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Dr.Hauschka Almond St.Johns Wort Body Oil

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Brand: Dr.Hauschka / oil / Type: Body Oil / Suitable for: Body / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types / Contents/Size: 75ml /

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    3 Reviews
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      19.05.2012 15:17
      Very helpful



      a great body oil - well worth a try if you are not comfortable in your skin

      I have been using body lotions, potions, creams or oils for more years than I care to remember but my skin has always tended to be dry whatever the time of year and I had almost resigned myself to the fact I would always feel slightly uncomfortable in my own skin until a friend suggested I try this Dr Hauschka Body Oil.

      I reluctantly forked out £17.95 for just a seemingly tiny bottle (75ml) and was rather sceptical about using it but I have to say I love it and will continue to use this lovely oil because it has worked so well on my dry mature body.

      It comes in a cardboard box with a leaflet telling me a little about the Dr Hauschka company and giving a full list of ingredients plus directions for using the product. I don't want to bore you with a whole list of ingredients but will tell you that there is a blend of natural and essential oils including sunflower seed oil, sweet almond oil, hops and, of course, St John's Wort. The oil itself is a very pale brown and it smells gorgeous - mainly of almonds - certainly not 'girly' which,in my opinion, makes it suitable for men and women. The smell is not too overpowering and does not linger for too long.

      I was a bit dubious about using an oil (having only really used baby oil) but this is like a dry oil which is easy to massage into the skin and is not actually oily or greasy. The pump action dispenser works really well, does not clog up and allows you to dispense exactly just how much you need without wasting any of the product. I like the way too that the glass bottle lets you see how much is left in the bottle and I have to say I am amazed how little you need despite using it every night.

      I use the oil after having my bath when the pores are open giving the oil a chance to penetrate as much as possible. It absorbs almost immediately into the skin and leaves a slight sheen but no residue or greasiness.

      My skin has become much more moisturised, smoother and hydrated and there are no more visible patches of dry skin on my knees, elbows and heels and, although this may sound odd, the overall effect has been that my skin feels more comfortable and I would therefore recommend this lovely oil.

      The information on the leaflet tells me it is suitable for sensitive, dry, normal or oily skin and that it 'gives a sense of well-being', 'lifts the mind' and 'calms the senses' - well, I cannot honestly state that I felt any benefit in my psychology but I can say it has worked a treat on my body!


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      04.04.2012 19:17
      Very helpful
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      An oil which brings natural relief to dry, irritated and uncomfortable skin

      I have sensitive skin and I am also prone to irritations and sun damage. Sometimes after being in the sun or shaving my legs, my skin can feel tight, uncomfortable and dry and so I went in search of a remedy. And Almond St Johnswort Body Oil by Dr. Hauschka was the product that I found.

      What does the product do?
      The product is a body oil which has been designed to sooth sensitive and dry skin like mine, removing redness and soreness. It also promises to keep the skin supple and to allow it to remain firmer for longer. The oil also promises to nourish and strengthen the skin, leaving it feeling comfortable and in an all round better condition.

      How does the product work?
      As the product is an oil then it is able to moisturise the skin deeply and thoroughly. It contains natural ingredients such as Sunflower Seed Oil and Almond Oil which both contain Vitamin E and they nourish and replenish the skin. They also help to remove skin aging toxins from the body which helps the skin to remain youthful and supple. The addition of St Johnswort means that the skin will become balanced and inflammation and irritations will be reduced.

      How do you use the product?
      The product is to be used in much the same way as a moisturiser. It is to be massaged into skin that is still slightly damp after showering or bathing. You need to ensure that all of the oil has been absorbed by the skin before drying yourself with a towel otherwise it will all be wiped back off. The product is only suitable for use on the body and should not be applied to the face. The product can be used as often as necessary.

      Packaging and Price
      The product comes in a transparent bottle which has a lovely gold top through which the oil is dispensed. The only decoration on the bottle is the label but as the bottle is see through, it still looks nice as you can see the honey coloured liquid inside. As it's transparent, you'll know when you're coming to the end of the bottle so there'll be no nasty surprises.

      The product doesn't come too cheap and it will set you back around £17. For that money you will receive 75ml of the oil. It can bought from anywhere with a Dr. Hauschka stand which is in most large department stores. It will be also be available from many online websites.

      Aroma and Consistency
      The product has an almond scent which has a lovely subtle sweetness to it. Obviously as this is the key aroma, this product doesn't have an overpowering fragrance so it won't mix with any perfume or moisturiser that you intend on using in collaboration with the oil. It doesn't smell artificial and it isn't sweet enough to make you feel sick or to be to anybodies disliking. The consistency of the product is that what you would expect from an oil and it's quite thick but not overly sticky.

      The product is easy to dispense because of the pump action which allows you to carefully control the amount that you need to use. I've used other oils in the past where you have to pour out the product and you can get yourself in a big mess and there is often wastage. This isn't the case with this product and by applying gentle pressure to the dispenser, you can release the exact amount that you want too.

      The oil is easily absorbed by the skin so you don't need to do a lot of massaging. A little goes a long way with this product so I've found it's best to add small amounts at a time so that you don't overdo it. The oil feels very soothing on the skin and it is very silky. It allows your hands to glide over the skin so there is no dragging or pulling on the areas that may already be sore or irritated. The oil doesn't make you feel sticky or greasy and just leaves a lovely sheen on the skin. I have silky bed sheets and as long as I ensure that I have properly massaged the product into my skin, then it doesn't leave any marks.

      The oil brings instant relief to my skin. It is soothing and cooling to my skin if I've been out in the sun and it seems to calm the redness and inflammation a little bit immediately. It also stops that horrible tightness that I can experience after shaving when my skin feels too small for my body and it leaves it feeling much more comfortable.

      It is very moisturising too so it prevents dryness and any flaking. My skin looks in a much better condition and is feels very soft and smooth. I'm not sure if this product helps to make my skin firm but it is in a better condition and I think as it is so moisturised, then the product will prevent it from aging too much too quickly.

      I tend to use a body moisturiser in the morning still, partly out of habit and partly because I love the aroma of my moisturiser but I would say this isn't necessary. My skin feels soft and looks healthy all day after using this in the evenings. The results are immediate and long lasting. The oil is suitable for almost all skin types including dry, sensitive and mature... Even oily skin types can use the product, although I'm not sure why you would want too!

      All in all, this is a lovely, sweet smelling product which makes the skin feel soft and look healthy. It is very hydrating and brings relief from sun damage, making you more comfortable. My mother has argued that this is a glorified baby oil but I really like the product and I think the natural ingredients have definitely benefited my skin. I most certainly would buy this again once mine has all gone.


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        20.01.2012 14:45
        Very helpful



        Worth every penny, liquid magic in a bottle

        I suffered from mild eczema when I was younger but never anything too much out of control, one of my sons who suffers from severe eczema and has since he was 6 weeks old and after having tried everything on the market which is both prescribed and bought over the counter i began to think outside the box and searched for a perfect product to help protect, and maintain the moisture levels in dry sensitive problematic skin.

        I soon realised that although there are many excellent products out there for helping to ease and heal eczema they would only work for short periods of time and I had to rotate the use of the best products to help my sons skin from regularly becoming raw and infected, this turnaround was very time consuming and took lots of planning throughout each day , my son was already a very frustrated and angry and irritated child due to permanently being un-comfortable in his own skin, the itch scratch cycle and never ending daily bandaging bathing and creaming several times a day and night whilst he screamed in pain and protest made him very short tempered, tired stressed and an un-happy child.

        This distressed me hugely as a mother and prompted me to do my own research into more natural products I could use to help my sons skin from affecting his everyday life to the extent it was, the skin specialist he was under had been fantastic but their answers always involve more and more medication/drugs which is something I wanted to steer away from considering the amount of medication my son takes for other things and the diagnosis of also having severe allergies to several environmental substances, I felt the combination of too much medicated drugs and medicines at such a young age would be detrimental to his well being in the long term and so far it had not really helped enough to justify putting him through what it took to get his eczema just about manageable, it was always an un-pleasant battle with un-satisfactory results.

        So.... I did my research into products of a natural origin which I could use and soon discovered the benefits of oils, specifically massage oils with extracts of herbal aromatherapies which could help not only with the ailment I was treating but also with the mood and state of mind of the patient, it was important to me that the right product was used, I signed up to do a short very basic massage course to learn to apply basic massage in an effective way which would also be beneficial to my sons condition.

        I felt it was the whole package that would make the difference, the right natural oil, the right herbal extracts, the right application of the product because in the past it was just a case of slapping the creams and oils on as fast as possible while he squirmed and screamed then bandaging until they needed changing a few hours later just to go through it all over again! and this method contributed to the distress my son was experiencing and I wanted to change that and make it a pleasurable enjoying experience for him that relaxed, soothed and ultimately helped soothe, heal and protect his skin.

        I found it in....


        ---ABOUT THE PRODUCT--- 75 ML/ 2, 5 FL OZ Bottle

        Dr Hauschka is brand renown for being one of the purest organic natural ranges worldwide, and was awarded Best Natural Brand in the Sunday Times Style and Beauty Awards in 2010.

        This contains natural herbal liquid extracts of st, johns wort which is a herb that has been used for centuries in traditional herbalism and recent scientific research has found st johns wort to be Europe's most popular herbal product and can be used in various forms as a supplement.

        It is from a natural growing plant which is thought to be native to Britain and is know for its ability to naturally lift the mood, reduce anxiety and soothe a stressed mind and body.

        This product claims to have many benefits which are...

        * Relaxes and Calms the Skin and the Senses
        * Promotes Skins Vitality and Function
        * Gives a Sense of Well Being
        * Hydrates and Pampers
        * Absorbs Easily
        * Powerful relief for dry sensitive skin
        * Non-Greasy Formula

        ---HOW TO USE---

        Directions included and are easy to read and understand.

        The pimp dispenser controls how much product comes out and it is recommended that you use as much as needed...

        Gently massage into moist skin following a bath or shower, can also be used directly onto dry skin.


        Sunflower oil, Extract of St Johns Wort, Almond oil, Hop extract...

        Essential oils... Helianthus seed oil, Hypericum dulcis oil, Humulus lupulus extract, Parfum, Limonene, Citronelloi, Linalool, Geraniol, Caurmarin.


        Available from pharmacies, health food shops, organic product stores, and all dr hauschka specialists.
        Amazon price £15.75 for 75 ml.

        Also available in larger sized 250 ml and 500 ml Bottles.


        Due to my sons allergies I had to patch test just to double check, I patch tested on a few areas and left a couple of days. All clear...so I proceeded with my experiment without too much of an expectation but high hopes never the less.

        The product comes in a cardboard box and inside is a lovely classy expensive and attractive looking small glass bottle, the consistency is just like normal baby oil but I would say not as runny, it is very silky and luxurious, the handy pump dispenser made it very easy to use and I thought this would stop the greasy feeling you get with oil based products from getting all over the bottle and the area I used it in.

        Surprisingly it has the texture of kind of a dry oil which absorbs immediately so it did not run all over the place, it is the colour of a very pale brown with a slightly red tone and it smells divine, not the usual pungent herbal smell you can sometimes find these products to be like, this is very subtle and gentle but noticeable all the same, it smells of relaxing warm almonds.

        You only need to use a little to get fantastic results and the skin does not feel greasy or oily after use as it absorbs so fast its like magic, it glides on to the skin so smoothly and effortlessly , so quick and easy to use.

        It took a while for my son to get used to the new routine of a relaxing massage whilst I applied the oil to his skin but after the second application which was a day after the first I did notice the benefits start to show, the skin was more supple and felt a lot less dry than it had, instead of feeling like dry thin crêpe paper it felt smooth and silky for the first time in years, no angry red flaky patches! after the second application I noticed a marked improvement on my sons mood and his pervious agitated state had all but disappeared as he was no longer trying to itch and tear at areas of his skin and he could wear and walk around in clothes comfortably for the first time in what seemed a very long time, as I watched him play that evening calmly with a smile on his face I could have cried I felt that happy with the difference it had made.

        I was very impressed with my new miracle product, granted it is expensive for the size of the smallest bottle but I think it is worth every single penny and its weight in gold.

        I am very pleased with how this product worked to help my son it did what it claimed to do and exceeded my hopes and expectations three fold, it is so much more than just a beauty product to my family it's a god send as it allows my child to be a child again and even better it is a natural product which means he is using less medicated processed products and can only be a good thing in my book, this product has helped me gain control on my sons skin condition making his life so much easier and now after continued use over time we only need to use this once maybe twice a week presently and my son enjoys having it applied and the experience of treating his eczema has transformed into a nice relaxing gentle one, I would class that as a huge result.

        I have also used this product myself on three occasions when I have felt my skin was a little dried out with the winter weather, it feels so wonderfully luxurious and pampering and its hydrating soothing effects last days at a time so I would say this is also a good value product due to not needing to be used on a daily basis, its moisturising effects can last weeks at a time, I have found the product to be versatile too, not just a fabulous ideal treatment of dry sensitive skin conditions such as eczema or dermatitis but as a pampering treat or just simply because.

        I highly recommend this product and rate it 5 out of 5, I considered a 4 due to the expensive price tag but I believe that the price reflects what a fantastic product this really is and you really do get what you pay for with this and it is worthy of a higher price tag that someone like me is willing to pay .


        Thank you for reading

        (Review may also be posted on ciao under mojo-mojo)


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      • Product Details

        Particularly supportive for skin prone to neurodermatitis.

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