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Britvic J20 Apple & Raspberry

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8 Reviews

Manufacturer: Britvic / Beverage Type: Soft Drink

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    8 Reviews
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      16.06.2012 17:00
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      Very tasty raspberry flavour drink that needs to be served cold to taste great.

      The Britvic J20 range of drinks now includes quite a wide range of flavours. My personal favourite however is still this Apple and Raspberry one.

      For a start the flavour of this is very good and tangy while some of the other flavours (the apple and mango for example), I find rather too bland. Now there are two ways of drinking this, chilled, or over ice. If you try and drink it any other way you are very likely to find yourself thinking of it as much too sweet and rather cloying. However, drunk chilled, or better yet poured over ice, it's absolutely delicious and the strength of flavours comes out beautifully without it seeming too sweet - it's a bit like the need to have stronger flavours and sweeter ones when making an ice lolly, if you were to let most lolly's melt, and then drink the liquid you'd find them the same way, but frozen and icy cold they taste lovely.

      I have to admit I do also rather love the deep red colour of this drink. I know it sounds a bit daft, but I'm a bit of a big kid that way so the bright colours tend to appeal to me.

      J20 varies hugely in price depending on where you buy it. In the supermarket you can buy two sizes 275ml and 250ml bottles both as multi packs while in the pub you'll only find the larger 275ml bottles on sale. However, if you're looking to drink them at home, then it's worth keeping an eye open for the special offers that seem to regularly occur and can reduce the cost substantially. As these drinks keep quite well for several months in a cupboard, this tends to be when I buy them (I've brought them down to as low as 50p a bottle for the larger size by doing this!). The normal price in the supermarket however tends to be around £4 for 4 275ml bottles, or £6 for 10 250ml bottles which does work out substantially cheaper.

      The more common 275ml version of these bottles, are glass and have a metal lid that you need a bottle opener to remove. The smaller 250ml type of bottle has a screw top lid and is made of plastic. Despite the cost of them being larger, I do like to stick with the 275ml glass bottles as I can keep the bottles for re-use when I'm making my own drinks in the autumn and I have a bottle capper to use with them, so once cleaned these are perfect for my use.


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        16.05.2011 14:11
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        A not so refreshing drink

        When out with my other half, friends or family I tend to drive as I'm not a huge drinker and I can easily manage a good day or night out without having an alcoholic drink but the usual choices of coca cola or orange juice do wear a bit thin so it is always nice to choose something different. This is where the J2O range comes in.

        J2O's were launched I think around 1998 and come in a variety of different flavours but they all have one thing in common - made full of fruit juice. Many pubs, bars, cafes, supermarkets now stock J2O's and I regularly opt for one when out and about. My local pub were out of my favourite variety (orange and passionfruit) so I opted for the Apple and Raspberry flavour.

        ** Packaging **

        J2Os no matter which variety come in a tall, clear glass bottle which has a twisted effect at the neck of the bottle. The label is green in colour which is oval shaped with 'J2O' clearly marked on the front. On the back label there are the ingredients list as well as contact info. Because the glass bottle is clear you can clearly see the colour of the drink which helps when choosing which variety you want.

        ** Apple and Raspberry **

        I opted for this variety as apart from my usual flavour not being available I like raspberries and I thought it would be nice to try. As soon as I received my glass I had the instant aroma of raspberries which was nice although it did have a slight sour note to it which wasn't expected but then it was toned down by a mild apple aroma which finally made an appearance.

        The J2O has a very liquid consistency which yes is obvious but due to having a high fruit content it isn't as thin as say a glass of water which is nice. It is more of a thick drink which is a rich, deep magenta colour (not a transparent colour/liquid) which obviously stands out in a fridge at a bar or pub. It may be made out of fruit juice (amongst other things) but it does have a smooth consistency, it doesn't have bits unless you include the sediment.

        So overall, the aroma of this drink was lovely but not as refreshing as I had wanted but that didn't mean the taste wouldn't be refreshing. My first few sips of this I really enjoyed and it was sweet but with a little tartness which was nice as I found that I couldn't drink the J2O all in one go which I seem to do with the orange and passionfruit variety!

        After drinking it a bit more I actually found it quite sickly in flavour. I did give the drink a stir in case the fruit sediment settles at the bottom of the glass but even after this I found that the flavour was a bit too sickly sweet for my liking and I couldn't find that raspberry flavour, it had all rolled into one and I came to dislike it. Even with ice in the drink which I do find refreshing anyway but even with ice in it, it became too sweet and had a quite synthetic fruit flavour.

        ** Ingredients **

        Ingredients: Water, Fruit Juices from Concentrate (Apple 35%, Raspberry 5%), Sugar, Citric Acid, Stabiliser (Pectin), Colour (Anthocyanins), Flavourings, Acidity Regulator (Sodium Citrate), Preservative (Potassium Sorbate), Antioxidant (Ascorbic Acid).

        ** Nutritional Information **

        Per 100ml

        Calories - 46
        Sugar - 10.7g
        Fat - Trace
        Salt - Trace

        ** Price and Availability **

        For a 4 pack (4x100ml bottles)

        Tesco - £3.46
        Sainsburys - £3.59
        Asda - £3.00

        ** Overall **

        The initial aroma of the J2O was lovely and refreshing with a slight sour note which was perfectly fine and the first few sips of the drink was lovely, sweet but with a little bitterness which can be expected from raspberries. But after drinking it a bit more the taste of the drink became too sweet and far too sickly for me which I found very unpleasant. It had almost quite a synthetic taste to it which was not nice and I left the majority of the drink and ordered something else.

        Would I recommend? Well yes as I think I'm probably in the minority in not liking this drink so it would be worth trying.


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          06.05.2011 21:01
          Very helpful



          Mouth watering and refreshing fruity drink from the experts at Britvic

          I seem to write a lot of reviews on alcoholic drinks - especially of late, and so I thought it was time to review a soft drink for a change, and one that I love to have on the (very) odd occasion when I am out and about in pubs or bars, but when I have to take my turn as nominated driver.

          The soft drink in question is J2O.

          What is J2O??

          I remember when Britvic first introduced J2O around 12 years ago, and lots of my friends were very unsure of how to pronounce it in terms of, is the O a letter 0 or a number 0?
          Even to this day my dad still gets it wrong all the time, and calls them anything from 'J twentys' to a 'J Lo'!

          It is actually pronounced 'Jay 2 Oh' and is supposed to sound like the water chemical formula of H20, but with a J instead of the H to represent the fact that these drinks have a high fruit content.
          Now I have (hopefully) cleared that one up, lets get down to some details.

          In this review I shall review the one that I have just had a glass of - The Apple and raspberry flavoured J2O.

          J2O was launched by britvic in 1998, and the brand seemed to instantly take off. There are many flavours available today including:

          Apple & Blueberry
          Apple & Mango
          Apple & Raspberry
          Apple & Melon
          Orange & Cranberry
          Orange & Passionfruit
          Orange & Pomegranate
          White Blend - White Grape & Kiwi
          White Blend - Red Grape & Blackcurrant
          Winter Berries

          I have managed to try all of these flavours, apart from the White Grape and Kiwi flavour, which I must admit sounds very tasty, as I love Kiwi fruit.

          This Apple and Raspberry J2O drink comes in a clear glass bottle, containing 275 ml of a deep red coloured fruity looking liquid. There is a metal cap at the top of the bottle that needs to be opened using a bottle opener, and on the lid it states 'Shake well - separates naturally'. This may be a little alarming to someone having a J2O for the first time, as first impressions may lead people to think that this is a fizzy drink, but it is in fact a still drink.

          ~~ The Taste ~~

          Once the bottle has been opened, there is a fantastic smell of fruity raspberry that meets the nose. It is most common to pour the drink into a glass with ice, but it can be drunk straight from the bottle if desired.
          Over the years I have tasted many apple and raspberry drinks, some have just been cheap cordials admittedly, but this Apple and Raspberry drink from Britvic is by far the best.
          The blend of the apple and the raspberry is absolutely perfect to me, and it is easy to distinguish both the flavours throughout the consumption of a mouth full, with the apple being the first that I notice, followed by a sweet raspberry flavour gradually filtering through. The overall taste is so mouth watering and refreshing, and when served with ice it is an absolutely gorgeous drink, especially on a hot summers day.

          The Apple and Raspberry J2O does in fact contain 35% apple juice concentrate, and 15% Raspberry juice concentrate, with water (H2O) making up the bulk of the remainder.

          A 275 ml bottle contains 127 calories in total which is quite high, but I think it is probably a lot healthier than a glass of coke, as there is the benefit of the fruit juices in the J2O. Last week I did add a little vodka to one of these during a party at my house, and the raspberry and apple flavours masked the taste of the vodka very well indeed, giving a lovely fruity alcoholic drink (I bet you knew I would bring alcohol into this review at some point!!)

          I paid just under £4:50 for a four pack of these drinks from my supermarket, but they can cost anywhere from £1:50 - £3 (and probably more) for just one single bottle from a bar or club.

          Thanks for reading.

          © L500589 2011


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            23.02.2010 17:29
            Very helpful



            My favourate J2O flavour

            I am a big fan of the J2O range of drinks produced by Bricvic, but by far my favourite is the Apple and Raspberry flavour juice drink.

            This drink comes in a clear glass bottle with a metal cap (therefore you need a bottle opener to get into it), each bottle contains 275ml of the juice. It is a really deep red colour, almost burgundy. Personally I find the colour attractive as you can just tell it looks tasty before even trying it. I think that this flavour is not quite as thick as the other varieties in the range. The bottle is decorated in the simple yet striking J2O brand symbol.

            This drink does contain apple and raspberry but the most prominent flavour is the raspberry, with the apple taking a much subtler back seat. One thing that I like is the sweetness, this drink is really sweet, so I'm sure there will be people that find this too sweet for their pallet. One problem is that the drink is really sticky f you spill it or get it on your hands, must be to do with the amount of sugar in it. This does mean that it attracts the bees and wasps in the summer if you are enjoying this drink outside.

            For me, I like this drink with loads of ice, Bricvic do state that this is best served chilled and I have to agree. Also the ice just waters it down a little to take the really sweet edge of it.

            Each bottle of J2O Apple and Raspberry contains 135 calories, but is well worth it, as it is just so darn tasty.

            You can buy these bottles from your local supermarket for around £1 each, or you can purchase a 4 pack that works out a little cheaper per bottle. Personally I buy them when they are on offer, as they are expensive if you drink them allot. Most pubs and restaurants also serve the drink, but the price is usually really inflated (unless you buy it from Weatherspoons where it is very reasonably priced).

            For me this is a real summer drink (saying that it can be enjoyed in all seasons), it is just best drunk i the garden or outside a nice country pub in the height of summer.


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              12.01.2009 21:11
              Very helpful



              cool refreshing and beeping lovely

              Britvic J2O
              My favorite version is the Apple and Raspberry Juice drink, it comes in a clear bottle with a green and mauve lable with J2O writtle in white making it a striking label.

              This deep coloured reddish purple liquid is very morish and my favorite out of all the various J2O's you can purchase.

              Ingredients are
              Apple juice concentrate 40%, Raspberry Juice 5% Raspberry juice concentrate 5% water sugar colour stabilizers citric acid flavourings acidity regularots sodium citrate and preservatives.
              This is a lovely refreshing drink which is very flavoursome and pleasing to the palate. I was first introduced to it down our local pub and fell in love with this drink from then on in. Totally addicted I was on a quest to find it in my local supermarkets and other food stores. I was pleased to find it readily available and found several other flavours to go with this delectable beverage.
              Orange and Passionfruit, Orange and Mango, Apple and Melon, and many others. Finding these on sale in most supermarkets I found you can buy them in Packs of Four for around £3.95 or two packs for £5 sometimes. Or if your really lucky the party packs of twelve for £5 or £5.40 depending where you shop for them.
              The Raspberry variety can be a little harder to track down as it appears to be the most popular one, and I for one am not surprised it is mouthwatering and delicious. Flavouring strongly of Raspberries and apple which I would have thought going by the contents the apple would have overpowered the raspberry, but thankfully this is not the case and the balance is perfect.
              I have to say I have tried all the varieties and enjoyed each and everyone of them but all in all the Raspberry one is my personal favorite and the Peach and Passionfruit is a close second.
              This juice drink is lovely on its own or with ice, or you can mix with Bacardi for a nice coctail or Vodka or white wine and some of my friends do. Personally I prefer it straight on its own with maybe a cube of ice to cool it down in the summer.
              Britvic are the makers of this drink so it is no surprise that this juice drink is wonderfully tasty.


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              14.09.2008 10:03
              Very helpful



              Up until recently, my favourite flavour

              Recently, I have my favourite J20 to be this one: the Apple and Raspberrry flavoured drink. It is more refreshing than some of the other flavours, and the raspberry flavour outweighs that of the apple. The drawback with this flavour is that it is quite sweet and sickly, moreso than the other flavours in fact. I find that I can' actually drink this one on its own all in one go unless I mix it in a pint glass with some soda water.

              The drink itself is a dark yet vibrant red colour, as you can see in the picture. Part of the appeal of this is how it looks, particularly when kids are making their minds up on what they want. I find this tastes lovely, if you go beyond the sweetness of it. The latest flavour to hit the shelves is the Apple and Blueberry one, and this is lush. It's taken over as my favourite at the moment, but it may just be because it's new.

              J20 drinks aren't cheap. They retail in at around 85p each if you buy them in most shops Supermarkets are naturally cheaper. It is worth waiting for somewhere to do a promotion. Lately, Somerfield have been offering buy one get one free on these, so I have nabbed them as this is a good buy.


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                25.06.2008 23:52
                Very helpful



                Interesting juice drink, but you can find better!

                I have just come back from my local corner shop to pick up some 'midnight munchies' as I call them and in the midst of browsing the numerous cans, bottles and cartons of drinks I decided to pick up the J20 Apple and Raspberry Juice Drink. I think it was more the sumptous purple red juice which was clearly visible from the glass bottle that attracted me to it, and of course the fact that it consists of 2 of my favourite fruits.

                I paid 99p for a bottle which was 275ml and it comes with a bottle top so if you plan on trying these make sure you have a bottle opener at the ready! The bottle I imagine would be very hard to miss what with the juice being a sort of purple-burgundy colour and the labels on the bottle being the same colour and dark green with J20 slapped across the front centre. J20 juice drinks are manufactured by the company Britvic who you may have heard before or seen the name of on other soft drinks.

                Opening the bottle was very easy, just using a bottle opener and I decided to pour this into a glass. I dont know why, but I just find it less enjoyable swigging out of a bottle! It seems though that I probably should have shaken the bottle first before opening, as some of the cloudy fruity 'stuff' at the bottom hadn't dispersed all the way through! Oh wait... it does say in very tiny little black lettering on the side of the bottle to 'Shake well and serve chilled.' Well... at least it's chilled!

                The smell of the juice is quite fruity and berry-like - it reminds me a lot of the purple fruit pastels actually....

                The first sip...

                ...well I can taste the raspberries, not tangy like you'd imagine where you immediately have to pull a funny face, but quite mellow and sweet... the apples I can taste but far less than the raspberries. In fact the apple taste is more the taste when you bite into an apple and the skin and you get that aftertaste... I'm not too keen on this part of the tasting experience I dont think. It's quite a strong aftertaste which seems a bit overpowering and kind of ruins that refreshing feeling.

                Looking at the ingredients list I'm suprised to find that apple juice from concentrate is on the top of the list at 40% with raspberry juice from concentrate being just 5%. Then again, raspberry is very strong so I imagine too much and it would be death to drink! Other ingredients include water, sugar, preservatives, citric acid and stabiliser... mmm yummy (!).

                It is actually a nice drink, but that aftertaste really kills it for me I'm afraid. I might buy this again but only if I was absolutely desparate for a drink and there was nothing else in sight, otherwise I will probably just stick to the good old OJ.

                Nutritional information on the bottle tells me that per 100ml of the juice you get 49 calories and 11g of sugar.

                I would recommend trying it if you like apple and raspberry, however I do think there are far better drinks on the market which are much more refreshing! If you wanted you could always team it with vodka for a summer kick, but remember drink responsibly ;)


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                  07.03.2007 23:58
                  Very helpful
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                  J20 soft drink which can be bought in bars and supermarkets

                  J2O, Britvic's new soft drink Apple and Raspberry, is a wonderful Limited Edition soft drink and not too expensive - as most soft drinks are.

                  Britvic's new soft drink J2O comes in 5 flavours: -
                  Apple & Melon; Apple & Mango; Orange & Cranberries; Orange & Passionfruit; and Apple and Blackberry (which I have not tried yet). The Apple and Raspberry drink has currently replaced the Apple and Blackberry drink and in my opinion ought to become a regular feature - rather than just being a limited edition that only comes out once in a blue moon

                  Each bottle costs about £1.09 (at Wetherspoon outlets) to £1.50 and contains 275 ml and all are alcohol free. However, there the similarities seem to end, as each juice drink has different quantities of juices and all have very individual tastes.

                  The Apple & Raspberry drink has 40% apple juice and only 5% raspberry juice and 5% raspberry concentrate, yet the raspberry jumps out and bites you (by tantalising the taste buds) and can clearly be distinguished. To be honest, I thought that the percentage of juices was the other way round, as I could taste the raspberry so clearly.

                  The Apple & Raspberry drink is very tart with a strong taste of raspberry, so those with a sweet tooth may prefer the Orange varieties as these seem sweeter.

                  Normally I struggle with this section, because of my hayfever. However, before I had my first try of this particular drink I had suffered (the week before) with sickness and diarrhoea, which had enhanced my sense of smell - not good with that particular illness!! Anyway, I took my first sip of this drink, and wahey, not only can I smell the raspberry but I can taste it!

                  The taste took my breath away - partly for the above reason but also because this is a wonderfully fruity taste with a very strong tart (but not bitter) aftertaste. It was definitely better than all the other J20's rolled into one, and I sincerely hope that this becomes a mainstream drink and not a limited edition because it is their best ever.

                  I expected that my sense of taste would recede when the hayfever again took hold but touch wood, keep your fingers crossed, I can still taste food/drink and my sense of smell is much better (but not perfect). I would not wish my illness on my worst enemy but I am certainly reaping one benefit and another was that I lost 3lbs! Although, I will probably put that back on soon.

                  INGREDIENTS (MAIN ONLY)
                  The ingredients used are Fruit juices (Apple Juice, Raspberry juice), Water, Sugar, Flavourings, Citric Acid, Preservative (Potassium Sorbate), Antioxidant (Ascorbic Acid). Unfortunately the flavourings is not broken down and it is not clear if there are any e numbers to avoid

                  The bottles look good and the drinks are interesting colours. The apple and raspberry is a dark pink, similar to that of a raspberry but maybe darker, perhaps. It would be a good drink to have with a meal or particularly good if you are driving as it is alcohol free.

                  As I am teetotal due to medication, I was initially wary of this drink because it looked so much like Hooch that I thought it would contain alcohol. Overall, for designated drivers, this is a good soft drink choice: -

                  1. It looks and sounds like an alcoholic drink (such as Reef, Bacardi Breezer, Hooch), but IS alcohol free.
                  2. 6 flavours to choose from - one a limited edition
                  3. Similar price to lemonade and cola but much more fun to drink
                  4. No difficulty getting up the next morning for work!

                  Now my only trouble is
                  which flavour to have ….

                  Apple & Melon,
                  Orange and Cranberries,
                  Apple & Mango, or
                  perhaps Orange & Passionfruit - no ………definitely Apple and Raspberry if it is available.

                  The drinks are produced by Britvic Soft Drinks Ltd, Chelmsford and are best served chilled - I used to prefer them straight out of the bottle but now decided it is better in a glass with ice.

                  In the County Hotel, Queens Head Public House and Local Heroes Public house at Chesterfield, a J20 (any flavour) costs £1.50 - so I tend to only buy them in the Wetherspoons outlets as this saves me over 40p!! However, in the Market, which does not sell all the flavours (yet) it is £1.35.

                  Discovered that you can buy 4 bottles of this drink for £2.98 at Tesco's, not sure if they do this flavour yet.

                  Now available at Wetherspoons as part of a summer non-alcoholic cocktail (£2.95 a jug, £1.49 a glass):

                  Summer Berry Cola : Apple and Raspberry, with lime topped up with cola.

                  Other cocktails are named Apple Crisp, Summer Sunset and Tropical Tease.



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