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Cocofina Natural Coconut Water Juice

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2 Reviews

Manufacturer: Cocofina / Type: Fruit juice

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    2 Reviews
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      13.07.2013 13:09
      Very helpful



      Delicious drink!

      I often buy coconut milk and make smoothies with it because I love the taste of coconut. The flavour is so unique and it's so refreshing. I was shopping in my local farm shop recently when I saw this CocaFina Coconut Water and decided I'd like to try it. The product I'm reviewing is the full sized carton variety of the drink.

      The product comes in a compact little TetraPak carton which is sized 750ml. It is a different shape carton to most of the drinks cartons you see in the supermarkets. This one feels more sturdy and has diamond shaped edging. The top has a spout with a twist off cap which is easy to remove and replace.

      There is a lot of information printed on the carton. First of all the product is labelled as 'natural coconut juice and 100% coconut water'. The brand CocoFina claim this is low in fat and calories and high in potassium. They also state that this drink can help you "refresh, reenergise [and] rehydrate faster" because of the natural isotonic qualities of the product.

      There is an interesting section on the carton which explains how the company harvest the coconuts and why the harvesting process ensures the juice is at it's most fresh and nutritious. There is also a nutritional value chart giving values per 300ml serving. Each 300ml gives 62 calories, 1g of protein as well as potassium, magnesium, vitamin C and calcium. There is also a stamp on the side of the bottle which shows that this product has been the winner of several food and drink awards, although it doesn't say exactly which awards these are!

      The drink is completely clear like water. I tried this on it's own and then tried mixing it with other juices. It is much better served on it's own. The flavour is delightfully sweet and refreshing. It has sort of a cool vanilla essence combined with ice water flavour. It should be chilled before serving but the feeling of it being cold comes from the flavour of the drink as much as the temperature. The drink is ultra smooth in texture and it is particularly thirst quenching on a hot day. The coconut flavour is so unique and delectable and there is a kind of milky aftertaste that is very satisfying too. The product also smells faintly of coconut as it sits in your glass.

      This is a delicious drink and one that I feel good about drinking. This product is a bit more expensive than any other fruit juice I might pick up at the supermarket but it's worth having as a summertime treat. The only problem with the drink is that the brand recommend it's consumed on the same day of opening. The flavour of the drink is so sweet and intense that I tend to consume smaller amounts of the product than I would with other juices. Therefore unless you have people to share the carton with the flavour might be impaired by the second day after opening.

      I would definitely buy this again as it tastes so great and is ultra refreshing. I would also recommend to anyone who likes coconut flavours. I haven't seen this on sale anywhere but my local farm shop though so it may be difficult to locate.


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        24.06.2013 09:09
        Very helpful



        A nice tasting coconut water with a slight woody taste - different


        When it comes to drinks I fall into the of categories preferring tea, water, fresh juice and the odd bit of alcohol. I rarely drink fizzy pop and don't normally *do* cans as I'm just not a fan of fizzy drinks or cordials for that matter, so when my hubby brought me a can of Cocofina home after a trip to town just before Christmas, I presumed it was just pop and didn't really look at it and just stored it in the cupboard and promptly forgot about it.

        Whilst searching for something else recently in my cupboard I came across said can which had got pushed to the back and after reading it realised it was a fresh coconut juice which immediately piqued my interest, being a fan of all things 'coconutty'.

        *~*Price, packaging & availability*~*

        This coconut 'juice' comes housed in a standard looking can which is an average sized 300 ml and opens via an odd integrated ring pull.

        The can is decorated in predominantly white and red colours and apart from a splash of green on the front it's mainly the white and red that dominates. Although the colours are quite bold I wouldn't say this automatically stands out on a shelf and though it has apparently been around for a while I have not actually seen it myself despite frequenting Holland & Barrett's stores on a fairly regular basis where my husband bought this.

        Price wise this is far from cheap and costs in the region of £2 (£1.95 for the 300 ml can in December 11' from Holland & Barrett's). It is available in various flavours apparently which includes:

        *100% coconut water

        *Coconut water with pineapple & lime

        *Coconut water with apple & blueberry

        *Coconut water with tea & passion fruit

        As it is just the plain coconut water I am reviewing I can't comment on the other flavours as not only have I not tried them but neither have I seen them anywhere either.

        Availability wise this can be found in most health stores such as the aforementioned Holland & Barrett's and can also be purchased in larger bulk buys from their website @ www.cocofina.com

        *~*So it's just coconut water, right?*~*

        This is a coconut juice which is also known as a coconut water and is made using the clear liquid that is found in young green coconuts (according to their official website) which are harvested at their peak of around 7 months.
        Coconut water (or juice depending what you wish to refer to it as) is often confused with coconut milk however the milk is derived from the white lining of the inner shell and is something completely different.

        *~*Why should I drink it?*~*

        Personally I adore coconut flavoured things and scented products so would happily consume this just as a general thirst quencher, however it is particularly effective as a rehydrating drink and is ideal as a sports drink due to it's isotonic properties. It contains twice as much potassium as a banana and is loaded with vitamins and minerals and restores essential salts lost when exercising so is far healthier than most 'sports' drinks you see advertised on TV.

        Whilst I'm not a fan of listing ingredients I do feel it to be beneficial to the reader for food or drinks reviews so if you wish to skip this next part then feel free to do so.

        The boring bits:

        (Nutrition facts based on a 300 ml serving)

        *Calories: 62 kcal *Energy value: 259 kj *Total fat: 0% *Cholesterol: 0% *Total Carbohydrates: 6%

        *Dietary fibre: 0% *Natural sugars: 14g *Protein: 1g *Potassium: 19% *Magnesium: 6%

        *Vitamin C: 4% *Calcium: 4% *Sodium: 2% *Phosphorous: 2%

        PH blood balanced, 100% vegan and GMO free.

        *~*My experience of this drink*~*

        As mentioned in my opening paragraphs, I am not a fan of 'pop' so when I discovered this was in actual fact a coconut water I literally kicked myself for putting this away in a cupboard and not bothering to really take any notice of what it was. I am no stranger to coconut water and am a fan of it's rival Vita Coco which is a similar product and comes housed in a carton as opposed to this which is in a can (though I am told by hubby that there is a larger version of this - 750ml - which comes in a carton).

        I adore anything coconut related so as soon as I realised what this was I popped it in the fridge to chill a little before deciding to drink it. I do actually prefer drinks at an ambient temp but as it had been in a fairly warm cupboard for around 3 weeks I felt a cold blast would enhance it's flavour.

        On opening the relatively easy ring pull I was greeted with a beautiful coconut scent which wafted enticingly up out of the can and had the most delicious smell hat I couldn't wait to drink it. On pouring the water into a glass I noticed that it has a 'cloudy' appearance and looks like water with a white hue basically (reminds me of if the water has been turned off and then after a few hours it's all cloudy - not very mouthwatering admittedly but believe me it tastes beautiful).

        The consistency is unsurprisingly like water and though it doesn't really look as nice as it smells it does make up for it in the taste stakes.

        The coconut water has a subtle taste at first but is very palatable and there is only a slight hint of coconut so it's not overpowering. On swallowing the drink a few seconds later there is an aftertaste of a more intense coconut taste which has a slight woody note to it - as odd as that sounds it actually tastes sublime and I gulped the rest of the drink down almost in one afterwards as it seemed so addictive.


        Without a doubt this is the nicest coconut water I have tried and the only off putting thing is the price as at just under £2 a can it's not something I could afford to consume on a regular basis, but as the odd treat it is perfect.

        It does live up to it's name of rehydrating though, as after going jogging recently (a brief phase I was going through!) I decided to have a can I knew I had waiting for me at home thanks to my husband buying me 2 more cans and I can honestly say I felt really quite revived afterwards and not intensely thirsty as I normally would have even after drinking water.

        I can vouch for it as a hangover cure as we had some friends round recently for a meal and the wine was flowing way too well and needless to say the morning after my mouth was rather parched. A can of this did the trick and 'brought me round' immediately so it's a fantastic drink all round.

        I can't speak highly enough about this and will definitely buy a few cans to keep in but at the price they are they will be just for a treat only and not to just sporadically drink if and when.

        This is my absolute favourite when it comes to coconut water drinks and because of the above discussed it gets a well deserved 5/5 from me as it's a deliciously refreshing beverage.


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