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Britvic Shandy Bass

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Soft Drinks

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    2 Reviews
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      18.02.2012 16:21
      Very helpful



      a lovely shandy that reminds me of childhood

      Often as a child my grandparents would take me and my mum on a drive to walk the dogs along the river and we would stop at a nice country pub for a drink. Now this was when kids were not allowed in pubs so I either got to sit in the car or would sit outside if the weather was nice. My mum would always buy me a drink and a packet of crisp and my favourite drink by far was a can of Shandy Bass. You can still purchase it now from selected shops and every now and again I purchase a can as I still love the taste.

      It is not the easiest drink to find nowadays but the odd larger supermarket does still sell the cans or my last purchase was actually from the pound shop. In the pound shop the cans currently retail for 39p each or 3 for £1.00 which I think is pretty good value as individual canned drinks can be quite expensive for how much you get.

      The Shandy Bass is made by Britvic and comes in a blue steel 330ml can with a ring pull top allowing you to drink it straight from the can or to easily pour it into a glass. On the back of the can you can find ingredients listings and nutritional information. It states that the Shandy is a lemon flavour soft drink with 11% beer with sugar and sweetener.

      Now this Shandy as stated is made with real Bass Beer but don't be alarmed by me drinking this as a child as it is not more than 0.5% vol in alcohol so I think I would have needed to drink a barrel before I felt any adverse effects from the alcohol content.

      I really like this shandy it has quite a sweet flavour and you can taste that it does contain beer but it is extremely weak so even if you're not a fan of beer like me then I think most would still like this drink. Personally I always drink this served chilled as recommend on the can as it does not taste very nice at room temperature. I would not say that you can notice the lemon flavour at all it just tastes like normal plain lemonade with a hint of beer. The shandy also has a nice amount of fizz but is not too gassy so does not leave you feeling bloated after drinking. Overall the taste of this shandy certainly brings back memories of my childhood and I think that makes it seem even better in my opinion!


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      17.05.2010 15:47
      Very helpful



      See write up

      When I was small, I used to always think that if I had one of these I was quite grown up.

      I remember falling about with my fellow teenagers pretending to be slightly tipsy because we had "real bass beer" all 0.5 % vol. of it

      So when I spotted these for sale in my local heron foods at 4 cans of 330ml for £1 I had to purchase some.

      I`m not sure if it was nostalgia or whether I was thirsty. On opening the tin, I remembered well the aroma of alcohol, the drink was ice cold and quite refreshing but on consumption I found it to be below expectations.

      I dont know whether it was my memory that had faded or had they changed the taste, it seemed a very fizzy drink without a distinctive taste. It tasted more lemony than you`d expect a shandy to taste. It was very disappointing.

      I have since consumed the 4 cans and have decided that I wouldnt purchase anymore, I `m not sure if my taste buds have changed, but its not the drink for me. It actually tastes like a cheap pop as opposed to a good quality britvic product.

      Nutritional Information

      Per 100ml

      Energy 22 kcals
      Protein Trace
      Carbs 4.6g
      of which sugars 4.5g
      Fat Nil
      of which saturates Nil
      Fibre Nil
      Sodium Trace

      So looking at the figures, this is a low calorie drink, it contains 11% beer.

      Unfortunatley, its not for me, its not how I remember it from my youth and it puzzles me to this day, have they changed this?


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