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ASDA Fruit & Barley Apple & Blackcurrant Cordial

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4 Reviews

Manufacturer: ASDA / Type: Soft Drink

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    4 Reviews
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      01.06.2013 17:51



      Not a bad tasting non branded drink

      Lately I've been getting into just water but I occasionaly buy this for when I want something a little bit different from water, not to mention sweeter. I like apple and blackcurrant drinks so last time I bought this as it was only 49p in my local ASDA. A drop of this in the water makes the water suddenly taste a lot sweeter. Sometimes I find that Apple and Blackcurrant cordial can be very 70/30. By this I mean sometimes it's 70% blackcurrant taste 30% Apple or vice versa. With this one they seemed to go very well together and the taste blended well.

      I find it's best to drink this in the summer as for me I can drink water all year round but when it's hot (not often but it happens) sometimes it's good to have something more refreshing than water such as this drink. The cap is a normal screw one so it easy to put on and take off. The taste is not overpowering and I can drink this all day although I find a bottle this size usually lasts me about 2 weeks. In my opinion it's good value for money (last time I bought it it was only 49p although the price may have increased slightly) and it's perfect for when you're looking for something a little bit different or whether you're just a fan of Apple and Blackcurrant cordial.


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      30.03.2010 22:04
      Very helpful
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      Fun, fruity squash drink.

      I do go through a lot of squashes at home as I like to spice up the flavour of plain tap water sometimes. Nothing beats water, but it is nice to have a change now and again.
      I picked up a bottle of Asda's Fruit & Barley - Apple and blackcurrant squash whilst I was out shopping last, along with a few other bottles, and I have been pleased with this fruity drink.

      ~~ The packaging ~~
      The squash comes in a 1 litre clear plastic bottle, with a green screw cap lid.
      Around the center of the bottle the label has a nice picture of a countryside medow, and a picture of some blackcurrants and apples. The scene looks very summery. Throught the clear plastic bottle you can clearly see the liquid within. It is a deep reddish - purple colour.

      ~~ The taste ~~
      This drink is made up of one part squash, and four parts water. Then you can add more water or squash to taste, depending on how you like it.
      As soon as you pour the liquid, a very fruity aroma greets you. It smells mostly of blackcurrant, but I cannot quite pick out the apple flavour in the smell.
      When diluted into the glass, it takes on a pink cloudy look. You can clearly taste both the apples and blackcurrants in this drink, with the sweetness and the fruitiness of the blackcurrants, and a slightly tangy sharp taste of the apples. Neither flavour overpowers the other, and the two blend well together.
      The drink is very refreshing, and tasty, and it is very easy to drink and makes a huge change from plain tap water.
      I can imagine this would taste very nice with lots and lots of ice on a warm day!

      ~~ Nutritional information ~~
      Per 250ml serving:
      Calories - 5
      Fat - 0
      Salt - 0.2g approx.

      This drink contains no added sugar, and it is also suitable for vegetarians.
      It also contains NO artificial colours, flavours or aspartame.

      ~~ Ingredients ~~
      Water, apple juice from concentrate (12%), blackcurrant juice from concentrate (1.0%), Citric acid, malic acid, acidity regulator
      (sodium citrates), refined barley flour (0.3%), stabilisers (xanthan gum, carboxy methyl cellulose, guar gum, carob bean gum), preservatives (potassium sorbate, sodium metabisulphite), sweetners (acesulfame k, sucralose), natural colour (athocyanins), Natural flavouring.

      ~~ Price ~~
      Asda Fruit & Barley - Apple and blackcurrant squash is available to buy in any Asda store, where all of the soft drinks are kept.
      It cost me 68p for a 1 litre bottle, on the label it states that this should make 20, 250ml servings, which I feel is good value.

      ~~ My verdict ~~
      This is a fun, refreshing and fruity drink. I would recommend this drink with no problems!


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        10.03.2010 13:05
        Very helpful



        quite good and refreshing

        The combination of apples and blackcurrents seems to work well. If you don't like them mixed, then separate flavours are available too. To me, this is a drink best enjoyed at the turn of Spring, when the flowers are in bloom and the nights are longer. It is a perfect picnic drink, take a keg up to a hilltop and enjoy with freshly cut sandwiches.

        I often buy the Tesco version, but this is just as pleasing. A soothing balance of apple and blackcurrents which refreshes, invigorates and stimulates the taste buds. I do think the blackcurrent slightly overwhelms the apple, but the acidity of the apples arrives in the aftertaste with a zesty tang, without causing too much of a nasty nip in the throat.

        As a cordial it is best to add about an inch to a pint and then water down. I find you need to add quite a bit of cordial otherwise it comes out like a mouthwash and looks pale in colour.

        On initial inspection, the colour of the cordial is not that inviting, it looks like plum juice crossed with blood, so this might put me off as a potential shopper if I didn't know what the taste was going to be like. The packaging is not mesmerising yet does capture the essence of summer which I mentioned earlier, so the imagery is right.

        As to whether I would buy again, for under sixty pence for a bottle it does represent good value for money as a bottle usually sees me through for about three weeks. The trouble is, in these cold days the drink is not as appreciated as it would be if it was summer and if I were to have a terrible thirst.


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        15.02.2010 17:32
        Very helpful



        Nice cordial!

        When it comes to squashes and juices I'm quite a fan of them as a general rule. I'm a thirsty bird though and always get through gallons of the stuff on a regular basis which is why I always try to shop for economy options opposed to buying top brands of stuff in supermarkets unless it's on offer!

        I like apple & blackcurrant squashes and things flavoured with that combination and at 58p a bottle in Asda I decided I quite fancied it for a change and bought me and my mate a bottle for the caravan whilst on holiday!

        The Packaging:

        1 litre see-through plastic bottle. On the label around the front I'm told what it is is and then around the back nutritional information, ingredients and allergy advice and contact details for Asda are given. It's all informative enough of course and it's easy enough to open via the green plastic cap/lid to the top of it.

        The Drink Itself:

        With a squash/cordial the idea of it is to use one part of the product to four parts water. Basically I pour a little of the watery coloured, thin purply coloured liquid into whatever I want to drink out of and fill with tap or bottle water (this is nice with soda water too!).

        The drink itself is rather pleasant. Unmistakably apple and blackcurrant in flavouring.... it is tangy, natural tasting and not too sweet and is a very good thirst quencher. You could I guess use this as a mixer if you'd like I'm sure!

        Being free from artificial colours or flavours, aspartame and suitable for Vegetarians it makes a refreshing light drink for the whole family and works out a very economical product indeed as you don't need much to make a tasty, light drink!

        Nutritional Information Per 250ml Made Up:

        Energy: 5 Kcal
        Protein: Trace
        Carbohydrate: 0.8g
        of which sugars: 0,8g
        Fat: Trace
        of which saturates: Trace
        Fibre: Trace
        Sodium: 0.08g
        equivalent as salt: 0.2g

        Only available in Asda stores.


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