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Dr.Hauschka Translucent Bronze Concentrate

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4 Reviews
  • light and natural
  • Feels lovely on skin
  • A bit light and too natural for me
  • Expensive
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    4 Reviews
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      02.02.2015 10:12
      Very helpful


      • "Evens out skin tone "
      • "light and natural "
      • "Feels lovely on skin"


      • "Expensive "
      • "A bit light and too natural for me "

      Lovely but not for me personally

      I think that Dr Hauschka do some beautiful skin care products that all are natural and really lovely on skin especially skin that is dry or reactive. However their make-up range leaves a lot to be desired in my opinion and I haven’t really liked anything from their make-up range that I have tried.

      The translucent bronzing tint is one of the few products in the make-up range that I think is worth buying especially if you are really pale and wanting something that will give your skin a little hint of colour and a sunkissed glow but look extremely natural at the same time.

      I tried it and liked it but for me personally I prefer something that bit darker but it really is nice if you are looking for something that is as natural looking as you can possibly get.

      I absolutely loved how this worked as you just need to add a few drops of it to a moisturiser and then apply as normal. I liked how easy it was and how if you were in a rush you could apply it in seconds. This is definitely designed for people who want a no fuss product and would be good for people who don’t wear make-up but just want a hint of colour on their skin as it gives a nice skin kissed glow but doesn’t go very dark or make skin appear orange.

      It is also very moisturising and it feels lovely on the skin and gives it an almost velvety finish.

      For me personally this wasn’t really suitable as I like something that is a bit darker and I enjoy wearing make-up and wear it daily so there was really no need for a product like this for me but I can see it being a staple in the daily skin care regime of lots of women who don’t want to wear make-up but still want a hint of colour on their face.

      To buy a full sized bottle of this costs £28 and I wouldn’t pay that for it as it just isn’t for me but I could see and feel how nice it was if that is the look you want plus as it only takes a tiny amount of the bronzer every time it will last you for absolutely ages.


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        25.05.2012 22:24
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Even coverage, lasts ages and gives that sunkissed look without looking fake

        I love having a sun kissed looked but one are which tends to tan last is my face - I think this is because I normally wear tinted moisturiser which has a sun block in so I like to apply bronzer. Having now become a big fan of the brand, I was tempted in John Lewis to buy Dr Hauschka Translucent Bronze Concentrate.

        To use, you need to remember to give the bottle a good shake before you use as it does seem to settle at the bottom of the bottle. You then add a couple of drops of the Translucent Bronzer to your day cream and apply to you face. At first, I was quite worries as the liquid is quite dark but it blends in really easily. I have medium skin and I find that two drops in with my moisturiser in a morning is plenty to give me that sun kissed look.

        Dr Hauschka also say that the product is good for hiding blemishes and giving an even skin tone which I completely agree with, since the birth of my daughter, my skin has been worse than it ever has and I tend to get outbreaks of spots on my chin, these are definitely less noticeable when I use this.

        The cost of the item is £26.95 for a 30ml bottle which may seem a little expensive but I have been using for a couple of months now and there is still over 75% of the bottle left.

        What I like about this brand is that they use completely natural ingredients and do not test on any animals. Also, they boast that where possible, they try and obtain most of their ingredients from certified biodynamic and organic sources.

        The product comes is a glass bottle with a pump dispenser, it has quite a luxurious look and feel to it.

        This is one of Dr Hauschka Hero Products which are said to be highly-revered, award-winning products that produce brilliant, beautiful skin.

        What I really love about this product is you can be as dark or as light as you want, with the warm weather we are having at the minute, I finally have a little colour so I can add a bit more of the concentrate to my moisturiser for that extra sun kissed look.

        The instructions also say that you can use the product on you body, either neat or with a body cream, I haven't yet tried this but considering how pleased I am with the effect on my face, I think I am going to try it soon.

        I would recommend this product, although I still like to use my bronzer for that shimmer effect, I will definitely be re-buying - 5 out of 5 stars from me.

        Thanks for reading.


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          10.04.2012 09:29
          Very helpful



          A liquid bronzer that is natural, versatile and adaptable

          I have quite pale skin and I don't like to stand out against my gorgeously tanned friends. I am reluctant to go on sun beds and I don't get the chance to sunbathe in this country! I use gradual tanning moisturisers for my body but I am much more wary with my face. For my birthday, I was lucky enough to receive Dr. Hauschka's Translucent Bronze Concentrate which is specifically designed for the face and so I gave it a go...

          What does the product do?
          The product evens out the skin and gives it a sun kissed appearance. It smoothes out the complexion, softens the appearance of blemishes and make you look healthier. The product is transparent enough to let your skin show through and to make the colour look completely natural. The product is suitable for a variety of skin types including oily, normal, dry and mature.

          How do you use the product?
          Before starting, you need to shake the bottle so that all the ingredients are mixed up. The product can be applied on top of clean, moisturised skin or it can be mixed in with your moisturiser. I prefer the later technique and I use a half:half ratio because this gets the colour looking really even and natural.

          The colour is stronger if you don't mix it with the moisturiser so you can work the colour to be exactly how you need it to be. In the summer, you can even mix it with sunscreen so that you are bronzed and protected from the sunshine. You can also mix it with body lotion to give yourself an all over glow but personally I think the product is a bit too expensive for this purpose and it would run out too quickly.

          Packaging and Price
          The product comes in a little glass bottle and you can see the product inside. The top of the product is a golden pump dispenser which releases the liquid when you push down on it. Despite the packaging begin kept to a minimal, the product still looks expensive and classy and I am proud to have it on display.

          The product doesn't come cheap and it will set you back around £26 for 30ml of the liquid. This seems a small amount but you only use a few drops at a time so it should still be long lasting. You can buy the product from any department store which has a Dr. Hauschka counter and from a variety of online websites.

          Aroma and Consistency
          The product has a fresh fragrance but one that is slightly herbal. It's not my cup of tea but it's subtle and not very noticeable by the time you have finished your make up so it's not a problem for me. I wouldn't think it would be evident enough to put anyone off.

          The consistency of the product is very watery which is good as it means that it will mix well with your moisturiser. The colour of the product is a little frightening and it looks really dark in the bottle which I found very off putting. It mixes well with moisturiser to product a much lighter colour and even if you put the product straight onto your skin, it goes mostly translucent so what you see in the bottle won't reflect what you see on your skin.

          The product is simple to use once you get off the initial fear of streaks and looking like you've been tangoed. The pump dispenser hasn't been designed very well and it's quite hard to control the amount of product that you want to release. The product can also get dried up at the mouth of the pump so you have to clean that regularly so that the stuff doesn't shoot out too quickly.

          When mixed with moisturiser, it goes onto the face easily and evenly, instantly giving you a lovely healthy glow on your skin. There are no streaks and no blotchiness. It just gives you a lovely covering of colour. When using the product without mixing it, you need to put on a moisturiser first because it doesn't spread so easily and can highlight dry and flaky skin. It doesn't make the skin sticky or look greasy, and it doesn't make my skin look any oilier than it already is. It most definitely hasn't caused any new spots and blemishes to develop on my skin.

          The colour that this gives your skin really is just an enhancement of what you already have. The product is so light that your skin feels like it can breathe which makes it even nicer in the summer. It gives you a very natural coverage that does go some way to hiding blemishes and making your complexion look brighter and healthier.

          One of my favourite things about this product is the adjustable colour so as you're skin becomes darker and lighter when you change from summer to winter, you don't have to buy different product. You can just adapt this. It is long lasting and doesn't melt off during the day. It works well along side make up but it works just as well without. It takes away any dullness and makes you look luminescent and wide awake.

          All in all, this is the best bronzer that I've ever tried and that includes both liquid and powder products. It is so versatile and adaptable that it would suit your every need in every single. It looks natural and you won't need to worry about streaks or blotches. This is a fool proof way to get a brighter and sun kissed complexion instantly. Not even the price tag can knock off a star for me with this product.


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          09.02.2008 23:42



          I have tried for years to find a foundation that would truly look natural - enough to give a healthy colour but not look as if you have been artexed. This product is the first I have found that does the job. It just gives you a healthy glow and you do not get that "plastered on" appearance. For women who like to look natural but have imperfect skin, this is certainly worth a try. I have tried the Translucent Make-up from the Dr Hauschka range and it's pretty hopeless, frankly. But the Bronze concentrate, which you can mix in with your own moisturiser, is the best I have found.


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      • Product Details

        Translucent Bronze Concentrate can be applied either on top of your usual moisturiser or mixed in, to help even out skin tones, soften blemishes and give a sun-kissed look. It can also be mixed with Quince Body Moisturiser and applied to the body to give a more bronzed hue.