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Asda Grape, Strawberry and Kiwi Juice

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Brand: Asda / Type: Fruit Juice

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    1 Review
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      02.11.2011 19:29
      Very helpful



      a lovely drink

      Asda offer a wide range of chilled juice drinks. One flavour available is the Grape, Strawberry and Kiwi Juice.

      This chilled juice drink is not from concentrate and is suitable for vegetarians. It contains red grape juice (70%), strawberry puree (20%) and kiwi puree (10%). It should be used up within 4 days of opening.

      The juice is presented within a tall, curvy bottle which is made of plastic and can be recycled after use. Each 200ml serving contains 104calories, 25.2g of sugar and 0g of fat.

      This drink is priced at £1.48 for a 1l bottle and is on offer 3 for £4.00. Available from Asda supermarkets and www.asda.com.

      ~My Thoughts~

      I love fruit juice and we regularly buy the chilled juices in Asda. My fiance picked this particular flavour up a few weeks ago and we have bought it a few times soon. In general, bottled juices from Asda are quite nice and although not the cheapest individually, the offer price gives a slight saving and they are sometimes priced at £1.00.

      This drink is extremely refreshing when served from the fridge. The bottle keeps the drink fresh and slots neatly into my side compartment within the fridge. The drink itself is a deep red colour and when poured into a glass, it looks quite thick. In my opinion, the appearance resembles that of a fruit smoothie and doesn't lack body. This drink smells lovely and sweet which isn't surprising considering the high sugar content within the juice!

      Taste wise, this drink offers something different to my usual pineapple or apple drinks. The combination of flavours is quite unusual but it works well and reminds me of the Shloer drinks. Whilst the red grape is the predominant smell and offers the initial taste, the strawberry puree comes through quite strong. I love strawberry flavoured drinks and blending this with the grape and kiwi makes for a tasty drink. The strawberry and grape blend is delicious and whilst mainly sweet, there is a slight bitterness running through the drink. The kiwi isn't very noticeable at all.

      This drink is great for a hot day to refresh and hydrate. It is easy to drink and the strawberry leaves a sweet, natural aftertaste. A glass of this is enough to quench my thirst and I find it much more satisfying and flavoursome in comparison to a can of Irn Bru or Coca Cola. Despite the sugar content, I feel a bit more content indulging in something that is packed full of fruit.

      The juice stays fresh and chilled but rarely lasts us longer than 2 days. This is certainly one of the better flavours availabe in Asda and I can recommend it to you all.

      Thanks for reading x


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