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Alprosoya Long Life Original Soya Milk

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Manufacturer: Alprosoya / Type: Long Life Soya Milk

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    4 Reviews
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      04.08.2012 07:39
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      I would not particular recommend this product, go for fresh Alpro Soya Milk if you can.

      I started drinking Alpro for a short while after several occassions of tummy upset with dairy products, but Alpro is generally more expensive than cow's milk, which is why I decided to try the long life milk instead.

      Alpro Long Life Soya Milk comes in 1 L-sized cartons, with a flip cap from which you can pour out your milk. I personally prefer this kind of top as compared to the round top because the milk comes out more easily without 'jerking'.

      As compared to the fresh Alpro milk, the long-life milk looks slightly more yellowish and it feels slightly more viscous. The taste as a result is stronger than the fresh version and there seems to be a tinge of chemical aftertaste, which I find kind of weird. I guess you might consider it to be quite creamy, but for me, because I've been so used to drinking fresh soy milk, this product just seems quite bizzare and 'stale' to me.

      I would expect that this product will be more ideal if you're into soy baking, since the taste of soy milk probably does not need to feature too strongly in most recipes and you can keep always have this ready in your kitchen cupboard.

      Each serving of 200 ml contains:
      Calories: 88 kcal
      Sugar: 5.8 g
      Fat: 3.8 g (0.6 g saturated)
      Salt: 0.16 g

      which is comparable to the fresh version. As compared to dairy milk (skimmed) however, there is a considerable amount of additional fat, although one can always argue that the lack of animal fat (all plant goodness) makes up for it!

      This is not something that I will regularly buy in place of the fresh milk unless I get really tight on my budget. Fresh Alpro is so much better!


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      10.06.2012 19:50
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      I decided a few months back to stop eating meat as I wanted to have a 'clean' and healthy fruit & veg based diet. I also stopped consuming dairy products such as milk for a couple of weeks but decided to introduce dairy back into my diet for various reasons. In the small amount of time that I wasn't drinking milk, I substituted it with soya milk as this was a reasonably cheap and easily available milk substitute. Soya milk is made from soy beans and the milk is made by soaking the beans in water and then grinding them up. Soya beans are very nutritious and a good source of protein and obviously as it is vegetable protein, soya milk is suitable for vegans and vegeterians. Soya milk contains around the same amount of protein as cow's milk and this is one of the reasons that it appealed to me, as I was concerned about not getting enough protein on a meat and dairy free diet.

      Soya milk is naturally low in saturated fat and is lactose, dairy and wheat free. Apparently it is easier to digest than milk but how true this is I don't know. There are a range of different brands of soya milk including supermarket own brands and I opted for the Alpro soya milk as it was on offer at a pound per litre in my local Sainsbury's when I purchased it. The RRP is still a reasonable price at £1.19 and I feel that this is very affordable. There are a few different versions of soya milk in the alpro range - organic, unsweetened, light, flavoured (chocolate and vanilla) and original. I purchased the original purely as this was the one on offer. This is sweetened and has added calcium and vitamins including B2, B12, D2 and E. The milk comes in a cardboard carton which has a unique and recogniseable blue and white colour scheme. The branding is minimalistic with the brand logo and product name along with a simple cartoon type picture of the milk.

      Information such as nutritional info and ingredients can be found on the back of the carton. The carton is easy to open, it has a plastic flip lid with a foil covering which needs to be peeled off. Once open, the milk should be consumed within three days. Once in a glass, the soya milk looks just like cow's milk but it's quite pale rather than a rich and creamy colour. The consitency is similar to water. Taste wise, I was not impressed. It doesn't taste creamy or at all milky, instead it tastes like water with a strange undertone. The more I drank it the less I liked it - I thought I would get used to the taste but it just didn't taste pleasant to me. Although I don't like the taste, soya milk is great for smoothies as it is pretty tasteless meaning the smoothie tastes almost like pure fruit and it is of course dairy free which helps reduce my dairy intake.

      It's also good for making porridge as it makes the porridge slightly creamier in texture than water does but in my opinion it doesn't do much taste wise. There are only 44 calories per 100ml of soya milk and 1.9 grams of fat. Considering that soya milk does not taste at all sweet I was suprised to see that there are 2.9 grams of sugar. This overall isn't for me as it doesn't taste particullary nice and I find that a glass of cow's milk is more filling and tasty, however I do like using soya milk in my smoothies.


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        19.05.2012 12:05
        Very helpful



        A dairy free alternative to cow's milk

        I am allergic to lactose, which means that I have to avoid cow's milk.

        I buy Alpro Soya as an alternative to cow's milk.

        Alpro Soya has the same look and feel of cow's milk. It's the same colour of cow's milk and it has the same consistency, although I think this milk may (at times) be a little bit thinner. This milk can be used in drinks aswell as in cereals and in cooking. The milk is tasty and healthy. It tastes the same as cow's milk and it's great used in cereals. The milk doesn't bloat me up like cow's milk does and I find that this milk is a lot easier to digest. It's gentle on the stomach and it doesn't leave me feeling too full after a meal. The milk is great used in cereal and it still turns Coco Pops into chocolate milk! I love this milk, plus it's good for you as it's natural and made from natural soya beans.

        I also use this milk in hot drinks, although I only use it in hot chocolate as I dislike tea and coffee. The milk makes my hot chocolate taste creamier and richer. It also helps to froth up the drink leading to a more enjoyable drink. Of course you can drink the milk as it is, just on it's own. It's lovely chilled and it has a gorgeous creamy taste. You can also use the milk in milkshakes. Just add a touch of milkshake powder, whisk the drink and enjoy!

        There's a lot you can do with this soya milk. It's healty, versatile and good value. I pay £1.09 per carton.


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        09.01.2010 15:34
        Very helpful



        A great store cupboard milk.

        With the ever increasing choices available now in the soya milk category, it can be difficult to find a brand or a variant that appeals. In fact it can sometimes seem overwhelming.

        Whatever your reasons for purchase, be it for lactose intolerance, cholesterol management, menopause, a vegan lifestyle, or simply to ring the changes; Alpro is a manufacturer which produces an excellent range, including varieties which have mild flavours and are available fresh from the chiller or as long life products.

        All of these can be easily incorporated into daily meals, drinks and into recipes where milk is required.

        I buy many different varieties of soya milk and Alpro Soya Original Long Life is one I always have in my cupboard, I actually prefer the fresh soya milks, not for any other reason other than the fact that they sit beside the cows' milk, and seem somehow more appealing, but the long life cartons are handy when either the supermarket has low stocks, or if I have guests who are vegan or lactose intolerant.

        My preference for the fresh soya milks is simply an overall personal shopping method which prefers fresh foods rather than long life products, and is in no way a negative comment regarding the long life Alpro, which is as enjoyable when served as its chilled cousin.

        The carton is an attractive blue and you will find it in major supermarkets close to the other long life and rice milks, or in the whole foods section. Of course all health food stores carry copious varieties of soya milk, this one included. It retails for about £1.04 per litre, which is of course more expensive than long life cow's milk, which is about 75p per litre bought singly, and of course much cheaper per litre when bought as a multipack.

        The milk contains Omega 3 fatty acids and Omega 6, and is low in saturated fat and can actually help to lower cholesterol when eaten as part of a healthy diet. It is made from non GM soya beans and is a blend of water, soya beans, and apple extract enriched with calcium and extra vitamins. Babies over 6 months of age can enjoy it, and by age 2 it can be used as an entirely non milk substitute.

        I use it on cereal and for cooking and baking, but not in tea/coffee. My daughter does so very successfully by waiting until the liquid cools slightly before adding. I tend to rush this stage rather too quickly, which will cause the milk to curdle which is far from pleasant, but perseverance does yield a nice cup of coffee, and as this milk is one of the less strong flavoured soya milks, the result is lovely.

        Alpro ensures that their entire soya can be traced back to the farm where it came from, as they buy direct and not from the open market. In addition to this the founder built his first factory in Madagascar to help resolve the third world protein shortage.

        They are an ethical company and will never purchase any soya grown within any areas of reclaimed rain forest.

        I think it is also important to say that this milk contains all the 8 essential amino acids, so it is a complete protein source, ideal for vegetarians and vegans. It has no artificial colourings or preservatives, and 100mls has 175 calories and 1.9g fat. It is also a very important source of B vitamins, which is vital for vegans in particular.

        I really enjoy this milk and it proves that soya milk has come on so much from the early days when it was so unpleasant, and often had a foul aftertaste. This milk is lovely with granola or muesli, and it also makes fantastic pancakes. It is a creamy white and has a simple clean taste, and has virtually no smell.

        I like many of the soya milks on the market, but this one is a valued friend and regular companion to my morning cereal.

        I like the sustainability of the company, the way it conducts its business, and the ethical picture it has created for itself.

        You can also purchase this in an organic version for a few pennies more.

        It's an excellent product ideal for the store cupboard, and it will keep happily in the fridge for 5 days after opening, which is perfect if it is only being used by one family member.

        This is one of the less flavoured milks so if, for example, your first encounter with soya milk was something strongly flavoured like "So Good" them you might like to try this as it is subtle, simple and understated.

        A good buy for a myriad of reasons.

        Finally if you want to test the product out on a simple recipe then this one couldn't be simpler. I came across this recently on a blog I read from the Goodness Direct company, who are one of the best mail order whole food stores in the UK.

        Vegan Drop Scones

        Makes 12
        250g (8oz) plain flour
        650ml (1 pint) soya milk (for best results use a milder tasting milk)-I used the Alpro Soya
        75g blueberries-I also used raspberries and you could also make festive ones with glace cherries and dried fruit!

        1 Sieve the flour into a bowl.

        2 Gradually whisk in the soya milk to make a smooth creamy batter. Stir in the blueberries, or other ingredients if you want.

        3 Heat a little oil around a frying pan until it begins to smoke, then turn the heat down to medium and pour in 1 tbsp of batter.

        4 Once the batter has bubbled and set, flip the drop scone over and fry the other side.

        I made these on Christmas Eve and not only were they a doddle, but they were so good! No butter or eggs, and something you can make in a few minutes inside on a snowy day!

        The milk is superb and it is an ideal store cupboard basic!


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