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Britvic J20 Range

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5 Reviews

Adult fruit juice drink.

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    5 Reviews
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      15.04.2015 13:55
      Very helpful



      Wonderful range of flavours.

      This is a great non-alcoholic drink to have that is an instantly recognisable brand especially in pubs and clubs but now becoming popular in local stores and supermarkets.

      They offer 5 different flavours although I do think they are not consistently stocked everywhere and mainly just the popular J20 drinks are stocked in bars and clubs to blend with which is a shame as there is such a good range provided for my the company BRITVIC and it has been more popular lately with family and friends compared to fizzy drinks.

      The flavours are:
      GRAPE, CHERRY, SPICE [28 kcal]
      APPLE AND MANGO [27 kcal]
      APPLE AND RASPBERRY [ 32 kcal]
      PEAR GOLD [32 KCAL] not tried yet:(

      These I find are more easy to buy in a bulk pack available in most supermarkets and reasonably priced. Individually I find places will vary and for 100ml it can cost £1.50, which is great with the low calorie it offers.

      I love the GRAPE, CHERRY AND SPICE more during the autumn and winter months, the cherry can be slightly stronger and definitely outshines the other flavours for me.

      The apple and mango I tend to use in smoothies when my local area doesn't stock mango and I haven't got time to go further.

      I'm really surprised as how low in kcal that our as I thought they tasted sweet and that would mean more kcal but I can have one of these on my diet!

      I would highly recommend these as a good alcoholic alternative.


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      23.01.2012 11:05
      Very helpful



      Not awesome

      I'm not a massive juice drinker and tend to only drink it on rare occasions but after reading various reviews on a new J20 flavour I just knew I had to try it. The J20 is called Glitter Berry and it is a limited edition flavour with a bit of a twist! I searched round supermarkets for a couple of weeks before I finally found these drinks on sale.

      Glitter Berry J20 comes in a 275ml clear glass bottle (as do most o the J20 drinks) and you can see the juice inside. This is where we see what the twist is. The drink is a deep purple colour and is filled with gold edible glitter making the drink purple and gold. A lot of the glitter is settled on the bottom of the bottle but a quick shake and it all mixes in again making a really quirky looking drink. The bottles have the large J20 label wrapped around the middle and neck as standard. The bottles come encased in a cardboard holder which is gold and purple and covered with a large swirl of glittery silver and gold stars which makes it look quite appealing and aimed at adults as an altenative to alcohol in my opinion.

      The flavour of the Glitter Berry J20 is grape, cherry and spice and I thought that sounded really tasty as I love grapes and cherries and tend to think that anything spice is kind of cinnamon-y like. Trying the drink for the first time I was a little shocked at the consistency. I had thought that it might taste a little gritty with having the glitter inside but it was completely smooth to drink, in fact almost creamy like. I did like the taste of the juice but couldn't cope with the consistency at all but then again I am mainly used to just drinking sugar free fizzy pop! The flavour is quite fruity but I can't say that it tasted of cherries or grapes particularly but it did have a berry type taste to it.

      They do say that after drinking Glitter Berry J20 it will make you have sparkly wee! Now I have to admit that was kind of part of the appeal (haha) but I really struggled to make my way through a bottle of it so I didn't end up with glittery wee! My little girl was horrified when I told her that it would happen if she drunk some and she refused point blank to even try it, I think she was a bit scared of her wee changing!!

      Nutritional Value:
      110 calories
      26g sugar
      0.1g fat
      0g salt
      trace saturates

      Other flavours available:
      Apple & Blueberry
      Apple & Mango
      Apple & Raspberry
      Apple & Melon
      Orange & Passionfruit

      At the time of purchase just before Christmas the J20's were on two for a fiver at Tesco and I think they are usually priced at around the £2.50 mark.

      Overall I was really disappointed with this drink, I think they are far too sugary, the consistency just made me feel sick and I just didn't enjoy it at all. I think if it had been more like a juice I would have liked it but sadly it was just too creamy for me. I do however really like the idea of adding a bit of sparkle to the drinks which is great over Christmas so on that note I would recommend them if you like the consistency of these drinks.

      Thank you for reading my review.


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        29.07.2008 14:28
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Colourful refreshing juice drink by Britvic

        J2O is a light, refreshing and non-alcoholic juice drink created by Britvic. It is supplied in a 275ml glass bottle and comes in a variety of colourful flavours as listed below:

        - Orange & Passion Fruit
        - Apple & Raspberry
        - Apple & Melon
        - Apple & Mango
        - Orange & Cranberry
        - Also a limited edition - Orange & Pomegranate

        *** Serving Suggestion ***

        Best served chilled with some ice and a slice, this alternative juice drink offers a refreshing twist of fruitful flavour and is a good compliment to most meals. It certainly quenches your thirst, especially when mixed with lemonade to give it that extra bite!

        *** Availability ***

        Available in pubs and clubs alike, the average price per bottle is £1.50 but you can find special offers on four pack products in supermarkets - it's just a matter of looking for them!

        *** Nutritional Information ***

        Per 100ml
        Energy 217Kj / 51Kcal
        Protein 0.4g
        Carbohydrate 12g of which sugars 12g
        Fat 0.1g of which saturates Trace
        Fibre Trace
        Sodium Trace

        Guideline Daily amounts of the recommended calorie intake for women and men are also available on the label of the bottle.

        My only negative take on this particular juice drink is that of its sugar and flavouring content - probably not great on your teeth especially if you have the amount of fillings that I have!

        Included as part of a calorie controlled, well-balanced diet, I'm sure it doesn't hurt to enjoy this product once in a while!


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          13.06.2008 01:07
          Very helpful



          A non alcoholic beverage that goes great with booze

          Last Friday I met my flatmate in the pub at 6 o'clock. We were celebrating her last ever shift my ex employer, the hell hole otherwise known as The Disney Store with a couple of drinks. We decided we would get food on the way home since we'd only be out for a few.

          2:30am, having just left the gay club, Me wearing her size 8 shirt and name badge, we got a kebab and hungrily munched it up. It was after all the only food we had eaten since about dinner time.

          Needless to say, a lot more money was spent than I had really planned for. Plan- £20. Actual outgoings- £90. This weekends plans now go something like this:

          Friday: Do nothing
          Saturday: Do nothing
          Sunday: Point and laugh at my friend running The Race For Life, then do nothing.

          You will notice that it's a long weekend. I just wanted to make that clear is all. Long weekend. Hell yes.

          So, being slightly booze inclined (aka Scottish) I had to think of ways to slowly inject vodka back into my alcohol stream. "Cock" was the first thing I thought. Then I added "tails" onto the end and everything made sense again. Ahem. Personally, I blame the lovely lush face stuff my ex gave me the other week. It smells like the worlds best cocktail going. It tastes like a bunch of harsh chemicals. Trust me, I tried.

          Filled with good intentions and rather low on cash, I noted down the ingredients for the face mask and rushed off to... well...I went to my Dads for tea. Food is so much better when you don't have to cook it yourself. Then I rushed off to Tesco. Somewhere in between this fantastic ideas beginning and the point just before its actualisation, I decided "screw mixing up fruit, that's too much bloody effort". Which it totally is. On top of that, I'm allergic to most fruit if its not been cooked and processed until it's something else. This is the point I decided to go for the stuff I've been itching to buy again since I first tried it. J2O. This is the point where I now run off to do some panicked research into them before I prattle on any further.

          ----Jooshee?, Oh yeashh.----

          Launched in 1998, J2O, a fun play on H2O for those of you who really didn't spot it on your own, originated from that lovely company, Britvic. If, like me, you are not a know it all bugger-head ... I'm not I swear...then you will be utterly shocked to find out that Britvic Plc are the evil doers behind Pepsi, that evil rip off of Coke. They are also the people who pump Tango, 7-Up and Robinsons (amongst other randomly well known juices) onto our high streets. They seem well versed in the refreshment beverage market anyway.

          ----Webnetsite? You rawk!----

          First of all I must point out what a bloody handy website they have. (http://www.britvic.com/Brand.aspx?id=49). Take a gander for a much more to the point idea of what this stuff is. Also, to save me bothering about the Nutritional Values, get over to there for it. After a quick scan I can tell that they seem to be rather low in fat and a wee bit higher in sugar.

          It was originally made for bars, clubs and other places where you consume Alcofrolic beverages, such as down the local park and behind the bike shed. It is, essentially, juice. No booze. No fun. Tastes bloody great though. They put this one in a glass bottle so that when that horrible time comes and you get the joy of being the designated driver, the drunktards around you won't notice you are being a wuss and drinking juice. At least for the first five minutes.

          Brilliant idea in theory...in practice...a bit daft really. Drunk people ALWAYS notice when you aren't drinking. Mainly because they know you aren't before you get drunk. On top of this, J2O has been heavily marketed towards you cool people who don't want to damage your liver and/or motor functions by the time you are 30. Is there honestly anyone who didn't know J2O was a Noncaholic beverage?? Didn't think so. Still, it remains a popular choice for you sensible sorts.

          In my city, the only upside most people see is that it gives those people who aren't drinking a weapon too. Though in my city, someone who is not drinking is generally not there.

          ----Does You Gots Flava?----

          It started out in three flavours and has grown massively to...wait for it....6. 7 if you count the limited edition Orange and Pomegranate (plus vodka) one I'm currently slurping on. The first one I tried was Orange and Cranberry which is a little bottle of love. I've now tried a whole 4 of the flavours and so far, so good. They are nice and fruity, best served cold and aren't full of bits like some of the more alcoholic fruity things are. They aren't overly sweet either, so you'd be able to drink them all night if you don't give in, take your car home and go back out to get smashed.

          ----How mushh Bang for my Buck?----

          Well, it's not an explosive, so most likely none unless you know some neat tom foolery. You can however pick these up at what I begrudgingly admit is a decent price. You get 4 bottles for £3 in Tesco- land of dreams come true. I'm not sure even God knows how much the pub charges for these as it changes with your local. That and, like Mexico, God ignores what's happening in the pub.

          ----....And...*Hic*... Innnn constlusion.. *Hic*----

          A good, cheap option for those who are oddly wanting to stay sober, I much prefer it as a cop-out option when making cocktails. Funnily enough, this alternative to alcohol tastes amazing when carefully and lovingly blended with a giant glug of vodka, peach schnapps, Malibu or any of the other million and thirty spirits out there. Not all at once, of course. Though I am, now, quite tempted to try it. If only I wasn't down to my reserve bottle of Vodka.

          (This review was written while under the influence, so I apologi...actually no I don't. Any typos you find you can kiss my sweet fruity drink. Go on, you know you want to)

          (also on Ciao)


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            25.04.2005 22:06
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            non alcholic interesting drink

            Britvic’s new soft drink J2O comes in 4 new flavours: -
            Apple & Melon; Apple & Mango; Orange & Cranberries (very seasonal); Orange & Passionfruit

            Each bottle costs about £1.05 (Wetherspoon outlets) and contains 275 ml and all are alcohol free. However, there are many differences too, for example each juice drink has different quantities of juices and all have very individual tastes. (Update 3/6/04, this now costs 99p at Wetherspoon outlets)

            The Orange and Cranberry drink has 43% orange juice and only 7% cranberry juice, yet the overwhelming taste to hit the buds is the Cranberry. To be honest, I was unable to taste the orange clearley so believed the percentage of juices was possibly the other way round. Having had cranberry sauce with turkey, however, I know that it is a very strong and distinctive taste.

            The ingredients used are Fruit juices (Orange Juice, Cranberry juice), Water, Sugar, Stabiliser (Pectin), Citric Acid, Colour (Anthocyanine), Flavourings, Preservative (Potassium Sorbate), Antioxidant (Ascorbic Acid).

            Unfortunately the flavourings is not broken down and it is not clear if there are any e numbers to avoid

            The bottles look good and the drinks are interesting colours. The Orange and Cranberry is a dark red, similar to Santa Claus’ coat, perhaps!!

            The Orange and Cranberry drink is rather sweet with no aftertaste, so those with a sweet tooth may prefer it to the Apple varieties.

            As I am on strong medication, and prefer to be teetotal, I was initially wary of this drink because it looked so much like Hooch that I thought it would contain alcohol. Overall, for designated drivers, this is a good soft drink choice: -

            1. It looks and sounds like an alcoholic drink (such as Reef, Bacardi Breezer, Hooch), but is alcohol free.
            2. 4 flavours to choose from
            3. Similar price to lemonade and cola but much more fun to drink
            4. No difficulty getting up the next morning for work!

            Now my only trouble is
            which flavour to have ….

            Orange and Cranberries,
            Apple & Mango,
            Apple & Melon, or
            perhaps Orange & Passionfruit

            and which pub to go to

            Portland Hotel,
            Spa Lane Vaults or
            perhaps the Market Place, Chesterfield

            and I’ve still got to decide what to wear!!!
            Choices, choices, what is a girl to do?

            To be honest, my preferred choice would be Orange and Cranberry closely followed by Apple and Melon – but don’t take my word for it – try them and see for yourself!!

            In the County Hotel, Queens Head Public House and Local Heroes Public house at Chesterfield, a J20 (any flavour) costs £1.50 – so I tend to only buy them in the Wetherspoons outlets as this saves me 45p!!

            Discovered that you can buy 4 bottles of this drink for £2.98 at Tesco's. As this is my favourite, I just had to buy some!!

            For the environmentally friendly, these come in a coloured 275ml glass bottle, which can be easily recycled. In my area, we have blue boxes which are collected fortnightly which you collect tins, bottles and fabrics in for recycling - as well as collection sites.

            Now also in Apple and raspberry, available at Wetherspoons.

            Wetherspoons also now offer these drinks as non-alcoholic cocktails for £2.95 a jug and £1.49 a glass:

            Summer Sunset - Orange & Cranberry and Lemonade
            Tropical Tease - Apple & Mango with pinapple juice
            Apple Crisp - Apple & Melon with lime, topped up with Soda water
            Summer Berry Cola - Apple & Raspberry, with lime and cola.

            No special for Orange and Passionfruit yet.



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