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Asda Orange Juice Florida Style

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Brand: Asda / Type: Fruit juice

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    1 Review
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      29.12.2011 19:26
      Very helpful



      not something I would drink all the time

      The Florida Style Orange Juice drink is part of the Chosen By You range at Asda.

      This juice is made from 100% orange juice (not from concentrate) and is suitable for vegetarians. The orange juice is originally from Spain.

      The juices is housed within a tall, rounded plastic bottle which is covered in an orange slice design. It features a screw top cap and the relevant product information is present. The juice should be kept in the fridge and used up within 4 days.

      Each 200ml glass contains 85 calories, 20g of sugar (natural sugar from the orange) and 60.0mg of vitamin c.

      This juice can be found in the fresh drinks aisle of Asda stores and online. It is one of many flavours available including pineapple and grape. It is priced at £1.48 and is on a 3 for £4.00 mix and match offer. This is for a 1 litre bottle.

      *My Thoughts*

      Whenever I do my weekly shop, I like to pick up a mixture of diet fizzy drinks and fruit juice. I recently bought this Florida Style Orange Juice from Asda believing it would taste the same as the Sunny Delight Florida juice. I was wrong but it isn't too bad.

      The juice is packaged attractively and keeps nice and fresh for a few days (though it rarely lasts that long in our home). This juice is best served chilled and I could imagine it being an ultra refreshing drink to have on a warm day. It is a good source of vitamin c and counts as a fruit as well.

      The juice has a vibrant orange colour and is rich in appearance. It has a sweet orange scent which is really juicy and fresh. I love a glass of orange juice with my breakfast and this one is quite substantial. It has a smooth consistency and is very easy to drink. I wouldn't say I am crazy on the flavouring. I am quite fussy with orange drinks as I preferred more sweetened orange to bitter orange and this one falls into the bitter category.

      It is a really tangy drink which tastes very fruity and has an almost freshly squeezed taste. I find it to be a sweet, fruity drink but it is quite heavy and I cannot drink too much of it. The bitterness is very evident and causes my cheeks to almost draw together. It does leave a juicy sweet aftertaste which is pleasant enough. It is a refreshing drink and definently one for adults as I cannot see my son liking it at all.

      I cannot say I love this drink but I still buy it for my fiance as he likes the bitterness of it. Personally I favour the Sunny Delight which is £1.00 for the same volume of juice and is more to my taste. I think the sugar content is overly high (despite being naturally sugared) and the sweetness isn't justified in this case.

      This is a good, fresh tasting orange juice for breakfast time in my opinion.

      Thanks for reading :)

      *Please note I can only compared this drink so sunny d based on the name of each drink and have stated that I personally prefer sunny d as a juice drink rather than this one and it is cheaper..I haven't compared them as being similar orange drinks to clear that up*


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