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Crusha Lime Flavoured Milkshake Mix

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4 Reviews

Manufacturer: Crusha / Type: Milkshake

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    4 Reviews
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      23.07.2011 23:30
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      Was ok to try it, but won't be troubling the leading flavours.

      I've long been a fan of the Crusha milkshakes. In my opinion you really can't beat the old favourites - strawberry, banana etc. However I'm open to new avenues of adventure and so when I saw this flavour on offer at the local supermarket, I decided to give it a shot.

      Now, when new flavours bounce onto the market we have to ask ourselves why they weren't there in the line up in the first place. Moreover why don't we really see much mixing of any citrus with milk. Sure there are a few exceptions but by and large milk takes a detour around the citrus family.

      The bottle I purchased was smaller than the one illustrated above, so I wouldn't have so much to plough through if I decided it wasn't all that good.
      Crusha works in the same way that a normal dilute juice does. That is to say, you add a small amount to a glass then add your chosen milk. So you pour your lime crusha into the glass and wow is it green. But this obviously dies down to a light 'mint' green (or however Dulux would put it) once you add your milk. Make sure the milk is damn cold, damn damn cold. Don't argue, just do so.

      The taste. Well, if 'whelmed' isn't a word then it should be. I was neither over nor under-whelmed. I was a little disappointed to be honest. I'm not sure what I was expecting to be honest or whether I was ever going to like it. But frankly it wasn't so awful I wanted to throw it away, nor was it so good that I wanted another glass of it afterwards. I suppose I'm leaning towards being underwhelmed by the experience.
      There was a lime taste and there was the sweetness from the sheer amount of sugar in this stuff, but it just didn't seem right.
      Individuals can add as much or as little crusha as they like so obviously the 'tang' of the lime will be different for different folks.

      Bottom line is that I just don't think I'm a fan of lime milkshake.
      This flavour milkshake was a limited edition, and currently isn't on offer at the moment. However these things usually come in cycles and will almost certainly make another appearance in the future, whereupon I will probably buy another bottle to figure out if I like it or not.


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        05.06.2010 18:54
        Very helpful



        Easy drink to make that hits the spot

        I am So glad I decided on a change yesterday and went shopping to Morrisons for a change as I found the limited edition lime flavoured Crusha milk shake mix.

        I joined a Facebook group last year to try and reinstate this flavour as it was discontinued many years ago. Glad to find out that the power of facebook got the company to bring it back as a limited edition.
        I used to love this flavour as a youngster but like the Wispa and secret Chocolate bars they became a thing of the past.

        Crusha is made by the silver spoon sugar company.

        Lime milkshake is so refreshingly nice but I bet some people will be pulling a face at this thought right now. I mean you wouldn't have a lemon milkshake would you, No way yuck, But lime is different.

        This comes in a 500ml plastic bottle, which used to be glass in the old days lol.
        The mix is a dark green colour liquid syrup mix not powder which when put with milk turns into a mint colour. You add the amount of mix to your own preference. More if you like it stronger less for weaker.

        My partner wouldn't even try to taste this after saying it smelt like cleaning fluid. Honestly I wouldn't like it so much if it did. The taste is hard to describe as not a lot of products contain lime. I find it very refreshing to drink and I made a huge glass as soon as got home from shopping and added some ice to make it extra cold. It isn't overly sweet and definitely not sour either.

        A seller is selling these on Ebay for £4 a bottle, he is cashing on on them being a limited edition and not everyone is aware they are back in the shops. I didn't know and hadn't checked the facebook group that states where they are now available.

        From what I understand these are currently available in Tesco, Morrisons and Waitrose. They are priced around the £1.50 mark, Possibly cheaper if on offer.
        I don't know how long these will be back on the shelves but I hope like the Wispa bar they become permanent.

        These are good to help kids get their calcium in take due to the milk. Other flavours available from Crusha are strawberry, Raspberry,Banana & chocolate.

        Water, Sugar, Lime Juice from Concentrate (12%), Natural Flavouring, Colours (Mixed Carotenes, Copper Chlorophyll), Preservative (Potassium Sorbate), Acidity Regulator (Trisodium Citrate), Sweetener (Sodium Saccharin).

        25ml of syrup with 175ml semi skimmed milk is worth 116 calories.

        Hope those that have turned their nose up at this flavour will give it a try.


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          05.05.2010 15:17
          Very helpful



          Green Milk but in a good way

          Crusha Lime disappeared from the shop shelves for a while so I was very pleased when I saw it in Tesco at the weekend on offer of 2 for £2 , this was on all the different flavours

          It comes in a plastic bottle and cant really be missed as its green ! and at the present moment has limited edition on the bottle wrapper I wish I was able to put a picture on the review as the current label looks nothing like the above picture , the bottle top is a screw top which keeps the unused amount fresh

          Its not really necessary to keep the mix in the fridge but it helps to keep it chilled to add to milk , I use semi skimmed milk and for an extra treat at times add some ice cream to make it a little bit thicker

          I have to say at times I feel the 25ml of mix to 175 ml of milk although it turns the milk green ( in a good way) it might be a bit too weak in taste for some people I tend to use 35ml to my milk as I like it a little bit stronger

          When you open the bottle you can smell the lime scent and taste it when you mix the two together you may find it rather sweet , however its a matter of taste , and can be adjusted by the amount you add to the milk

          I mix the two of them together in my food processor and it adds a bit of air so it is almost a cheeper version of the more expensive fast food versions especially if you add the ice cream !! but of course adds a bit to the waist band !

          The bottle claims to make 20 servings but Id say that depends on how strong or weak you want the flavour , it is also a very watery mix so care needs to be taken not to pour half a bottle into the one cup !

          This has to be my favourite flavour closely followed by raspberry , and makes milk more enjoyable to drink and as we all know milk is a good source of calcium .


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            26.04.2010 14:41
            Very helpful




            **Introduction and reason for purchase**
            My older son Kieran has always been a big milk drinker but trying to encourage his younger brother Zak to drink more of the white stuff has been a battle since he was more or less born as he's just not a fan. He drinks water generally with a small glass or two or fresh orange thrown in daily, though recently due to several bouts of tonsillitis he was finding orange juice too sharp to drink so I suggested he tried some Crusha flavouring in some milk. To my surprise he gladly agreed and has been a fan ever since.

            I've purchased all of the Crusha flavours at one time or another as I adore plain milk myself, but now and again I do like a milkshake as it is a nice tasty treat, and as the Lime one is currently Zak's favourite it is the one I have in at the moment and which my review will now focus on.

            **What is it?**
            Crusha is the brand name for a liquid mix which is available in several different flavours and when added to milk creates milkshakes. The brand has been around for many years now and features cats on their adverts which are known as the Crusha Crew and all have names - Zoe, Milly, Archie, Louie and Errol (apparently).

            As well as the Lime flavour which I'm currently reviewing there are also several different flavours available including:

            *Cherry & Vanilla

            The brand has recently introduced a range of desserts including milkshake puddings and jelly though I haven't tried any of the desserts so can't comment on them, whereas I've tested out all of the milkshake mixes at some point or another.

            **Price, packaging and availability**
            Crusha is packaged in a fully recyclable plastic bottle and comes in one size which holds 500ml. The colouring of the packaging is dependent on which flavour you have chosen to buy and as the one I'm reviewing is the Lime flavour it will come as no surprise to learn the bottle has a white background with a bright green hue to it. The packaging is extremely eye catching due to it's flamboyant colouring so really stands out amongst it's competitors on the supermarket shelves, and I have to admit I've never had to search for it as it's stood out immediately so the designers have got it spot on there. The bottle is upright standing and is in the shape of an old fashioned milk bottle, whilst the drink is accessible via an easy to unscrew plastic lid and when first bought there is a removable plastic seal for freshness.

            I bought my Lime Crusha from Morrisons as it is the only place locally to me that stocks a large range of their flavours. My most recent bottle was bought for me via my mum and cost £1.19 as it was on offer, though the usual RRP is around the £2 mark depending on where you shop.

            Lime is considered to be a 'limited' flavour though I've been buying it for many years now on a fairly consistent basis (mainly from Morrisons) and have yet struggled to find it.

            **Taste and appearance**
            The lime milkshake mix has a watery consistency and is transparent with a dark green hue. As soon as you undo the lid and remove the foil covering the lime aroma is quite overpowering and though it gives off a very blatant citrus blast it's also softened by a sweet sugary scent.

            **My experience (and Zak's) of drinking Crusha**
            I love milk and every evening I either drink a half pint of cows milk or soya milk, depending if we have any in. Although I love the taste of milk 'plain' I do enjoy a milkshake now and again so I often have milkshake mixes in my cupboard and Crusha tends to be my choice of mix as I find it tasty and easy to use. I used to buy powdered milkshake mixes years ago (Nesquik was a particular favourite) but found it time consuming waiting for the powder to dissolve in comparison with a liquid based formula that mixed instantly with little effort, and so my love affair with Crusha began from there.

            A few months ago I had both the Lime and the Cherry & Vanilla flavours in my cupboard and was using the latter to make myself a milkshake when my son Zak said he wanted to have a taste. He's never been a big fan of milk, though as he eats plenty of dairy products this never concerned me too much, but I was pleased in his interest in a milk based drink so gladly offered him a taste. This went down a treat, but he said he thought he would like the lime flavour better and after trying it he was hooked and so it's the flavour I've been buying ever since.

            What I like the most about Crusha is how quick and easy it is to use. The instructions on the back of the bottle inform us to mix 25ml of Crusha with 175ml of cold milk though I play it by ear and depending on how much milk I'm using I simply add enough to create the required taste. Because the lime flavour is very strong I find it to be the most economical of the flavours as you only need a very small amount for big results, making the mix last much longer than the other flavours (in my opinion anyway).

            Once you pour the mix into milk it falls quite heavily to the bottom of the glass and so at first the milk appears to be only the palest hint of green, but a quick swizzle with a spoon soon turns the milk into an almost emerald green colour so again go for the 'less is more' as it tastes too strong otherwise and more can always be added if not strong enough at first. I can drink milk at room temperature but when I use this lime mix it tastes superior when added to cold milk and is so refreshing, especially on a hot day.

            On sipping the milkshake I always notice the lime tang that hits the back of my throat but is softened by a sweet sugary aftertaste, though I hastened to add is not too sweet. I find that milk, as much as I love it, can be a bit 'claggy' but when I drink it with the lime added it always tastes smoother and is very thirst quenching.

            I'm not a fan of printing lengthy ingredients lists in my reviews but feel when it comes to food and drink I think it is needed to some extent, though feel free to skip the following.

            Each 25ml serving has:
            Calories - 116
            Protein - 6g
            Carbohydrates - 15.5g
            of which are sugars - 15.1g
            Fat - 4g
            of which are saturates - 2g
            Fibre - 0g
            Sodium - 0.08g

            Crusha is suitable for vegetarians and for more information they have a user friendly website - www.crusha.co.uk

            Once opened Crusha needs to be kept somewhere cool but not refrigerated.

            A standard 500ml bottle intends to give approximately 20 servings but as I've previously mentioned less is needed in my opinion than the stated 25ml per serving and I find a bottle lasts around 28 to 30 servings usually.

            I find Crusha Lime to be a very flavoursome beverage when mixed with ice cold milk, it is extremely refreshing and makes such a change from my usual choice of drinks such as tea or orange juice. I eat quite a healthy diet, as do my family, and though Crusha contains sugars and sweeteners I feel that for the amount I drink it's not too much of an impact on my health nor that of my son's. I'm a great believer of 'a bit of what you fancy does you good' and so as this is responsibly drank by both myself and my son (on average maybe two to three times a week each) then there are far worse things food and drink wise that could be more damaging so as a treat yes I would highly recommend this lime mix.

            I do like the fact that there is little mess involved when making up the milkshakes as it instantly blends in with the milk to create a luscious lime flavour and one stir with a spoon and it's ready so its very convenient.

            The only slight negative I have and this seems to only concern the lime version as I regularly buy all of the flavours, but once you've added the mix and stirred it if you don't drink the milkshake there and then the lime seems to sink and creates a sugary segment at the bottom of the glass which isn't very pleasant. I've never had this happen with the other flavours but it is a bit off putting with the lime as I like to sip my drink and not necessarily gulp it down.

            **Suggested recipe**
            Zak has been suffering with recurrent tonsillitis recently so to ease his throat I bought him his favourite ice cream which is vanilla. When I saw a suggested recipe for a thicker milkshake on the back of the lime crusha bottle recently we decided to give it a go and I can highly recommend it:

            "..Try blending your milkshake with two scoops of vanilla ice cream for an extra cold and delicious lime shake. Top with a slice of lime for a citrus treat.."

            It's not the healthiest of things but then life would be very boring if we all ate and drank just healthy things all of the time so for a treat this is highly recommended by me (and Zak). It offers just the right balance of citrus combined with sweetness to give the most delicious tasting lime milkshake which tastes quite natural amazingly and not artificial like some milkshake mixes.

            A tasty treat in our household and a firm favourite.



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