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Blendini Milkshakes

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Blendini / milkshake varieties.

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    1 Review
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      19.10.2010 12:45
      Very helpful



      If you like milkshake, check out Blendini. You'll be plesantly surprised.

      Blendini is a milkshake shop similar to Shakeaway, located in Maidstone, Kent (in The Mall). There is only one shop at the moment, but the website promises more to come soon, so I thought this would be a good time to write a review on what is, for my money, a better alternative to Shakeaway (sorry all you Shakeaway fans out there!!!!).

      The shop itself, is small, with a seating area for approximately 6 people. However, the milkshakes are really meant to be taken away, so it's not a problem. It's a little chilly (in cold weather anyway), located as it is by The Mall doors, but the bright plastic seats are surprisingly comfortable. The walls are lined with plastic bubbles filled with sweets/fruit/cakes etc. which serves as the menu. It's vivid and bright and quite a fun way of choosing your flavour! Behind the counter are boards with more flavours (the speciality ones or blended ones that couldn't be shown in a bubble), and the staff have always been friendly when I've been there.

      As for the milkshakes themselves - divine is a word that comes to mind. They taste really good! In my opinion they're nicer than Shakeaway, but I'm not quite sure why. I think perhaps they use a little less/different type of ice cream. They're pretty thick and you sometimes get some solid left at the bottom, which I particularly enjoy scooping out and eating! They're great at any time of the year, and are surprisingly filling too. All in all, they just taste great!

      There is a good selection of flavours including approximately 70 chocolate flavours, a number of biscuit flavours, sweet flavours (such as refreshers, jelly babies, skittles), cake flavours and fruit flavours including ones like kiwi, plum and mandarin. Healthy flavours (such as alpen and weetabix) are available, as well as milkshakes made with weight watchers bars and slim fast. Fruit infusions are blends of fruit flavours, and there are also supplements such as antioxidants and protein whey. In the desire menu there are desserts turned into milkshakes: one example is "baked blueberry cheesecake crumble" described as "spun digestive biscuit filled with fresh cream cheese, marbled with blueberries, sprinkled with crumble and then baked". These are a litttle more expensive than the other flavours, but perfect if you want a little luxury!
      As you can see there's a massive choice of flavours, which makes choosing one even more fun! If, like me, you like white chocolate then you are well catered for, with white kinder bueno (particualry good hot), white chocolate crunch and white maltesers all available. Blendini also sell coffees and hot choclolate.

      Price wise, I have to say I think Blendini is pretty good value, when compared to other milkshake shops, charging £2.50 for a regular shake and £3.29 for a large. You can have a hot shake for the same price (really lovely in winter - perhaps whilst Christmas shopping?), and there are a range of toppers, syrups, cream etc. available for an extra cost. Service is good, and the milkshakes tend to be made quickly, but it's best avoided when the schools let out, as the cues can be very long. I'm also unsure if non dairy versions of the shakes are available (ie. using soya milk).

      Blendini is a great milkshake shop, and I'd encourage anyone in the area (or just passing) to give it a try. They provide good value, great variety, and are without doubt my favourite food/drink outlet. Five stars!!!


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