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Adez Fruit Juice and Soya Drink

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AdeZ is an innovative range of healthy drinks which combine a delicious blend of fruit juices and soya. AdeZ does not use whole soy milk as soya ingredient but uses soy protein isolate instead. It contains about 2.7 g soy protein per 250 ml serving. This is the soya protein that has been extracted from the whole bean. Unilever claims that soy protein isolate does not have the typical bitter taste of soybeans. However, other brands are able to produce soy milk without a bitter taste. AdeZ fruit juice and soya drink is available in 1 litre chilled tetra packs in three variants: Pineapple with Passionfruit, Mango with Apricot and Orange with Peach. Adez fruit juice and soya drinks are fortified with vitamins and minerals that help maintain a strong body, as part of a healthy diet. Dairy free and made with non-gm soya, it has vitamin C to help support your natural defences, contains as much calcium as a glass of milk and one third less calories than most regular fruit juice drinks. It is low in sugar and fat and contains no preservatives.

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      22.03.2007 16:13
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      Some fruits just don't mix

      My 3year old goes through fruit juice like there is no tomorrow. Of course being two, what is his favourite in the morning he usually hates by the afternoon. Because of this I have to keep the fridge stocked with a huge array of different juices.

      A few months ago I noticed Adez on offer at Asda. Being one to never pass up a bargain, I got one of each of the three different kinds of flavours; Pineapple and Passion fruit, Mango and Apricot and Orange and Peach. My son sat in the trolley with the Pineapple and Passion fruit. (Pineapple had been his favourite thing in the whole world for at least four hours)

      When we got home and after we had unpacked all the groceries - my boy is a big help except he does try to feed everything he unpacks to the cats, I let him choose which juice he wanted. Of course, he asked for the Pineapple and Passion fruit and waited excitedly as I poured it into his big brother's Spiderman cup for him. He took one sip, grimaced and handed the cup back exclaiming "I don't like Pineapple". Now, in itself, this doesn't mean much coming from him as he doesn't like much of anything for very long at the moment, but I went on to pour him some from the Orange and Peach which again he didn't like and then the Mango and Apricot which was quickly poured down the sink.

      Interested to know if he was just having one of his awkward moments or not, I tried the Mango and Apricot juice which quite appealed to me. I am sure my face was even worse than my boy's! It was revolting and a struggle to even swallow the first sip.

      ***A bit about Adez***
      Adez is marketed as a "delicious blend of fruit juices with a dash of soya protein and extra vitamins and minerals." So far so good. We all want to add vitamins and minerals and goodness to our diet.

      Non- GM Soya protein
      Real fruit Juices

      ***Nutritional value***
      This drink has to have some redeeming qualities and they come in the form of the Health factor.

      Adez promises to provide 40% of the daily recommended vitamins C and B6, Magnesium and Calcium per glass

      1. It is lower in sugar and fats than most popular fruit juices
      2. 1/3 less calories than normal fruit juices (80cals per 250ml)
      3. Added Vitamin C
      4. Added Calcium
      5. Added Calcium and Magnesium
      6. No added preservatives
      7. No dairy meaning no cholesterol

      *It is worth noting there is no fibre content to speak of in this - only 0.75g per 250ml

      All this is great as long as you can get passed the horrific taste long enough to keep the "goodness" down.

      I like the packaging more than anything else about the juice. It is a tall white carton with an easy pour screw of lid and the Adez logo blazoned across the front in sort of watercolour lettering in either green and yellow, orange and yellow or red and yellow depending on which flavour you choose. In the right hand corner the specific flavour is labelled with a wee blurb about how wonderfully refreshing and unique the drink is.

      As usual a list of ingredients and nutritional value can be found on the back.

      I think this looks like regular juice after it has gone off. The soya makes it look murky and unappealing.

      I am sure you have worked out by now that my family didn't enjoy this. I am not someone who consumes a lot of Soya so it may be that it appeals to people more accustomed to the taste of Soya. Having said that, I found the individual fruit blends to be very strong and conflicting. It is always nice to try something new, but it has to be worth trying. Each sip leaves a sort of bitter aftertaste (Again, this may be the soya) which is hard to bear. I am afraid to say there is nothing even remotely appealing about the taste of this drink.

      You can, if you really want to, get this at any major superstore - Asda, Morrison's, Sainsbury's etc.

      £1.69 per 1litre carton
      Sainsbury's have it on sale for £1.13 (savings of 33%)
      Asda have a two for £2.50 deal on

      I commend Adez for trying to produce a juice which promotes a healthy lifestyle however somewhere along the way they forgot taste mattered as well.

      As I mentioned earlier, Soya drinkers may be more familiar with this taste however I do think the fruit blends have been misguided. Passion fruit for example, has a very strong taste and instead of complimenting the Pineapple, it just overpowers it. I expected this to be a good product for my toddler particularly with the added calcium but it has turned out to be good for precisely nothing.

      Decent packaging, relatively reasonable cost, good nutritional value, unbearable taste.


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