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Diet Coke Plus Vitamins

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2 Reviews

Manufacturer: Coca-Cola / Soft Drinks

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    2 Reviews
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      04.08.2008 22:23
      Very helpful



      A joke!!!!!

      Seriously! This is class! Not the product, that's pants, but the fact someone in Coca-cola's marketing department came up with this idea. Do they think we are stupid. Now don't get me wrong, I love coke as much as the next person. It's sweet, refreshing, yummy, scrummy and fizzy all in one... but, it is full of rubbish and stains your teeth. Anyone ever done that drop an old penny in a bowl of coke and leave it overnight? No? Try it! I guarantee if it doesn't put you off drinking coke, it'll certainly make you hesitate before you reach for the brown fizzy nectar.

      Coke tastes good, there's no doubt. Now, diet coke also tastes good but it tastes sweeter because someone in the refining process, by adding fake sweetners that are ever-so-slightly bad for you (read here worse than smoking!) managed to create a taste that is sweeter than pure sugar. But it still tastes good. It's fizzy and refreshing and reassuringly familiar.

      Ok, so we have nice tasting coke, nice tasting diet coke. They sell enough of this stuff - they sell loads of it. People who love the flavour drink the full fat coke, people who love the flavour but care more about being thin than being healthy and living a long time drink the diet version. So what can the marketing department do to make us drink more? Well if you are sane and take care of your body, the answer is not much. Even though we know it's bad, we'll carry on treating ourselves to the occasional bottle of coke because it tastes so good and sometimes nothing else will hit the spot. Now, what about all those image-conscious self-obsessed people out there who like the taste but want to be thin without the effort of being healthy? Genius solution!! Get this, you will seriously love this one... diet coke PLUS vitamins!!!!!! Seriously, I'm not joking!

      10 out of 10 to the coca-cola marketing department. They have worked out just how shallow, self-absorbed and slow the majority of people are! Hats off to you!

      Seriously though, if you want a coke, have a coke. If you are on a diet and really can't afford the calories but are desperate for some fizz, have a diet coke (so long as you have read up about what aspartame does to you). But really, whichever you choose, if you need extra vitamins, eat an apple!


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        12.04.2008 16:58
        Very helpful



        A soft drink with added benefits!

        As an avid junk food-a-holic and a couch potato (with no plans to ever change!) I am an avid fan of vitamins. I know all the harm I do to myself by eating the wrong things, refusing to walk anywhere unless I really have to, smoking (Yes I know!) and when I drink getting totally wrecked and I drink far too much coffee! So taking the odd vitamin I know won't change my overall health but I do believe every little helps! I drink copious amounts of green tea with lime and mint and drink soya milk by the gallon to wash down all the vitamins I eat so when I saw this 'Diet Coke Plus Vitamins, promising a little plus for your vitality and wellbeing', I came over all excited. I love Coke in fact anything fizzy and the thought it was swishing a few more vitamins inside my body had me reaching for a few bottles of it!

        The Packaging....

        A 350ml clear plastic recyclable bottle with a silver, plastic label that goes all over it to cover the plastic. It has a silver plastic screw on/off lid. The labelling tells me what it is and who it is by (as I have already mentioned) and round the back of the bottle I'm told nutritional values, ingredients, contact details for Coca Cola and why this is good for me.

        Why It's Good For You....

        'Enjoy the 'diet coke' you love with a little plus for your vitality and wellbeing. 'Diet coke plus' is fortified with over 50% of your recommended daily amount of Niacin (Vitamin B3, Vitamin B12 and Vitamin C per pack'.


        Well I was disappointed when I opened the bottle to a really small fizz sound. It wasn't bursting with bubbles at all. Now also on the front of the bottle I'm told its sugar free but boy oh boy is this sweet. It must be laced with sweeteners!

        The lack of fizz noises is rather apt cos this drink is flat as a pancake! Looks the same, dark almost black colour as other cokes but to my pallet tastes a little thicker and almost syrupy. It isn't refreshing either. You take a swig and want to drink more straight away but not cos it's particularly pleasant but just to try quench your thirst cos drinking this makes me more thirsty not less! It tastes more like a juice (cos it's flat) than a carbonated soft drink. There is no real flavour to it that you can identify. It's just a rather tasteless offering really.

        The Vitamins....

        Well ok it seems you get quite a few of these and that in itself is a redeeming feature. The drink isn't revolting and it isn't like drinking medicine or anything like that. If you like diet coke then I don't think you'll notice much (if any) difference because the last time I drank diet coke that too was flat to me! So if your going to buy diet coke then you may as well get this knowing that it contains summat good for you! Now the confusing part is that on the bottle it states it contains 50% Niacin (which I've never heard of before now) but it doesn't state how much of other vitamins it contains just tells me what they are and even then it doesn't say why I should be happy to drink them! So I've researched this and this is what I've found out!

        Niacin is all the B vitamins together so you have vitamin B3, B12 and Vitamin C.

        B3 is needed is your body to process alcohol and it regulates cholesterol.
        B12 is a mood enhancing vitamin. Without this in your diet in any way shape or form you can be fatigued.
        Vitamin C (also known as Absorbic Acid) is known to boost the immune system. It is needed for growth and particularly helpful to smokers helping to flush out toxins.


        If I wanted Coke then I'd buy this. There is little difference between this and diet coke so why no?t! I can continue with my small steps to a healthier lifestyle! It's ok and good for you but compare it to other soft drinks that are diet? Well there are better!

        I bought my bottle in Sainsburys for 92p and have seen them around and about in all sorts of places!


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