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Britvic Pepsi Max Cino

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Soft Drink.

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    1 Review
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      12.04.2008 04:35
      Very helpful



      An interesting combo


      Pepsi Max and Cappucino? This Is a very interesting concept indeed. In the past there have been a couple of different variations of Pepsi Max, these have been Twist which contains Lemon and Lime and now we have the odd combination of Pepsi Max with Cappucino coffee flavour.

      Whoever thought of the idea must have been up too late drinking max strength coffee I reckon because it is an idea from leftfield to say the least. Anyway enough about the strangeness of the drink and onto what matters. What is it like once you get away from all that strangeness?

      ...The Smell...

      The smell is different to normal coffee as it is cool and coffee is hot. It smells a little like the granules without being such a strong smell. It does smell like coffee but a very strange coffee at that. It certainly isnt a smell that is that unpleasant just a bit strange with the mix with Pepsi Max which is a fairly neutral smell.

      ...The Range...

      Just like the normal Pepsi Max you can buy this Pepsi Max Cino in all the places that you will find the bottles and cans of the normal version. Except maybe drinks machines which may have other drinks besides the standard Pepsi Max like Tango, Fanta or Lilt etc.

      Pepsi Max Cino is available for usually the same price as the corresponding bottles of Pepsi Max but you may see a difference of a few pence here or there depending on where you shop. They will often be included in the buy one get one free offers that are common with the Pepsi drinks.

      ...The Drink...

      Just like the normal Pepsi drinks you will experience the best taste when the drink is cold. This may seem strange for coffee drinkers but there are more and more types of coffee drunk cold. I am not a drinker of normal coffee but I do quite like the odd cup of one of the special coffees from the likes of Starbucks or Costa.

      ...The Taste...

      The combination of Pepsi Max and Cappucino coffee is a suprisingly nice one which is really quite refreshing when ice cold. If you drink it when it isnt cold it will leave a strange feeling on your teeth. The cappucino taste is quite authentic and may lead to people mixing their own cappucino with standard Pepsi Max.


      If you like Pepsi Max and Cappucino seperately then give this a try and you may find a nice new way to drink your Coffee in the summer. Once you get away from the shock of the combination you may like it. I am a big Pepsi Max drinker and I have to say that this is not too bad.

      Pepsi Max is a very good mixer for spirits and I am not sure whether this would fit with many of the spirits I drink with the normal, Pepsi Max but I will give it a try sometime. I havent seen this drink in a while though.


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