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Asda Great Stuff Kids Banana Flavoured Milk

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    2 Reviews
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      08.03.2009 15:10
      Very helpful




      Me and my little brother love this banana milk shake, I normally would buy Asdas other own brand of milk shake but after trying this one and seeing how good it is for you I think I will stick to this one from now on.

      Its part of the Asda's Great Stuff range which is aimed at children and designed to taste good but have lots of nutritional value and no additives or extra calories. Though I am obviously not a child myself, I prefere this milk shake to other brands and its really good for you so its a win win situation, as it still tastes really sweet and nice unlike some other "healthier food brands".

      I bought this milk shake for around 70p in Asda, which is good for a ready made milk shake with so much nutritional value, great for packed lunches and a drink on the go.

      There is no added sugar, and per 330g carton there are 150 kcals, 18.0g carbohydrates and 10.0g of which sugars. I think that this is great for both kids and me because there is a low amount of calories and no added sugar, though the sugar amount seems quite high at 10g, Im sure its better for my wee brother than some other milk shakes as a treat. They are also packed with calcium and vitamins to help growing kids stay healthy.

      This milk shake is banana flavoured though it is also available in chocolate and strawberry flavour, which I plan to try out next. It tastes delicious, it isnt too milky though there isnt too strong of a banana taste either and its lovely and sweet which is great for my sweet tooth, I cant stand bland drinks.

      Overall I think that this is a great milk shake as a treat for kids and also me and any other grown up who loves milkshake and maybe doesnt get their daily amounts of calcuim or vitamins. It tastes great and is good value and is now my favourite milk shake.


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        31.08.2008 14:01
        Very helpful



        My son's favourite!

        I have to be honest I am a bad mother! It has been quite some time since I took my kids out somewhere for a picnic, they have indulged picnic wise in the back garden, but it never seems the same as a picnic in a different location.

        I bit the bullet and took my children to our local zoo Twycross zoo, for the day last week, I decided to do a monster picnic and really treat my kids, this is where the product I will now review comes into play.

        My kids absolutely love milkshake, so when I saw this product in the chiller section at our local Asda I snapped them up immediately.

        The product I will now review is "Great stuff, no added sugar banana milkshake"

        The thing that attracted my attention is the fact the bottles are nice and small, fruit shoot sized bottles. They are made of reasonably rigid plastic, so there are less risks of them getting squashed under the weight of the copious amounts of pop, crisps, sausage rolls, picnic eggs.......
        I am really sad this was actually going through my mind as I was picking it up off the shelf!

        There are three flavours available, these are chocolate, banana and strawberry.
        Mt daughter chose the chocolate and my son chose the one I am now reviewing, banana!

        The bottle is simple in design, tall, around 7" in height, around 2" in width and is rectangular in shape. As you get to the top of the bottle it tapers in slightly, and is topped with a bright yellow screw lid. The bottle itself is opaque in colour, allowing the vivid colour of the milkshake to show through.
        The product as the title suggests, is part of Asda's "great stuff" range, so as with many of there other products are labelled with same colour scheme, green being the colour.
        On the label there is all the nutritional information including the statement that this preservative free, high in calcium and with no added sugar.

        On the side of the bottle the nutritional information is stated - per 330ml bottle
        150 kcals
        18.0g carbohydrates
        10.0g of which sugars

        Ok, so these are only ever going to be drank as an occasional treat, these are high in sugar even with no added sugar.
        The upside to these is the fact that they contain a days worth of b12 vitamins and calcium, which as a mother I consider an added bonus.
        This is stated as suitable for vegetarians, but has, unfortunately got a reasonably short shelf life, due to the chilled aspect.

        My kids drank these straight from the bottle, but my son managed to save some for when he got home. So when we got home I poured the remainder of the drink into a cup for him and was impressed with the smell. I have never been a big fan of milkshakes personally but this smelled delicious. The smell reminded me of the foam banana sweets you can get.
        The consistency was a bit thicker than standard milk, and coated the sides of the cup for a few seconds before settling into the bottom.
        The taste, was very sweet and again tasted of foam banana's, not being a fan even this fact wouldn't convert me into a fan, but my son absolutely loved it, even to the extent of requesting another bottle next time we go shopping. This of course would not be cost effective, I keep the powdered stuff for home use, this is easier to vary the amount used according to taste.

        The price per bottle is around the 60p mark, which is reasonable for a one off purchase for the reason I bought them, but the powdered stuff is much more cost effective.

        I would recommend these as a treat, and my son would highly recommend these!

        For more information visit - www.asda.co.uk

        Thanks for reading x


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