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Barr Irn Bru 32

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5 Reviews

Manufacturer: Barr / Soft Drinks

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    5 Reviews
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      17.09.2009 07:51
      Very helpful



      Energy drink from Barrs

      Irn Bru 32 has a ring to it, don't you think?

      For the uninitiated Irn Bru is a mixed flavour soft drink, 32 flavours to be precise. Irn Bru 32 is of course your standard Irn Bru but with the addition of 32mg per 100ml of caffeine.

      So what's in it?

      Carbonated water, sucrose, glucose, taurine (0.4%), citric acid, glucuronolactone (0.24%), flavourings, caffeine (0.03%), inositol, vitamins (niacin, B6, pantothenic acid, B12), colours (E110, E124, E101)

      So it doesn't really tell you what the flavours are but this is because its such a secret.The recipie is such a closely guarded secret that it is held under lock and key in a vault in Switzerland and that it is a taste so precious, so unique that it is our chairman Robin Barr, and he alone, who blends the unique combination of 32 flavours that can be savoured in every sip."

      Typical values per 100ml: Energy - 202 kj / 47 kcal, Protein - 0g, Carbohydrate - 11.5g, Fat - 0g, Vitamins - Niacin 8mg (44% RDA), Pantothenic acid 2mg (33% RDA), B6 2mg (100% RDA), B12 2µg (200% RDA)

      RDA = Recommended Daily Allowance

      So what does it taste like?

      I like to try differebnt energy drinks but this has to be my favourite. I love Irn Bru and this is exactly that but with the added caffine. It tastes much better than many of its rivals, and at 79p for 330 ml compared with 99p for 250ml of Red Bull represents good value.

      Oh did you know that it origially came in a 250ml can but then they made it bigger. How much bigger, if you've not aready guessed it its 32%.

      I personally find that I would need to drink 2 cans to really feel a difference but it does work. Why not give this one a go sometime.....its Phenomonal.


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        09.09.2008 16:09
        Very helpful



        i wouldnt even bother

        after not getting much sleep last night i thought i would give this a try, i went to the petrol station to fill up my car and saw this can in the fridge with the red bull, and seing that it was only 79p for a bigger can than the red bull can i thought id give it a go. and now i wish i hadnt!!!

        The product tastes a little like irn bru but is even more fizzy, which makes it unpleasant to drink and elaves you feeling bloated and uncomfortable.

        I dont think that i felt any more awake after drinking it at all, although there was no chance of me falling asleep when i was so bloated by all the damn bubbles!!!

        The product leaves you bloated, feeling thirsty and has a nasty aftertaste which refuses to go away, not at all pleasant. Id rather have a plain simple cup of coffee every time.

        My advise would be to avoid it like the plague, the only good thing about the product was the nice blue and orange can, but that in itself would not give me reason to buy it ever again, unless i wanted a makeshift paper weight and would never consider opening the can!!!


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        06.05.2008 11:49
        Very helpful



        Apart from the funny TV adds this stuff has nothing going for it.

        If you happen to be passing the drinks aisle or a fridge in either a supermarket or local store and you find yourself being drawn towards a thin blue tin with the words irn bru on it in silver just above the number 32 in orange then here is a warning for you.

        This is yet another foul tasting drink advertising itself as an energy drink which basically means it is crammed full of caffeine and sugar. There are many things wrong with this drink, for a start off it is not refreshing in any way shape or form. This drink leaves your mouth and the back of your throat all sticky and will make you feel thirstier than before you drank it.

        The next major problem with this stuff is the fact that it tastes horrible, ok in my opinion no so called energy drinks taste great but this is the worst I have tried by far. Now I have to be honest and say I have only had one can of this disgusting stuff but on finishing it did I feel energised, did I feel stimulated?? NO!!

        At a cost of between 80p to £1 this is a right rip off as a drink it really is, all you are going to get from drinking this stuff is a sticky bad taste in your mouth, rotten teeth, an ever expanding waistline and a good few quid missing out your pocket. It is such a shame the Barr company decided to try to jump on the energy drink band wagon because up till the release of this rubbish they had an almost perfect range of fizzy drinks to be proud of including in my view the world's best cream soda, a delicious limeade, a taste perfect red cola and of course the Awesome irn bru original which this garbage tarnishes the name of.

        The ingredients of this devil`s drink are as follows!

        carbonated water, sucrose, glucose, taurine, citric acid, glucuronolactone, caffeine, inositol, vitamins (niasin), b6, pantothentic acid, b12, colours (e110, e124, e101).

        caffeine - 32mg per 100ml or 80mg per 250ml can

        as you can see from what goes into it, it is clearly not very good for you add to that the fact that the taste is horrible and it does not give you the energy it claims it will then it`s a no brainer aint it!!

        Don't buy this stuff!!

        Thanks for reading!


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          22.03.2007 17:02
          Very helpful



          a fab drink and a cool one too!!

          for many a long year now the original irn bru has been my favourite drink, however it was merely a drink it had no special powers but then along came this master piece a great drink that also gave you energy and made you feel super human.
          ok so i was laying it on a bit thick there eh, but it truly is an excelent tasting energy drink, cool to be seen drinking, tastes brilliant, actually does seem to replenish lost energy unlike many other so called energy drinks of which there are many around.

          i had my first experience of this fine beverage about 8 months ago and have never considered stopping drinking it since, ok its full of sugar and i am sure will pile a few pounds on and help me to get rid of what teeth i have of my own left but hey it tastes sooooooo good!!

          i will eventually get round to telling you what go`s in it and where you can find it at a great price but firstly i must continue with my rant on why everyone in the world should be drinking irn bru 32.

          being a regular to the 5 aside hall and not getting any younger i started looking for a refreshing drink that maybe would replenish some energy but had just about given up when a mate told me to try the new irn bru, of course try it i did and then recomend it to my team mates and even people we played against.

          now the caffe at the sports hall we attend cant keep us going in the stuff they are now ordering in more irn bru 32 than they are diet coke! the woman was amazed!

          i feel i have started an irn bru 32 revoloution and want it to continue the more people drinking this drink the less chance there is of irn bru stopping or changing its production and i couldnt bare for that to happen!!

          so come on fine people drink irn bru 32!!!!


          ok the facts now

          caffeine - 32mg per 100ml or 80mg per 250ml can.

          the ingredients that bring us pure mental stimulation for the mind are as follows!

          carbonated water
          citric acid
          vitamins (niasin)
          pantothentic acid
          colours (e110, e124, e101)

          and with only 47kcal per 100 ml its not as fattening as one might expect.

          so there you have it in a nutshell, this drink must never be allowed to die or i fear i shall die with it so come on people use my info and take my word and please please please start or keep drinking irn bru 32.

          its not just a drink for mental mad scotsman, its a drink for everyone!!

          oh i almost forgot due to my ranting and raving this beverage ranges between 85p and £1.05 in price but regardless what you pay for it it is worth every penny!!


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            17.08.2006 20:23
            Very helpful



            Good stimulation drink but sickly after you have had a few.

            Firstly, please note the picture that Dooyoo has provided as this will save me the effort of a description. In actual fact, this potent concotion arrives in a small blue can with Irn Bru 32 in red writing on it. Darn, I forgot about the picture and described it anyway. What a waste of words!

            If you are looking for it in a supermarket, you could try randomly perusing the shelves in the freezer isle (I have this theory that anything you can't find will be on top of a freezer somewhere near the Tomato Sauce - why do they put that there anyway?). Realistically though, it's classified as a mixer and so can be found alongside Schweppes and other such delights.

            A bit like Red Bull, it's a rapid stimulation drink that is designed to produce a short sharp energy boost to the system, and it works. However, where the Red Bull brand seem to have gone for the image as a mixer, Irn Bru have marketed this one as a drink in its own right. So while you have a Vodka Red Bull on a night out, you have an Irn Bru 32 on its own at any time of the day.

            But with this extra incentive to drink always will have its downside. Like I said, this stuff is potent and if anything, it seemed to affect me more than Red Bull. It takes about 5-10 minutes to start having an effect but a slight lightening to the head is followed by a strange buzz (I really must kill that damn fly, it's been in my living room so long I am beginning to think it's part of the family!).

            So what creates this effect? The active components in the drink are caffine (32mg/100ml) and Taurine (0.4%). Indeed, compared to Red Bull its supposedly weaker - but who ever said Gin was more effective at getting you drunk that 7 pints?

            Naturally this comes with a small warning on the can (it's very small print, might need to go get my eyes tested) advising you not to drink it if you arer pregnant. Hyper babies are not a good idea when they're out - but in a confined space one can only imagine! Obviously, those who are allergic to Caffeine and Taurine shouldn't touch this one either.

            However, Irn Bru have followed their recent hype following the launch of Irn Bru in America. They had to change the recipe because one of the ingredients is banned over there - and so following the reports on the news, Scots were assured that Irn Bru here was still the 'original and best' and that this ingredient would NOT be removed from the UK version.

            With this in mind, this drink is also full of E numbers and additives. In fairness though, E numbers are linked to causing hyper activity in children and given the whole point of an energy drink, I would suspect that this might be one reason that the effect of the active ingredients is somewhat heightened. I really must keep this away from my 7 year old - world war 3 would be started! Indeed, my child on a hyper drive would be a deadly weapon to drop into Iraq or Lebanon.... Blair can pay me £50,000,000 and forget any Nuclear warheads - per week. And I want her back (eventually @:-)).

            So, we have a drink that gets you hyper, comes in a little blue can and isnt suitable for children suffering mild ADHD, but how much is it? Well, to slowly crucify your brain, this one costs about the same as Red Bull at a rather expensive £1.09 per can. Clearly aimed at the same target audience, Irn Bru is competing on a one to one basis with the thing that 'gives you wings'.

            So, if I have a Vodka Red Bull, what does a Vodka Irn Bru 32 go down like? Well, firstly, that is one cool name eh? Sounds like a funny cocktail. Anyway, you add your double codka and pour in some Irn Bru 32 as preferred. I can't say how much as its a bit like sugars in your coffee - you always get someone with a sweet tooth. And speaking of sugar, this concoction does taste rather sweet. It's something you could have for a change in your liquid diet of an evening, but after 2 or 3 your mouth starts to get a little bored of the taste and your tongue starts to get 'gacky' (sorry, descriptive words are currently failing me). You soon find yourself having to switch to another drink.

            That said though, I can find the same thing with Red Bull. However, comparatively, the taste of 32 is sweeter and tangier. If you don't like the Irn Bru taste then swerve this one and try eleswhere.

            However, I couldn't finish this review without mentioning 'that' advert. Anyone in Scotland has seen it, and I hope English homes are treated to the same. The guy in a bird suit comes clean through the shelving of a library and quips 'I'll shush you ya tweedy old crow, Cookoo, Cookoo'. Superb @:-)


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            Whilst Iron-brew flavoured energy drinks have been available for a while, either in non-alcoholic or alcoholic variations, these beverages have usually been at the value end of the marketing spectrum usually coming in litre bottles.

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