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Fever Tree Ginger Ales

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Brand: Fever Tree / Type: Spirits Mixer

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    1 Review
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      12.06.2013 18:45
      Very helpful



      Once you have drunk Fever Tree Ginger Ale, you won't want anything else.

      Why is it that my favourite products are always expensive? At £1.69 for a 500 ml (or a bit under a pint) sized bottle in Sainsbos, my Fever Tree Ginger Beer has to be at least double the cost of an ordinary bottle of ginger ale. Fortunately as it's only a couple of quid for a treat, I don't mind buying one each week or so, and I'm particularly delighted that my village Sainsbury's now stocks the stuff (heh Huddersfield must be going up market).

      Tasting notes

      I actually usually drink my Fever Tree Ginger Beer on its own in a fairly small glass. It has quite a bite and isn't too sweet so I can almost convince myself that I'm drinking something alcoholic. I say "almost" because it also tastes great with a slop of rum in it and obviously with a bit of the hard stuff added there is a harder kick in that glass.

      Fever Tree is served in 7 of the top ten rated restaurants of the world so it is a great little bottle to have lying around at a barbecue if you want to impress that someone special with your good taste. Just don't buy Aldi own label rum to accompany it. I like the really quite instant hot bite of the ginger and the cool aftertaste to the drink. It's not one to glug but to sip and enjoy (and that's a good job with the price of a small bottle).


      The nice thing about the drink comes with its lack of additives (although if I want to be technical the ascorbic acid (vitamin c) for preserving purposes is actually also known as E300). As a result of having no nasty clearing agents or sulphates, the drink is a little cloudy, but I'm guessing at the price of it your wallet would be empty before the little bit of must gave you any nasty belly effects.

      About Fever Tree

      Fever Tree is named after the original African trees which became sought after for the quinine which helped keep malaria at bay and was the basis for the tonic which is drunk with gin. Fever Tree limited make a number of such mixers, although my hand keeps on reaching for that ginger beer bottle alone.

      I also like that Fever Tree Limited is exactly what it is portrayed as on the bottle; a small privately owned British company specialising in a small niche of bottled mixers. I always prefer to give my money to small privately owned companies where I can, rather than those tax avoiding multi-national fat cats. Fever Tree produces its mixers in Somerset (give a yey to Shepton Mallet) using natural and good quality ingredients. From its foundation in 2005 Fever-Tree has quickly developed a worldwide reputation.

      Summing up

      Expensive but

      Clear tasting with a nice ginger bite
      Great with rum and other spirits
      Produced by a little private UK based company
      No nasty additives

      On the downside it's a rather addictive little treat I've got into, and they don't do a low cal option.


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    • Product Details

      Just launched and so delicious that whisky writers are already saying that at last here is a ginger ale they can recommend to partner great whiskies. Perfectly blended to enhance the flavour notes of the great whiskies, bourbons, rums and tequilas. By using a unique blend of natural gingers, subtle botanical flavours and spring water, we have created a drink with a distinctive ginger taste balanced by supportive citrus flavours and aroma. No artificial sweeteners, flavourings, colours or preservatives. Ingredients: Natural Gingers, Natural Flavours, Spring Water, Cane Sugar, Caramel, Citric Acid.

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