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Asda Sparkling Spring Water - Apple and Mango

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4 Reviews

Manufacturer: Asda / Type: Water

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    4 Reviews
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      30.06.2010 18:41
      Very helpful



      Not for me...sadly this one!

      I drink alot of carbonated soft drinks which is why from time to time I will try and consciously cut back cos I know I'm drinking lots of sugar which isn't particularly good for me and/or my hips!

      I like drinking water but get fed up of drinking the plain stuff so occasionally I will purchase a sparkling water that is lighty flavoured. Not saying that option is as good as plain old water but in my mind it is still better than carbonated!

      The Packaging:

      1L see-through plastic bottle with a dark blue twist on/off cap to the top of it. On the front of the bottle in green and orange writing I am told that it is Asda Apple & Mango Flavour Water 'Sparkling' and that it contains no artificial colours or flavours. On the back of the bottle other information listed includes ingredients and storage advice, there is a full nutritional information chart shown and contact details for Asda are given. Nice enough, informative bottle this is and easy to open etc.

      The Water:

      Clear and slightly bubbly/sparkling this isn't overly fizzy. Open up the bottle and you get a nice light whiff of apple and mango in equal quantities along with a nice natural sweet aroma to it.

      Taste-wise well this is rather sweet but it tastes naturally sweet at first. It really does taste of mango's with a hint of sweet and crispy apples to it and at first I found this a very refreshing drink.

      However after indulging half of a glass I started to notice that this got too sweet and in a very unnatural way. It started to taste of sweeteners and left a rather tinny taste in the mouth.


      Initially I really did like this drink. It was a fruity flavoured drink that had a nice sweet and sour theme going on within it, lovely served cool and/or with ice..... however it started to get sickly the more that I drank.

      Not a bad drink if your used to artificial sweetener tastes going on within foods and drinks but I'm not so I got rid of the taste of this with my favoured can of coke lol.

      Nutritional Information per 250ml:

      Energy: 5Kcal
      Protein: Trace
      Carbohydrate: 0.7g
      of which sugars: Nil
      Fat: trace
      of which saturates: Nil
      Fibre: Trace
      Sodium: Trace
      equivalent as salt: Trace

      Only available in Asda stores (and in other flavours) costing 41p a bottle.


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        21.04.2010 11:12
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Nice fizz from Asda.

        The kids like fizzy pop, but I try to restrict buying it as much as possible. I have found that fruity flavoured sparkling water has been a good alternative,and has gone down well in our house. A word of caution though. A lot of the time, when you check the ingredients, these flavoured waters turn out to be no better for you than fizzy pop,and can contain just as many artificial ingredients, so it is worth checking the label.

        Asda is currently running a promotion on its flavoured water range, which usually sell at 46p for a litre bottle. You can get 3 bottles for £1, which I feel is quite reasonable, although, as it is only water, maybe they could possibly push the price down even further!

        The water comes in a clear bottle, and they have recently changed the design from the one pictured above. the bottle is now more tapered. The Adsa logo on the front of the bottle has been cleverly coloured to represent apple and mango. You can clearly see the product inside, which is colourless, and although the water is sparkling, you can't see any visible bubbles until you open the bottle.

        The product itself is a pleasant summer drink. It is delicately sparkling, not overly fizzy, or liable to make you burp! The flavour is quite hard to describe, as I cannot make out apple flavour or mango flavour, although there is a mild fruity taste. I couldn't attribute the flavour to any one fruit, although it is very pleasant, not overpowering, and not artificial tasting in any way.

        The best way to enjoy this drink would be chilled, and consumed in a long glass outdoors on a hot summer day.it is really refreshing and delicious.I have also found it a very good accomaniement to a meal, because the mild taste does not overpower or clash with the flavours of the food you are eating.

        Apple and Mango flavour is part of a range of flavoured waters that Asda produce. I will be slowly working my way through them all to see how they compare! The product contains no artificial flavours, though it does conain sweetners Acesulfame K and Sucralose, which don't suit everyone. It also contains the preservatives Sodium Benzoate and Potassium Sorbate, so again, the product isn't quite as natural as it is marketed to be.

        The water is suitable for vegetarians and the plastic bottle is recycleable, although the cap and the label are not curently recycleable. Asda have a "Try me, love me" policy, which means that if you buy the water and don't like it for any reason, you can get a refund or an alternative product for free. The nutritional information is as follows per 100ml:

        Cal 2
        Protein trace
        Carbs 0.2g
        Fat Trace
        Fibre Trace
        Sodium Trace

        This is probably not a drink I would buy every week, as I try and restrict carbonated drinks as much as possible, but I would buy it again occasionaly as an alternative to pop. Although it is labelled as spring water, there is no information on the bottle about any minerals it may contain, or the source of the spring.


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          18.03.2010 17:22



          Summery and fruity.

          I love flavoured sparkling water. At Tescos it comes in small bottles, so I have to buy quite a few, which is handy in some ways as you get to mix and match flavours, but sometimes it would be nice to have the option of buying larger bottles for when you have lots of guests round.

          I don't normally shop at Asda, but the other day I was passing and my weekly shop was due so I went in to stock up on a few things. I bought a couple of their smaller bottles of sparkling water and really liked them, so the next time I went I picked up a few of the larger bottles, as they work out as better value for money when you are having a lot of people round. If I was just buying for myself I would stick with the smaller ones as they would go flat before I could drink it all.

          The large bottle of Asda sparkling water - apple and mango flavour is enough for about 8-10 glasses of drink. The water inside is more sparkling than fizzy as it is a light bubble and the name suits it well. The flavour is also light and fruity rather than heavy and thick, which makes it a great refreshing option in the summer, ideal for BBQs. I have found the drink doesnt go flat if you do the lid up tight and use it up in a couple of days.

          The apple nad mango compliments each other well to give an exotic fruit juice feel and makes a nice change to the popular flavours you see around.

          The juice itself is fairly healthy, it does not have many calories compared to other fizzy drinks, and the amount of sugar is reasonable, considering how sweet it is. The price is also good as it is an own brand rather than a named brand. All in all this is a good price and good tasting drink. I would definitely recommend it.


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          02.11.2009 21:51
          Very helpful



          Excellent cheap drink

          I recently tried this sparkling spring water from Asda at a friend's house during dinner, and I was really impressed with it, so suggested it to Dooyoo.

          The water comes in a clear plastic bottle which has a narrow neck and a fuller base. It looks quite stylish for a cheap drink and is different to the less attractive picture used by Dooyoo! It has a blue plastic screw top lid.

          The water is gently fizzy, it is not so fizzy that it stings your throat which is good. The taste is really fresh and fruity, and the apple and mango make a really nice and slightly unusual combination. It is sweet but not too sweet or sickly.

          The best thing about this drink is that it is free from artificial colours, preservatives and aspartame, which a lot of people like to avoid. It does have some sweeteners though, these are Acesulfame K and Sucralose.

          A 250 ml serving of this contains just 4 calories, 0.5 grams of sugar and a trace of fat so it won't make you any heavier which is great news for those of us watching our weight!

          The drink costs just 41 pence and is also available in lots of other combinations, including strawberry and vanilla, lemon and lime, peach, grapefruit and mandarin, melon and kiwi, and blackberry and elderflower. I aim to try them all!


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