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Zapf Creation Chou Chou My First Tooth

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Brand: Zapf Creation / Type: Doll

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    2 Reviews
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      21.05.2009 14:14
      Very helpful
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      A great friend for little girls.

      Santa very kindly brought this doll for my 4 year old at Christmas. This doll was the only thing she put on her list. She had written that she wanted a doll that grown teeth that she would call Holly.

      When she opened it on Christmas morning her face was glowing with happiness, she was so delighted that Santa had brought her this doll.

      After 15 minutes fighting with the ties that hold her and her little accessories in she was free. The doll herself is around 19" and is quite heavy, my little one is 21 months and struggles to hold her but she is the perfect size fo rmy 4 year old. Holly, the dolly, comes with a pink and white striped footless sleep suit and matching hat (both are really easy to take off and on) as well as a bottle which when you give it to her she makes drinking noises, a dummy which soothes her tooth ache and makes her cheeks glow reds and when you take the dummy out she had miraculously grown 2 front teeth. She also comes with a little blue teedy and a teething ring. If you tickle her tummy she will giggle and if you press her tummy she cries.

      This is quite a realistic doll and always catches the eye of our visitors.

      It has a simple reset button on the back to make her teeth disappear again.

      Ours didnt come with an other outfit but the new one does. You can also buy additional CHou Chou outfits in many toy stores.


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        05.01.2009 19:40
        Very helpful



        Really loverly doll, and my daughter has loved it loads so far and hopefully this will continue.

        My daughter Isabella got a baby Chou Chou first tooth doll (Zapf creations) for Christmas after driving myself and her daddy crazy for months previous about how much "she needed it" and how good she was going to be for Santa...the advert for this doll seemed to be on TV at least five times a day and annoyed the life out of us.

        But we relented as when Tesco's had their half price toy sale, we had just had our clubcard vouchers through so I got it for hardly nothing, we also got one of those voucher codes from hot uk deals so I think it ended up costing a tenner and we had more than enough clubcard vouchers to cover it so was a bargain.

        I must admit though now I know what the doll is like, I would have paid the full price for this, as it is such a sweet doll and our daughter loves it.

        Baby Chou Chou my first tooth doll is a great role playing doll for little toddlers whom would like to go through the pleasures of a teething baby!!! Don't ask me why they would want to go through this as I do not know and I never seemed to enjoy it when I went through it with my children, but then again I never knew why she wanted a doll that filled its nappy either, but she did.

        Baby Chou Chou is a 48 cm soft bodied doll she come dressed in a pale pink and floral designed baby grow outfit and matching hat, also included was an extra outfit which was a darker pink baby grow with the baby Chou Chou logo on the front.

        Baby Chou Chou's cheeks glow red when she is teething and she cries, little annoying after a straight hour but Isabella loves it.

        She comes with a teething ring as well, which is pink and yellow in colour and made of plastic and when you put the top of this teething ring (the yellow part) near baby Chou Chou's mouth to soothe her , she makes little slurpy sounds and she then calms down a little.

        She also comes with a bottle, pink in colour with baby Chou Chou logo printed on and if you put that in her mouth she makes sucking noises as if she is drinking from the bottle.

        She also come with a pink baby Chou Chou dummy and when she does cry and her cheeks glow red if you put in her dummy she calms down and then when you pull it out again her bottom two teeth grow through, is pretty cute.

        She has a on and off switch on her back underneath her outfit and also a reset button to get her tooth to go back in and to start the whole process again....great!!!

        She also comes with a blue elephant cuddly toy, which is blue in colour.

        Also if you press her dummy she giggles.

        She needs three AA batteries which are not included.

        Age recc. 3 years plus

        Best prices and suppliers at the moment are;

        Amazon = 27.99
        Littlewoods = 25.00
        Smyth's toys = 27.99

        I would recommend this doll as it is a very nice looking doll, as some you get can be slightly creepy or weird looking ....that may just be me....!!

        It also comes with a good range of accessories and my daughter has been playing with it non stop since Christmas morning and although we may have got a little tired of seeing the teeth grow she definitely has not.

        I also think it is nice that children get to really take care of a doll and learn how to soothe the baby, my daughter has suprised me with just have patient and caring she can be at times.

        Also if anyone is buying this doll shortly or has already brought this doll then a bit of a bargain at the minute to be had in the poundland shop they have a couple of different accessories sets for the baby Chou Chou brand, all obviously for a pound, just though this may be of use to some of you bargain hunters.


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      • Product Details

        Poor Chou Chou is getting her first teeth! She cries and her cheeks go red! Give her a cool drink from her bottle to soothe her gums then let her suck on her dummy for comfort! Her tooth is really coming through - take her dummy out to see her teeth grow! Listen to her chew on her teething ring! Tickle her tummy and she giggles! Children will love looking after Chou Chou as her teeth come through! A great way to encourage roleplay!

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