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Zapf Creation Baby Annabell Tween Doll

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2 Reviews

Brand: Zapf Creation / Type: Doll

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    2 Reviews
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      31.12.2012 20:43
      Very helpful



      A good alternative to bridge the gap between fashion dolls and baby dolls

      I bought this doll for my daughter as it was in the sale at a very good price. It seemed like a good bridge between the "baby" dolls e.g. the baby annabell, baby born etc., and the Barbie / Bratz brigade.

      The doll has a pleasant expression, and is available with a choice of several different outfits on, all very tweeny so not too risque or babyish. Ours is sporting flat brown "ugg-style" boots, which are removable but stay on very well, leggings and a denim tunic, and a pink tweedy coat. She also has sunglasses, which are actually pretty good quality as they are flexible unlike other doll glasses we have had on unbranded alternatives, so less likely to break.

      The Annabell tween is a nice shaped doll - not too skinny, but a good shape to carry around even by a toddler. I have a 2 year old girl and a 6 year old girl, and they both play with it in different ways - the 2 year old likes to carry it around and put it places (e.g. toy pushchair), while the 6 year old likes to style its hair. This gives great playability as far as I'm concerned. The hair is long and blonde, and does get a bit ratty when dragged around by a toddler but brushes well.

      The doll is easily poseable, and can stand up or sit down very well indeed. Her arms can be outstretches or at her sides, as they rotate from the shoulder. The legs have joints at the top where the meet the hips, which allows positioning such as sitting or standing. The head moves from side to side manually too, so you can turn her to face specific directions. Her face is a soft slightly rubbery doll material, while her hands and body are more plasticky. Her hands are slightly open with the thumbs sticking out so you could have her "hold" things if you hook them over her thumbs (e.g. another doll's accessories, little cups etc.) The clothes are easy to remove by a child of around 4 and over.

      I don't know what age this doll is supposed to look but I would compare her to some of my 6 year old daughter's friends. I feel that it is a very appropriately styled yet fashionable doll, and I am very happy for my daughters to play with it (no high hemlines, heels etc. which make me slightly cringe!)

      At its RRP, I would say this doll is expensive, and would personally only buy it at this price if it was longed for as a specific doll by my child. If you can get it discounted, it is good quality and appeals to a variety of ages so I would certainly recommend it.


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      09.05.2012 00:21
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Not as exciting as I had hoped for Hollie.

      Hollie my daughter loves her baby Annabell doll to bits she has the brother doll version too. These dolls are played with daily and she has so many accessories for them like the pram, pushchair , bed , high chair, numerous outfits that we are running out of new things to buy them. Having had so much play from her Baby Annabell dolls I purchased the new Annabell tween doll hoping she would be a much loved part of the Annabell collection.

      Annabell Tween doll is made by Zapf Creation. The doll costs around £25 and can be purchased from Argos, Toys r us, Toy master and Amazon uk.
      I purchased the doll on november 2011 from Argos in my local town centre.
      Annabell Tween doll comes in a lovely gift box style packaging with the clear plastic front so you can see the actual doll and the rest was decorated cardboard. I liked the fact the cardboard packaging was decorated in yellow with pictures of the tween doll all over it , makes it a bit different and grown up looking.
      Removing the doll takes some time as each limb is held down with plastic cable ties so scissor were required to free her.

      Annabell Tween doll looks very pretty and somewhat realistic. She is a fair size measuring 17 inches tall and very light weight compared to the baby Annabell dolls. Annabell tween doll has lovely long blonde hair and she comes with a hair brush to so you can brush her.
      The hair looks greasy but it is coated in something to stop her hair tangling up I liked this idea and her hair does feel soft to touch.
      Annabells skin is made from super soft rubber or vinyl it actually feels like a real childs skin , very realistic and in the soft natural colours too.
      Although the Annabell tween doll is jointed on the hips and shoulders so she can move but this is disappointing as she cant sit down properly.
      Putting her in the sitting position means her legs are coming straight out and don't bend at all same with her arms you can move them around at an angle but the don't bend.
      She does however stand up and stays standing all by herself.

      Our Annabell tween doll comes with a purple hair brush and hair clip these have the Zapf logo on them. Her outfit is a light pink beret hair, long pink coat, long tunic top in denim blue colour, black leggings and brown furry boots.
      The clothes are very hard to remove from the doll as her limbs down move as explained, they are also very tight fitting this annoyed Hollie a little as she likes to dress and undress all her dolls.

      Another annoying thing is for the doll being made by Zapf Creation and being an Annabell doll I was disappointed to find there are no extra accessories to buy separately. You can get cheap non branded clothes apparently for the Annabell tween doll on ebay but I never purchased them as I like to stick to the brands to ensure the clothes fit and good quality etc.

      Hollie likes the Annabell tween doll and does play with it now and again however as she is only three I think she is lost on how role play with it and as a result of this she favours her actually baby Annabell dolls more. I if honest was a little underwhelmed with Annabell Tween doll as it seemed expensive for what it is. Annabell tween doll states it is for children age 3 years and up, I do feel perhaps Hollie was a little young for this doll even though she is 3 and it would be more suited to children age 6 years plus I feel they would get more enjoyment from the doll and be able to role play better. I do still recommend the Annabell Tween doll as she is very pretty and her clothes are good quality however just don't expect much from the doll.


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    • Product Details

      Annabell Tween is a beautiful doll with long blonde hair, who likes nothing more than looking fantastic. She comes with a stylish outfit and matching accessories, so you can have fun styling her the way you want. Please note: There are 6 styles in this range. Unfortunately it's not possible to request a specific one, so please let us choose one on your behalf

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