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Del Monte Mango and Papaya

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2 Reviews

Manufacturer: Del Monte / Type: Fruit Juice

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    2 Reviews
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      16.07.2009 09:28



      This fruit juice has not been available in the normal outlets for at least a couple of months.

      Whatever its actual contents, Del Monte Mango and Papaya Juice has been a very agreable product - much nicer and less boring than simple orange juice and more refreshing than undiluted mango juice. The only vaguely similar juices are largely unspecified mixes of tropical fruits.
      But sadly this product seems to have disappeared from the market, it has not been on the shelves of my local Tesco for a couple of months and seems not to be listed currently by Tesco, Waitrose and Sainsburys online shopping websites. Does anyone know if it is still available - and if so where? The only possibly relevant item I can find on the internet using Google is a story from December 2008 that 'The Man from Del Monte' who spent a lifetime travelling the World to select fruit for Del Monte had turned 65 and was now retiring to become a level crossing keeper in Norfolk!


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      21.04.2009 17:04
      Very helpful



      Mango and papaya juice

      Every morning I used to have a drink of Orange juice but it was suggested that the acid wasn't good for me and I shall remove it from my diet. Apple juice, cranberry juice were OK but I missed that wake-up feeling in a morning. Recently whilst shopping in Tesco a carton of juice caught my eye "Mango and Papaya", I love Mango so as it was reduced decided to give it a try.

      Made by Del Monte, I knew it would be good, as the man who likes to say "YES" only buys the best! The carton is the usual Del Monte green and is a Tetra pack to protect the contents and it is made from paper from a renewable source of trees from well managed forests. There is a screw top opener on the top of the carton. On the front is a picture of the fruits contained in the juice, mostly covered by a 25% reduction ticket, bringing the cost down from £1.31 to 98pence. Had this not been reduced I would have seen the orange and apple as well! Yes I was surprised that my mango and papaya contains oranges and apples as well, in fact to be fair it does say that under the main name, but I only zoomed in on the larger writing.

      It is made from 50% concentrate and as items are always listed in the greatest order first it made very interesting reading as I was surprised to see that Orange came first! Apple is the next in the list, then Mango 8% and Papaya 2%. Water, sugar, citric acid, Mango and Papaya flavouring complete the list. Well that will teach me to read the list of ingredients and not jump to conclusions.

      The blurb on the back of the carton
      Del Monte say that they are passionate about fruit and have blended mango and papaya with orange and apple juice to create a refreshing juice drink for when you want something a bit special.

      Well I have to agree it does make something a bit special, it was really refreshing and a delight to drink.

      One 200ml glass counts towards your daily hydration target of 8 glasses of fluid a day. It doesn't say if it counts towards your 5 a day fruit and vegetables though.

      Nutrition Information
      This is given in table form for 100ml which is standard practice and also for 200ml which they judge to be an average serving. As the carton contains 750mls it only provides 3 drinks and a small glass, this means at full price it costs about 35pence for a 200ml glass, certainly not a cheap drink during these financial worrying times.
      There are 58 kcals per 100mls, 0.2gr protein, 14.1gr carbohydrate and only a trace of fibre and sodium. They very kindly work out for you that a 200ml glass provides 5.8% of your average daily calorie requirements and a whacking 31.3% of the sugar needed. So this is one drink you mustn't over indulge in even though it tastes so good and is really refreshing!

      How to serve
      Best served chilled, it will keep in the fridge for up to 4 days after opening. It can be stored in a cupboard until needed and there is a best before date, mine was March which was obviously why it was reduced as we were nearing the end of the month when I bought it.

      What does it look and taste like?
      The juice is a darker colour than orange juice and is slightly thicker. I can't actually taste the orange, and feel the flavour of the Mango is more predominant, but the blend is really lovely. Some people say that mangoes taste like Pineapple and peach, but I think they have a unique taste and you feel you are being transported to a tropical beach. Both Mangoes and Papayas are said to aid in the digestive process as they contain certain enzymes, although a friend whose Mother comes from Goa told me that when she was small and they went to stay with her Grandmother who had Mango trees if they ate too many then they had upset tummies! So be warned!

      Any negative things?
      Apart from the price and surprise that orange was the largest ingredient, the only thing that annoys me is I can't get all the juice out without cutting open the carton! The design of the carton and spout means some juice stays in, I can hear it sloshing about but can't pour it all out, and it's too good to waste!


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