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Britvic J20 Orange & Pomegranate

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4 Reviews

Manufacturer: Britvic / Beverage Type: Soft Drink

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    4 Reviews
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      23.08.2009 12:28
      Very helpful



      Fruit Juice Drink

      Britvic have been making J2O's since 1998, they are a non alcoholic fruit juice and come in 5 main flavours:

      · Apple and Mango
      · Orange and Passion fruit
      · Apple and Melon
      · Orange and Cranberry
      · Apple and Raspberry

      The sixth flavour you may have come across is the Limited Edition Orange and Pomegranate J2O.

      The juices contain 50% fruit juice, which is very important; though I would have liked this content to be higher they are made with water, hence the name.

      I tried the Orange and Pomegranate J2O on Sunday and really enjoyed it. In the past my favourite flavour was Apple and Mango - however they are very sweet and I found that after a while they made me feel quite sick. I personally couldn't drink more than one Apple and Mango or Orange and Passion fruit J2O in one evening due to the sickly flavour.

      The Orange and Pomegranate however, I could sip all night, still quite sweet but much more refreshing then the other flavours I have tried, I found that served in a glass with plenty of ice this drink was the ideal refreshment.

      The two flavours were fairly balanced and I didn't find that either one was overpowering the other, in fact you could distinguish the two quite easily but combined they taste great. It is quite an unusual combination and not one I have come across before, on this alone I wasn't sure about it (also I hadn't a clue what pomegranates tasted like).

      The juice didn't smell fantastic, though it wasn't so awful it was off putting, I just found that the smell did not do it justice, and I think that if you were to give it to a child who hates trying new things then perhaps you may struggle. I know when I was a child if it didn't smell nice then it was almost a dead cert I wouldn't be eating it (fussy).

      The juice is a dark reddish colour in a clear bottle so quite distinguishable, it also has the J2O logo and the flavours written on the label.

      If you are keen on your 5 a day portions, then you will be pleased to know that fruit juice is classed as one of those five (irrelevant of how many are drunk) and so you can relax and enjoy your J2O in the knowledge that it is somewhere near healthy.

      Britvic advertise J2O's as a drink originally made purely for the pub trade, they became so popular selling 7 bottles every second that they decided to launch then in supermarkets from 2002.

      Prices vary, as does availability of flavours. But from what I can gather you will find them sold in 4 packs of each flavour in the supermarkets and are reasonably priced at approximately £3.00 for a case of 4 bottles. Individually in pubs and bars they cost between £1.50 - £2.00. The bottles themselves are clear glass and shaped with a slight feminine curve to them. The neck of the bottle is fairly long and ideal for kids to drink from with a straw or adults to drink on a night out. I personally do not drink alcohol and this is an excellent alternative. The top is a standard metal bottle top, which has J2O printed on it in whichever colour represents the flavour

      If however you are over 18 and wish to be creative, I would suggest that these also taste great with added vodka (which I have tried) or perhaps Malibu, (thought maybe best in the Orange and Passion fruit J2O if you like and added kick). Therefore I would recommend this product, the Orange and Pomegranate J2O is by far the best flavour, it is still sweet (something Britvic need to work on before we are all needing new teeth) but sipped it goes down a treat on a hot summers day, ideal for all age group.

      I would like to note that this flavour was initially only available for 6 months, they were released in October 2006, it is however still available so as there has been no further update I would imagine that as with the Apple and Raspberry Limited Edition in 2005 that they plan on continuing the flavour due to its success on the shelves. The following statement is from Britvic.

      "Pomegranate is a flavour that is exploding in popularity and is edging its way to the front of chiller cabinets. Our extensive research and development shows that new J2O Orange & Pomegranate performs strongly on concept, appeal and flavour and is likely to be purchased, in addition to other soft drinks, by one in five consumers ."

      Also on Ciao under Carysb


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        15.09.2008 11:21
        Very helpful



        Worth a go for a change of scenery!

        I am not a massive fan of J20. I prefer my fruit juice a little bit straighter and simpler. However, I do have them in Weatherspoons quite often, as a change from the usual orange juice. (Pregnant!)

        J20 is made by britvic and as such you know it will be pretty high quality. J20 comes in many different flavours - all mixtures of different fruit juices. I only discovered the orange and pomegranate variety quite recently and thought I would give it a go as pomegranate is meant to be the new super-fruit with lots of elixir qualities.

        I quite liked this flavour. As I said I'm not a huge fan of the J20 range generally and so perhaps I have low expectations. The orange was not a strong flavour. You really could taste the pomegranate, which I love.

        Although the colour is not as bright as some of the other varieties in the J20 range, this actually appealed to me as it seemed more 'real'. It is not as dark a purple as straight pomegranate juice so there must be plenty of orange in there to brighten it up!

        The main thing that puts me off J20 drinks is that they can be quite strong and especially as the bottom, there tends to be some residue, which really adds to the strength of the taste. I did not find that this was so much of a problem with the Orange and Pomegranate variety.

        I would recommend this, at least for a one off try. You might just like it. I did! But you can't beat a proper glass of fruit juice!


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        15.09.2008 11:06
        Very helpful



        Unpopular drink out for only a short time

        The Orange and Pomegranate J20 was a limited edition flavour released by Britvic to see hopw successful it could be. I worked in a pub at the time of its release and it didn't really sell, despite a sales push. I found that on tasting it it didn't really do much for me, either. I'm not sure whether it was the combination of the orange and the pomegranate that just didn't work, or whether it is due to something else.

        The drink in appearance was not actually that appealing. A rather dull red colour, as opposed to the vibrant ruby red of the Apple and Raspberry, gives it less appeal, particularly when kids are choosing something they like the look of. I feel the pomegranate is an acquired taste. It is not the most common fruit, with the other flavours in the J20 range being more commonplace as fruit, let alone in a drink. I'm not the biggest fan of pomegranate anyway, so it was not surprise to me that I didn't really like it.

        I will say, however, that it was rather thirst quenching, despite the fact I didn't like the flavour, and I didn't find it as rich as other J20s that I would normally prefer to mix with soda or lemonade to dilute it a bit.

        This is probably my least favourite of all the J20s, and I probably wouldn't get it again if it was released. Experience from selling it also is that it wasn't too popular with other people either.


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          21.03.2007 23:08
          Very helpful



          J20 soft drink which can be bought in bars and supermarkets

          J2O, Britvic's new soft drink Orange and Pomegranate, is a wonderful Limited Edition soft drink and not too expensive - as most soft drinks are.

          Britvic's new soft drink J2O comes in 5 other flavours: -
          Apple & Melon; Apple & Mango; Orange & Cranberries; Orange & Passionfruit; and Apple and Raspberry (which is my overall favourite). The Orange and Pomegranate drink has currently replaced the Apple and Raspberry drink as the limited edition and I think (I may be wrong) that the Apple and Raspberry is now a standard option not a Limited Edition due to it’s popularity, and in my opinion I think this Pomegranate version ought to become a regular feature too- rather than just being a limited edition that only comes out once in a blue moon

          Each bottle costs about £1.20 (at Wetherspoon outlets) to £2.50 in bars in Chesterfield, and contains 275 ml and all are alcohol free. However, there the similarities seem to end, as each juice drink has different quantities of juices and all have very individual tastes.

          The Orange and Pomegranate drink has 40% Orange juice and only 10% Pomegranate juice, yet the pomegranate jumps out and bites you (by tantalising the taste buds) and can clearly be distinguished. To be honest, I thought that the percentage of juices was the other way round, as I could taste the pomegranate so clearly.

          The Orange and Pomegranate drink is quite tart with a strong aftertaste of possibly pomegranate, so those with a sweet tooth may prefer the other Orange varieties as these seem sweeter. Normally I struggle with this section, because of my hayfever, but the taste took my breath away - partly for the above reason but also because this is a wonderfully fruity taste with a very strong tart (but not really bitter) aftertaste. I have never tried pure pomegranate juice so I find it difficult to describe the strong flavour which hits the back of your throat a few minutes after your first sip (or swig).

          My mother cannot stomach any of the flavours as she states they are far too sweet, so she sticks to Britvic fresh orange juice, when we are on holiday. She calls these drinks JCBs as a fellow holidaymaker mistook J20 for JCB when he tried to order one himself, so the nickname has stuck!

          Like the apple and raspberry drink it is definitely better than most of the other J20's rolled into one, and I sincerely hope that this becomes a mainstream drink and not a limited edition because it is one of their best ever.

          Once available at Wetherspoons as part of a winter non-alcoholic cocktail (£2.95 a jug, £1.49 a glass), called Pom Fizz but I was also able to order this special Cocktail at Wetherspoons outlets and only during the autumn/winter months. They have summer cocktails with these products too. I can’t remember the exact cocktail recipe and the information about it is now no longer in my local Wetherspoons outlet. If they reintroduce this cocktail, I will try to remember to include more information in this review.

          The ingredients used are Fruit juices (Orange Juice, Pomegranate juice), Water, Sugar, Flavourings, Citric Acid, Stabiliser, etc. Unfortunately it is not clear if there are any e numbers to avoid

          The bottles look good and the drinks are interesting colours. The Orange and Pomegranate is a blood red colour, similar to that of the outer skin of a pomegrante but maybe lighter, perhaps. It would be a good drink to have with a meal or particularly good if you are driving as it is alcohol free.

          As I am teetotal due to medication, I was initially wary of this type of drink because it looked so much like Hooch that I thought it would contain alcohol. Overall, for designated drivers, this is a good soft drink choice: -

          GOOD POINTS
          1. It looks and sounds like an alcoholic drink (such as Reef, Bacardi Breezer, Hooch), but IS alcohol free.
          2. 6 flavours to choose from - one a limited edition
          3. Similar price to lemonade and cola but much more fun to drink
          4. No difficulty getting up the next morning for work!

          Now my only trouble is
          which flavour to have;
          Apple & Raspberry
          Apple & Melon,
          Orange and Cranberries,
          Apple & Mango, or
          perhaps Orange & Passionfruit - no ………

          definitely Apple and Raspberry or Orange and Pomegranate, if it is available.

          The drinks are produced by Britvic Soft Drinks Ltd, Chelmsford and are best served chilled - I used to prefer them straight out of the bottle but now decided it is better in a glass with ice.

          In the County Hotel, Queens Head Public House and Local Heroes Public house at Chesterfield, a J20 (any flavour) costs £1.50 to £2.50 - so I tend to only buy them in the Wetherspoons outlets as this saves me at least 40p!! However, in the Market, which does not sell all the flavours (yet) it is £1.53.

          Discovered that you can buy 4 bottles of this drink for £2.98 at Tesco's, not sure if they do this flavour yet.



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