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    7 Reviews
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      07.02.2014 12:10
      Very helpful



      Surprisingly high quality soft drink.

      I'm reviewing the Raspberry and Blackberry variety of this sparkling Britvic drink called 'Ame'. I saw this on the supermarket shelf recently and thought it looked quite interesting. I don't often drink fizzy drinks but I will occasionally buy something like Shloer when I fancy it or when I want to use it in an official type meal setting in place of alcohol. This bottle of Ame looked far more sophisticated and adult than the Schloer I usually buy and in fact it almost resembles a bottle of wine.

      I was tempted to buy this, even though I'd never heard of it before, after being impressed by it's packaging design. The 750ml sized bottle differs from the current Dooyoo picture and is more slim-line like a typical wine bottle. It's a transparent, recyclable glass bottle with a screw off top. The top has a paper label stuck down over the edge which you must tear open at first use. This, again, seems to mimic a wine bottle design. There are two labels attached to the bottle itself. The front label features the product name prominently alongside a picture of a juicy blackberry and a succulent raspberry. Alongside this is a small piece of text which tells me this is a "delicate blend" of these fruit juices combined with "sparkling spring water and herbal extracts". The colours and design look great against the peach coloured beverage. I really like that it looks so arty and as though a lot of thought has gone into designing a drink for adults. I would happily bring out this drink for dinners and parties.

      The label on the back contains more information including a bit more detail about the product. I was surprised to see this was made by Britvic as, to be honest, it seems to have more class than I'd associate with that brand! The brand explain that the product name 'Ame' (the 'e' is accented) is derived from Japanese and roughly translates as "gentle rain". They state that their flavours are "subtle" but that they have an "Oriental influence".

      Full ingredients are also listed on the back label. I was impressed to read that this drink contains so many unusual ingredients and not just a lot of sugar and sweeteners! It actually contains 48% Grape Juice Extract, spring water (48%), Raspberry fruit juice from concentrate (2%) and blackberry fruit juice from concentrate (1%) as well as the herbal extracts limeflowe, schisandra, Quassia and gentian. There are NO artificial colours or flavours included. Nutritional values are also provided in a detailed chart as well as a simplified easy-read chart. A 250ml serving provides 90 calories and 22g of sugar but has trace amounts of fat.

      When I open the bottle I love the aroma of this drink. It has a sweet but mild fruity fragrance which is similar to pink champagne. It is a carefree, summery aroma that is very pleasing to the senses. The drink is very sparkly and each mouthful is filled with tiny but sharp bubbles that burst onto the tongue. It's very similar to a sparkling wine in this sense - the bubbles have a sort of gassy/fruity intensity.

      The flavour of this drink is surprisingly mild and yet it is very satisfying and moreish. The fact it is quite mild means it is very refreshing and thirst quenching. It does seem to dance with notes of raspberry even though the primary ingredient is grape juice. The most obvious flavours are backed up with these curious herbal hints which are warm and unique but also very subtle. It's sweet without being too much and in comparison to Shloer this feels like it is aimed at adult drinkers only because of the sophisticated flavours. Overall it's a delicious and satisfying drink. It is lovely on it's own and is perfect when added to a meal as an alcohol substitute.

      I'm pleased I have discovered this drink and will definitely be buying it again in the future as it is so nice. I will more than likely buy this in place of Schloer in the future. I would recommend this to any adults who are looking for a high quality soft drink.



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      26.03.2010 03:28
      Very helpful



      Lovely drink!

      Not being a huge drinker, I can sometimes feel a bit left out when around other people in my company who have posh bottles of wine and stuff sitting in front of them! Don't get me wrong I have absolutely no objection to booze and don't go out of my way to avoid the stuff but my issue with it is that I get far too drunk far too quickly and I tend to get aggressive after one two many drinks and/or make a complete show of myself! If I'm at home and in my own environment or with a mate I will have a glass of wine but if I'm going to a party or something I will always makes sure that I take some sort of soft drink with me so I can alternate my drinking and I try to behave myself!

      This, I'd never heard of before until I spotted it in Asda costing £2.00 a bottle. At first glance I did think it was a bottle of wine, being in what I think of as a bottle that looks like a bottle of wine lol and I decided to grab a couple of bottles of the stuff to try out basically so that in future (I'm going to a few parties soon) I'll know whether to purchase this or not!

      The Packaging: (Please note I am reviewing the raspberry and blackberry flavour only):

      50ml see-through glass bottle which has a light pinkish coloured twist on/off cap/lid to the top of it and on the front of the bottle there is a white label and that there is a small photograph of a raspberry and blackberry and I'm told that it is AME 'A delicate blend of raspberry & blackberry juices, gently sparkling spring water and herbal extracts' and the size is stated. On the white back label I am told a bit about the product, there is a full nutritional chart as well as an at a glance chart shown, ingredients and storage advice is given and contact details for Britvic are given (the manufacturer of the drink). This bottle is informative enough of course, easy to open etc and really does look rather posh but simple and more of a drink that is aimed at adults opposed to children (it is in a glass bottle after-all!).

      A Bit About The Product According To The Back Of The Bottle:

      The name Ame (ah-may) is derived from the Japanese word meaning 'gentle rain'. Our flavours are subtle, with a delicacy reminiscent of our Oriental influence, making Ame a perfect accompaniment to every meal.

      Our raspberry & blackberry blend is gently sparkling with a sweet and succulent flavour, bringing to life the delicious scent of summer.

      The Drink:

      Well this drink really is aptly named in my opinion with it being called gentle rain in Japanese and it is quite simply one of the nicest soft drinks I have had!

      It is light pink in colour and best served cool/cold, this is simply very delicately sparkling and once poured stays that way till you've drank it and that sparkliness really does stay put whether poured or whether in the fridge and stored in the bottle for about 3 days without any problems at all.

      Open it up and you are met with a really natural fragrance of raspberries and blackberries and sort of like in equal measure and no fruit smells more than the other but it really is a simple and delicate fragrance. Taste wise well there are no surprises within this at all. It is a watery fruit flavoured drink which doesn't taste of added sugars or sweeteners at all but just tastes of the fruits and nothing else.

      This also goes well on it's own, with ice and with or without food as it isn't rich and/or sickly but does still at the same time taste!

      To me this is one to hide away from the kids. I've never ever described a soft drink as a treat or indulgent before but this actually is and when I was drinking this I felt spoilt by it! Fantastic drink and I simply can't wait to try other flavours from this fabulous range very soon in the future!

      Nutritional Information Per 250ml Serving:

      Calories: 93
      Sugar: 16g
      Fat: Trace
      Saturates: 0g
      Salt 0g

      Available in all good supermarkets etc.


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        17.09.2008 13:06
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        A lovely refreshing drink

        I love Britvic Ame. It is a fruit flavoured fizzy drink in a glass bottle to make it look posh and make you feel like you are drinking something grown up, posh and alcoholic. It is not alcoholic but is a great alternative if you cannot or do not want to drink.

        The taste is really light and fruity. It can sometimes leave an aftertaste and it is a little moorish. I can easily drink a whole bottle, which leaves me feeling quite gassy. The taste is a little like Shloer but not as fruity.

        Although in terms of flavour, I would prefer the strong fruitiness of Shloer, Ame is much better for you, as it contains all natural ingredients.

        There are a range of flavours, all slightly similar in their fruitiness. I like them all. Flavours listed below:
        Elderflower & Lemon
        Grape & Orange
        Grape & Apricot
        Raspberry and Blackberry

        Ame is quite expensive but you can sometimes find it on offer for 2 for £3. Otherwise it can be up to £2.50 for a bottle. But I guess you would spend more than this on wine. They are definitely worth it for an occasional treat.


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          16.09.2008 19:24
          Very helpful



          Decent drink

          Ame is a Britvic equivalent of the immensely popular carbonated soft drink Schloer. They are both considered premium soft drinks and are targeted at an adult population. The two products don't differ much in price, coming in at over £2.00 for a large bottle. I have only ever tried Ame the once, and it was the blackcurrant flavoured one. I found it to be rather refreshing, but not as tasty as Schloer, which is a more established drink.

          On closer inspection of the two products, I noticed that Ame was unique in having the flavours and contents based on natural ingredients, and it didn't contain artificial flavours or colourings. This impressed me, but it did also explain why the taste wasn't as full as that of Schloer. Other flavours in the range are Grape & Orange, Grape & Apricot and Elderflower & Lemon. The one I had was Raspberry and Blackberry. I may try the other ones, but with Tesco having their own line of carbonated 'fizzy flavoured water' with very similar flavours at a much lower price, it's not going to be a regular thing.


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          28.03.2008 09:39
          Very helpful



          If you are driving and want something non-alcoholic this fits the bill

          Looking around the supermarket for something non-alcoholic for the party season I spotted a drink called Amé on the shelves. This drink is part of the Britvic range and is an alcohol-free beverage that contains no refined sugars, preservatives, sodium, or artificial colors.

          As it was available in Tesco as a 'buy one get one free' offer (otherwise known as a BOGOF) I thought this was an excellent opportunity to try this particular drink. It is a refeshing drink when served chilled and has a base of natural fruit juices, sparkling water, and herbal extracts. The herbal extracts are Schizandra, Jasmine, Gentian, and Limeflower. There are four flavours within the range: Raspberry & Blackberry, Grape & Orange, Grape & Apricot and Elderberry & Lemon.

          Apparently the name 'Am' is derived from the Japanese word for 'gentle rain'. Amé is a lightly sparkling and delicious tasting soft drink, which would make a great addition to the selection of soft drinks available at parties all the year round. I like to serve it chilled and have found it is well received as something just a little different from the usual range of non-alcoholic drinks on offer. I suppose it looks a little more sophisticated than some soft drinks and, if served in wine glasses, a 1 litre bottle will fill around 8 standard wine glasses.

          There is nothing really in the taste to dislike about this particular drink whichever of the flavours you choose. The individual flavours are there but they are not particularly strong so, for example, although you can taste the Raspberries and Blackberries the taste is not overpowering - fruity, but not overly sweet. They appear to offer a red option, a rosé and two varieties of white - presumably to ape the colours of wines? Ideal I suppose if you have youngsters at the party who want to look grown up but who are too young to drink? Also great for adults who want to 'look the part' but not to drink alcohol.

          Looking at the contents of the 'red' the ingredients are:
          Fruit juices from concentrate (as reconstituted - grape 50%, elderberry 2%, lemon 2%),
          Carbonated spring water,
          Natural flavor,
          Citric acid,
          Herbal extracts (schizandra, limeflower, jasmine, gentian)

          Nutrition Facts: serving size 8fl oz;
          Calories 80;
          Fat 0g;
          Sodium 0g;
          Total carb 20g;
          Sugars 20g;
          Protein 0g
          The nutrition facts are much the same whichever variety you choose.

          I can recommend this if you want to vary the soft drinks available - it is certainly a little more 'grown up' than many soft drinks and should appeal to all ages.

          This review was alos published by Laramax on Ciao (Dec 2006)


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            13.05.2006 17:17
            Very helpful



            The best alternative to wine on the market

            I expect everyone has been the "driver" at some point and had to abstain from alcohol during the evening. In my case my husband doesn't drive, so I'm always abstaining (or it seems that way)! And when you are gagging after your fourth Coke in a row, you long for something that isn't THAT sweet. Then you discover that there is not a lot of choice: fruit juice (very sweet); coke, lemonade, tango etc (all very sweet); appletise, various grape-juice derived drinks (also very sweet) or water (no taste at all and guaranteed to make you feel out of place among the drinkers)..

            So you can imagine how pleased I was to discover Amé, a group of non-alcoholic drinks that taste great, are not too sweet and can be drunk in quantity without adverse effect.

            ~Some background~

            Amé is made by Orchid Drinks, a company formed in 1992 following the management buyout of the soft-drinks division of Cameroons Brewery in Hartlepool. It was then bought by BritVic Drinks in 2000.

            According to their web-site the word "Amé" is derived from the Japanese word for "gentle rain"

            ~The drinks~

            The drinks are a blend of fruit-juices, sparkling water and eastern herbal extracts. There are four versions:

            Grape & Apricot: This is made from Grape juice Extract from concentrate (48%), Carbonated spring water (43%), fruit juices from concentrate (Grape 4%, Apricot 3%) Herbal extracts (Limeflower, Schisandra, Gentian) and citric acid.

            Raspberry and Blackberry: Made from Grape juice Extract from concentrate (48%), Carbonated spring water (48%), fruit juices from concentrate (Raspberry 2%, Blackberry 1%) Herbal extracts (Limeflower, Schisandra, Gentian) and citric acid.

            Grape and Orange: Made from Grape juice Extract from concentrate (48%), Carbonated spring water (43%), fruit juices from concentrate (Orange 4%, Grape 3%) Herbal extracts (Limeflower, Schisandra, Gentian) and citric acid.

            Elderberry and Lemon: Made from Grape juice Extract from concentrate (48%), Carbonated spring water (48%), fruit juices from concentrate (Elderberry 2%, Lemon 1%) Herbal extracts (limeflower, Schisandra, Gentian) and citric acid.

            ~The cost~

            This come in 1 litre bottles for the price of £1.99. It's available at most supermarkets (Sainsburys, Tescos, Waitrose etc) as well as most off-licences. The supermarkets often have a buy-1-get-1-free offer, in which case I tend to stock up as I drink an awful lot of this.

            ~My verdict:~

            In my opinion, it's the sparkling water (the effect of bubbles on the tongue) that make this drink feel so refreshing. The other bonus is that it doesn't taste that sweet.

            My favourite is the Elderberry and Lemon. This has a dry, refreshing taste - a really good wine subsititute in my opinion. The Grape and Apricot is slightly sweeter - you can distinctly taste a subtle flavour of apricot, giving it a mellower taste. The Grape and Orange has a gentle orange flavour, again not overwhelming, and it is also sweeter than the Elderberry and Lemon. The Raspberry and Blackberry is the fruitiest of the four, and has a soft rosé colour.

            As you've probably gathered I drink a lot of this, often taking a bottle with me to parties so I have something paIatable to drink. We even started to drink this last summer in the garden, when alcohol was just too much in the heat. I thoroughly recommend this product. I think it's the best non-alcoholic drink on the market.


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              08.05.2006 23:56
              Very helpful



              Non alcoholic drink, in a variety of flavours,best served chilled

              Relaxing in the sun with a glass of chilled white wine is an experience many of us enjoy, but what can a host offer instead if a guest is driving, or does not want to drink alcohol.
              Amé fits the bill. There were two varieties on sale, I choose the White one. There was a red, which had raspberry, and I think blackberry in it, but I thought the white would be more suitable.

              *The Bottle*

              This is no sexy lady. All is revealed. Clear glass, quite a big bottle to hold with one hand as it is 8.5cm in diameter, and over 30cm tall. It has a short neck and wide shoulders, and goes in slightly at the waist where a glass ribbon with three bows, does help the grip. This bottle holds one litre, so explains why it is wider than many bottles.
              It is quite a "Plain Jane" this bottle, bearing a creamy label saying "Amé" and two small pictures of a few green grapes and an apricot. Lower down is a label stating "Grape and Apricot" in green print on a cream background and then in smaller green lettering
              "Simply a refreshing fruit drink with sparkling spring water, grape juice and apricot juice."
              But, beware this lady can put out her claws to protect her chastity and the green metal screw top is not something to be grappled with. My husband tried and the top won! Perhaps this was a rare bottle and others will greet the handler with a gentle touch.
              There is a Best before date on the neck of the bottle and mine was more than a year ahead.. Once opened it should be consumed within a few days, no trouble there as it is easy to drink.

              *The Ingredients*

              Listed in several languages, showing this is available in several countries. I include the ingredients so you can decide for yourself, whether it is cheaper to buy a fruit cordial and dilute with sparkling water.
              Grape juice extract from concentrate 48%, Carbonated water 43%, Fruit Juices from concentrate (Grape 4% and Apricot 3%), Citric acid, Natural flavourings, Herbal Extracts (Lime flower, Schisandra and Gentian.) These herbal ingredients must be a very small quantity as an amount is not given, Schisandra helps with thirst so perhaps that what makes you feel refreshed after drinking Amé.

              Interestingly enough there is no added sugar as is so often found. However, because of sugar present in the fruit there is 13.4 in a 200ml glass, which amounts to a hefty 78 cals per glass.

              *The Looks*

              Just like plain sparkling water, no real colour to see. Perhaps I should pretend it is a wine and test it properly.

              *The Nose!*

              Like a good wine, I swirled the water and sniffed the bouquet. Mmmm! a hint of ? What was it. I still think peach but the bottle says apricot! Delicate, light, just enough to make you want to taste.

              *The Taste*

              I didn't swirl it round my mouth and spit, I swallowed! It tasted mainly like water, but a hint of Grape and Apricot, which to me tasted more peachy! It is not over sweet, and is refreshing. If the extra calories are not a problem then this is a good way to increase your fluid intake if you do not enough plain water.


              The signs are on the bottle and the glass should be recycled, we should all do our bit to help the environment.


              It is fairly expensive at £1.99 a litre bottle , but Somerfields had it on offer buy one get one free! So I was very happy at £1 a bottle that I gave one away!


              Orchid drinks Ltd. In Chelmsford, Essex, who have a website - www.orciddrinks.com. Go on try the link and see if you are as surprised as I was who owns this company!


              If you want a nice light drink instead of wine, then this is excellent, but to drink instead of water, not only is it expensive but it also adds on extra calories. If you dilute an Elderflower cordial I keep in the cupboard it equates to 46cals per 200ml glass, and would be a lot cheaper.

              I used to buy Amé at a Health food store, it came in a green bottle containing only 75mls and I'm sure was about the same price. It is now more widely available in most supermarkets and better value.

              Keep a bottle in the fridge and serve well chilled, and you don't need to wait until the sun is over the yard arm either!


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