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Asda Apple & Blackcurrant

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2 Reviews

Manufacturer: Asda / Type: Soft Drink / No added sugar.

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    2 Reviews
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      21.05.2009 16:06
      Very helpful



      A really nice taste for a small cost!

      * Cost *

      750ml: 80p
      1L: £1.00
      1.5L: £1.50 (or 2 for £2.50)

      * Packaging *

      The drink comes in a plastic see through bottle with the label wrapped all the way around the middle. It has a Blue screw top lid.

      * How to use *

      Use a small amount in glass and dilute with water.

      * My opinion *

      Asda squash has now been changed it be extra strength and since then it has improved greatly.

      The bottles are now smaller because you are supposed to use less before diluting. Which when i first saw i thought hmmm i bet you still have to use the same amount, but i did definitely half the amount i used to use and it tastes exactly the same. Which is great because the bottles are easier to store and it uses less packaging which is also great for the environment.

      Compared to a more expensive brand like Robinson's i think it is definitely not as fruity and tasty. But it is a good close second and it is about half the price so you cant complain.

      I love squash in the summer with some ice it is really refreshing and i always buy 2 big 1.5L bottles which last all month. So value for money is excellent!

      Another great deal from ASDA.


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      21.05.2009 13:52



      nice for a summer drink and to perk up a dull glass of water, but can be too weak for some.

      Squash is a great drink, and a really good way to liven up your daily amount of water. There are many flavours but my favourite is Apple and Blackcurrant or Summer Fruits.

      The asda's own version is a nice drink. It has a lot of flavour and is relatively priced. The last time i saw it, it was 89p for a litre bottle or you could get 3 of £2 which is a really good bargain because the other drinks they have on offer are all really nice too, and there is a great variety.

      The only sticking point i have with this particular one is that it tends to be too weak for me. Even before you add the water to the squash, it just seems very weak and quite see through, so when water is added, it's near enough close to transparency.

      If you like your squash strong, then don't choose this, but if you like a cheaper alternative that is sugar free then this is great.


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