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Asda High Juice Pineapple and Lemon Lime

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    1 Review
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      23.04.2008 12:51
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      Makes a change from boring orange squash, great in the hot weather, give it a try.

      I usually buy the cheap Asdas own squash as we both like it and I don't see the point in spending more on it than I have to.

      When I went shopping a couple of weeks ago squash was on my list to get. I was about to pick up the usual bottles we get when I noticed something a little different.

      There was an offer on their slightly more upmarket range of squashes and two of the flavours caught my eye.
      It was their 50% fruit high juice range that was appealing and I thought I would get two bottles as the offer was two one litre bottles for £2.

      The two flavours I picked out were white grape and peach that we are yet to try and this one, pineapple and Mexican lime.
      The bottles for squash are all very similar really, this one has a slightly longer neck than some and have a wavy stripe design running down in with a dark green cap. It has a paper label going all the way round the body of the bottle, which has a background of the fruits it contains.

      It says on the back of the label " Pineapple and Mexican lime high juice with added vitamin C. Dilute to taste."
      They say that each bottle contains roughly 20 servings but that will all depend on how strong you like it. It is recommended that you dilute it one part squash to four parts water but to me that is a little strong, to each their own. For toddlers it should be more diluted though.

      Per 250ml it contains 103 calories.

      This squash is not sugar free like we would usually go for and I will explain later how it compares to sugar free squash.

      The bottle being clear means that you can see how much you have left and the colour of it a lovely sunshine yellow colour like pineapple juice.

      Undiluted the smell is extremely sweet and all you can smell is the pineapple and no lime.

      Once diluted the colour is like that of lemon squash a translucent pale grey.

      The smell then becomes less sweet and sickly and becomes a refreshing citrus and pineapple smell that is very appealing and makes my mouth water.

      Now to the best part, it tastes great really refreshing especially on a hot day when you have it really cold or even with ice. There is the sweetness and depth from the pineapple flavour that is really clear and then the lime cuts through it with an uplifting spark making your mouth water without being sour. The flavours combine really well and compliment each other making it even nicer than I expected. Unlike the smell the taste it is in no way sickly and isn't horrendously sweet or in your face.

      I find I need more of this squash to get it to the strength I like than with some others otherwise it is very weak.

      As this does contain sugar I find it refreshing but not as thirst quenching as other squashes can be because of its sugar content I have the same problem with normal Coke compared with diet.

      It is very enjoyable and definitely makes a nice change from our regular squash but I would not permanently change to it, its sugar content and the fact that it could become rather boring after a while means that it will remain an occasional treat in future rather than a reoccurring item on my shopping list.

      I do recommend this it is very nice and the other flavours sound nice. Squash is usually something for children but this will appeal to the more grown up tastes and be great in the summer heat.

      I am going to give this squash four stars, as I really am impressed, I just think it could be quite easily improved with a few little tweaks.

      Contains NO added colours. Contains Potassium Sorbate and Sodium Metabisulphite.

      Normally this costs £1.11 for a one litre bottle.

      Also available in the following flavours,
      White grape and peach £1.11,
      Blackcurrant £1.08,
      Cranberry and apple £1.11,
      Florida orange £1.08,
      Orange and mango £0.97,
      Pink grapefruit (no added sugar) £1.09,
      Summer fruits £1.08.

      You can shop online or find your local store at www.asda.co.uk


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