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Bottle Green Aromatic Lime Cordial

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Manufacturer: Bottle Green / Type: Soft Drink

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    2 Reviews
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      09.04.2010 14:50
      Very helpful
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      a clean lime taste good enough to forgive the high price.

      Now I like the taste of lime and I am always adding it to fruit juices I happen to be making in the old juicer to give that extra bit of sharpness. The only problem is that I have found that most lime cordials are overly sweet or taste so synthetic it is unbelievable. As for the bright green colour - is that really needed? Not in my opinion no. Bottlegreen lime cordial is different to all of the other mass produced ones I have tried. For starters it gets a big plus for having no artificial rubbish in it so there is little chance of that made in a laboratory taste. With little in the way of preservatives it does have a shorter shelf life than most other products of this type and it is recommended that you drink it within 4 weeks of opening the bottle.

      Whilst it does come in rather a small glass bottle of only 500 ml it is very concentrated, almost like a syrup and so you actually need very little of it so it does last longer than it sounds like it will. The label claims that one bottle of cordial will make up around 5 litres of diluted drink (a 1:10 dilution). I personally find that this level of dilution is a bit much and prefer to stick to a 1:6 ratio of cordial to water with this particular product. (before you ask, no I don't measure it).

      The smell directly from the bottle is strong but unmistakeably zesty and of limes. After diluting it with water the aroma does dissipate and become more subtle but unlike most on the market the smell is a good clean one and not like a laboratory. It also does not have that sickly sweet smell you can get with most cordials.

      It has a good clean taste which is very refreshing especially if it is served over ice on a hot summer's afternoon. It is not overly sharp and the balance of the acidity of the limes and the sugar is for me just right. Although I would have to say that this is more for adults as I don't think many children would like it as it may not be sweet enough for them. I like to serve mine at times with lemonade or even at times tonic water (wow my taste buds really are odd at times). It can also be used as part of a cocktail where lime is needed, but it is best to add to taste here. The aftertaste is again clean and zesty and there are no artificial sweeteners to give it that awful saharine bitter aftertaste. Just clean refreshing lime.

      Now is this suitable for diabetics? Well in moderation it won't do any harm but it is quite high in sugar (7.3g per 100ml diluted 1:10 with water). The charity Diabetes UK has said that things like 'diabetic range' products are at best unhelpful as they give you a taste for very sweet things. In my opinion it is probably better to have a smaller amount of something that contains sugar and is of a high quality than lots of something chock full of artificial sweeteners. However it is worth remembering that some, all be it a small amount, of this sugar will be naturally occurring in the lime juice used.

      Ok now comes the bad news bit - the price. It is not the cheapest out there but as you use so little of it it can work out much cheaper than at first glance. The last time I bought it it was on offer for £1.50 a bottle. This was reduced down from the usual price of £2.80

      Nutritional information per 100ml diluted 1:10 with water

      Typical values per 100ml
      Energy 124 KJ / 29 Kcal
      Protein Nil
      Carbohydrate 7.3g
      of which sugars 7.3g
      Fat Trace
      of which saturates Trace
      Fibre 0g
      Sodium Trace


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        30.06.2009 12:59
        Very helpful
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        Hot, cold, fizzy, still, its always refreshing and delicious.

        Picture the scene, it's a hot day, you are sat in the garden reading a good book, the birds are twittering away in the trees and the sun's warming your skin.
        You are really thirsty, "spitting feathers" as my Mum used to say.
        What could be more refreshing than a tall iced glass of zesty, sharp lime?
        Fizzy or Still? You choose.
        Its freezing outside, you enter the warmth of your kitchen after a refreshing walk with the dog in the crisp, cold Winter air you are handed a hot steaming mug of refreshing, throat soothing lime... Lovely

        Well I have found a truly delicious one and whats more its actually got NO SWEETNERS in it, no baddies spoiling the taste, making it taste and smell artificial. I personally don't like sweetners, can you tell? I would rather take my chances with a little natural sugar any time.

        Bottle Green Aromatic Lime Cordial-
        Made as it happens by Bottle Green Drinks, they are based in the Cotswolds and were established in 1989. They produce a range of drinks-
        Sparkling Presse's
        They also sell Sorbets and Sorbet Lollies (which I must try).

        All the product's are made without Artificial Colours, Flavours, Additives or Sweetners- I think we already established that.
        The company choose not to use these ingredients as they feel they produce an inferior flavour and they don't want to use chemicals if possible.


        Zesty Limes blended with Aromatic Bitters and Cotswold Spring Water.
        A small amount of natural sugar is added which they believe is the superior flavour carrier and so leaves lasting flavours on the tastebuds.
        A tiny amount of Sulphur Dioxide is added to help preserve the flavour-
        1 wine glass= 10 times more sulphites than in 1 bottle.
        Citric Acid makes the drink more acidic giving it a well balanced well rounded flavour identical to the one that makes Lemons ans Limes sour.

        Further Information.

        It is made in the traditional wine making method.
        It's a very thick syrupy cordial therefore you only need a small amount as it's packed full of flavour.
        1 500ml bottle= 5.5 litres.
        Store in a cool place out of direct sunlight.
        Consume within a month of opening.
        Where ever possible local ingredients are used which helps local business's and has less impact on the environment.
        Everything that can be re-cycled is, even the wooden pallets they use to store the bottles on.

        The cordial comes in a long, slender necked green glass bottle , with white writing and a pale green picture of a lime.The lid is a green screw top made of metal. To me it's a clean, no fuss, quality look.
        Available in Co-op, Booths, Sainsburys, Tesco, Waitrose, Morrisons, but different branches do stock certain flavours which can drive you mad. I know from experience Sainsburys and Tesco regularly have them on Buy One Get One Free, which is great because I can get my 2 favourites.
        Price Approx- £2.82

        Aromatic Lime
        Spiced Berry
        Ginger & Lemongrass
        Pomegranate & Elderflower
        Summer Fruits.
        All cordials can be equally as comforting on a cold day as they are delicious served hot. I even add them to a mug of herbal tea- my favourite hot version is Cinnamon tea with Ginger & Lemongrass(its really strong on the ginger flavour) Oooooh Lovely!
        Also available are the Classic range with such mouth watering flavours as-
        Cox's Apple & Plum and William's Pear & Elderflower... I will let you investigate further if you are interested.

        Hot, Cold, Fizzy, Still, Winter or Summer I Love a drink of Lime cordial and if you like Lime (it does help) Im sure you won't be disappointed.
        Well worth the price, a little goes a long, long way.
        I like the fact it doesn't have to be kept in the fridge.


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