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ASDA Soda Water

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2 Reviews

Manufacturer: ASDA / Type: Water

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    2 Reviews
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      02.06.2013 16:16



      A nice change from water

      I first got this Soda water when I was going through a 'healthy' phase and wanted to have something different other than just water. When walking down the aisle I spotted this and decided to give this a try after not having Soda water in years. I bought it for 50p however if I remember rightly there was an offer that was 4 for £1.50 meaning you save 50p if you was going to get four anyway.

      After getting home I decided to put it in the fridge and waiting for it to become ice cold before drinking it, this is something I highly recommend to people to do with any drink. The bottle was an average size bottle of what you'd expect. It was a 1 litre bottle and it felt sturdy enough, I find sometimes if you drop a bottle if it's cheap it can split easily.

      The taste was not too much and it was a soft touch of carbonated water rather than a very heavy touch in which you find it hard to drink due to it been very carbonated. Primarily it should be used as a mixer as by itself it can become very boring very quickly. I suggest it with orange cordial as it blends quite well together. Definitely put it in the fridge before drinking as this gives it a "refreshing" feel.


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      11.02.2010 03:19
      Very helpful



      Great buy!

      Lately whilst on holiday (which I am now lol) I have really been trying to lower my caffeine intake. I live on caffeine! Whether it be coffee, cola drinks, energy drinks or energy pills last time I saw my Dr he went nuclear at me over it all and my terrible habits!

      However I have been trying out other drink alternatives to try kick my addiction and lately I have been supping soda water by the gallon! My usual option is one from Tesco purely cos that's for some reason I get it from and that's it really lol No other reason. However running out and remembering I had when shopping in Asda I decided it was high time to try it from somewhere else and this costing 45p for a litre seemed a good buy to me!

      The Packaging:

      1 litre as I've already stated clear plastic bottle with a blue label around it's middle and a screw on black plastic cap to the top of it. On the label there is a picture of bubbles and I'm clearly told it is Asda Soda Water. On the back of the bottle other information includes ingredients, nutritional information and contact details for Asda.

      The Drink Itself:

      Clear, slightly bubbly liquid with no real smell to it at all. It isn't overly fizzy or gassy but just right in my opinion and this if done up properly and stored in the fridge lasts a good 3-4 days without losing it's life. Also when poured it stays with life in it for a good couple of hours and you can add juices, squashes or of course alcohol to it...whatever!

      Taste wise well all this soda water is made up from is Carbonated Water and Sodium Bicarbonate and due to those ingredients you get the fizz from the former and slightly salty tangy taste from the latter. If you like drinks with a slightly tart flavour this is great and to me when added with sweet juices etc the saltiness this drink contains actually pops out flavours.

      Me and my friend love this drink, it makes a change from water, is great quality and stays fresh for a good length of time and so yep we recomend it to everyone and at the moment any 3 Asda 1 litre mixers are on offer at 3 for £1.20 so you can try a few offerings on the cheap!

      Nutritional Information:

      Contains only a trace of sodium, no salt, no fat no sugars and of course it is suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans (I know cos we're told that on the bottle!).

      This review is also posted on Ciao under this same username.


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