to be her favourite.

        My sister got it at bargain price in Argo sale was too good to miss at that price.

        The reason I thourght she would enjoy it is its very interactive and she enjoys making people better with pretend play.

        This doll is quite big and feels heavy but includes lots of extras with it

        The doll is dressed in pretty and removable outfit and hat and comes with dummy.

        The dolll needs AA batteries which are are placed in box at back you will need a screw driver to do this.

        The on /off switch is concealed at back under clothes and skin and you undo at back with vecro giving you fast easy access when doll is driving you mad and want to switch off fast!

        if you pat dolly hard on front she giggles and coos.
        However when you hit her hard on back she cries quite loudly!
        Her cheeks turn a bright red glow.

        Now this is the important bit how do you make her better.
        You have a number of things that need to be done in correct sequence.

        1)Place the heart shaped thermometer in mouth this tops the crying and red cheeks fade.
        In deperation if you cant find thermometer try dummy sometimes works.

        2)The syringe does nt do much just for show although you can squeeze it up and down.

        3)Its the spoon thats my daughters favourite as its purple and feels realistically heavy and when you place very close to mouth the dolly makes sipping noises.
        Theres also a fake medicine bottle but bottle lid does not open which is shame.
        Some velcro plasters ok but not been played with much.

        I guess the next cool bit is the stephascope.
        You place it at right hand side top of chest quite firmly and you can hear the dolls heart beating.

        Guess the only downside is child need sto do things in specific order and youger child may lose patiance if cant remember what to do.
        You also need to pat dolly quite hard in specific place so my daughter does need help with this sometimes.
        It does say 3+,The older the child easier it is really would say good doll for 3-5year olds.

        Its good value for money as looks good, substantial sized package and good quality doll.
        The best bit is not only can you see and hear the changes that the child can influence just by patting it and really making them feel like they are making baby better.

        My daughters plays with it lots and has taught her to be more caring, hopefully she will grow up and want to be a doctor and keep he parents in old age!

        I found it great fun or maybe I need to get out more!


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    • Product Details

      Poor CHOU CHOU is not feeling very well! She is crying and her cheeks have gone red. Make her better by taking her temperature with the thermometer. Give her medicine from the spoon and she will make drinking sounds. Listen and actually hear her heart beat. Soon she will feel better and laugh. She also has a pink bruise which disappears and reappears. Set includes 8 accessories.

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