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Five Alive Tropical Hit

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Fruit Drinks

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    1 Review
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      25.07.2011 10:58
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      A nice tasting fruit juice drink from Five Alive.

      During a recent online grocery shop, I selected a couple of cartons of mixed fruit juice which were unfortunately unavailable for delivery. The supermarket in question offered me a substitute item, which was a carton of "Five Alive Tropical" juice. I had never tried this flavour of juice before, so happily accepted the substitution to give it a try. I paid around £1 for the carton of fruit juice, which is 1 litre in size.

      The carton is made of recyclable packaging, and it has a plastic nozzle at the top of the oblong-shaped carton, through which the juice can be poured once the seal has been broken. I would point out that in comparison to some similar seals on cartons of juice like this one, I found that the Five Alive carton's opening was very easy to open, and I had no problems with breaking the seal at all. Furthermore, I found that the plastic cap on top of the nozzle was of a fairly decent quality, and I had no problems with the juice spilling all over the inside of my fridge, even when the carton was lying on it's side. The same can not be said of many similar juice products that I have bought in the past.

      The Five Alive Tropical Hit (to give the product its full title) is of course at its best when it is served chilled. This is, in my opinion, the case with most fruit juices and drinks that are fruit-based, and there is a recommendation to this effect printed on the side of the carton.

      When I first poured the juice from the carton, I thought that it looked fairly generic, and it just resembled an orange juice drink product. I did notice that there was no 'pulp' present in the drink, but as it is not one of those more 'natural' juice products, I would have been quite surprised if I had seen any evidence of pulp or sediment in this particular drink.

      The Five Alive Tropical contains, funnily enough, five fruit juices (from concentrates 30%) and these are: orange, apricot, guava, mango and passion fruit. This particular blend appealed to me instantly, as I adore the taste of mango and passion fruit and thought that the combination of all five juices was in interesting one. Certainly as I poured the juice from the carton, I could detect a fruity aroma that was rather delicious it has to be said. I wouldn't go so far as to say that I could detect individual scents or pick out certain fruits, but there was a sort of general fruity smell that was not difficult to notice.

      The taste of the Five Alive Tropical did not disappoint, and I thought that the overall taste of the drink was quite delicious and very tasty. I could certainly taste the orange and mango in the juice and I thought the overall flavour was not overly 'sharp' or acidic, which is my personal preference with a mixed fruit drink like this one, particularly when there are citrus fruits present in the ingredients list!

      The downside to this drink's flavour however, was that there is an insane amount of sweetness detectable within the taste. For me, this rather over-shadowed the sweetness of the fruits themselves, although I had come to expect this added sweetness, given my past experience with drinks like this one. Even so, the realisation that the Five Alive Tropical Hit contained (per 250ml serving) 15.3g of sugar was slightly off-putting if I am honest, although it did not deter me from the remainder of the carton altogether. I do have a very sweet tooth anyway, so there's not much I can't handle in terms of sugary tastes, but for my husband, who is quite the opposite, he felt that this drink was far too sugary, and in his words, is something that should only be served "at a kids birthday party". Hmmm. Also, my husband was far from impressed that the carton states that the drink "Contains a source of phenylalanine." On the plus side however, it is worth noting that the Five Alive Tropical Hit drink has vitamin C added to it.

      In summary, I thought that the flavour of this drink was really very nice, I could taste the mango present in the drink, which I was pleased about, and I enjoyed it for the most part. However, I could not have this juice drink first thing in the morning as part of my breakfast routine as it was just too sweet to tackle at that early time of the day. I found that it was more suited to my own palate to serve with lunch or even dinner, rather than being the sort of fruit drink that I would drink first thing in the morning.

      Nevertheless, I would probably buy it again as I did enjoy it, but I would recommend that those of you who are not a fan of overly-sweet drinks give it a miss and go for something with a bit more natural fruit juice content.

      There is a small range of flavoured fruit drinks in 1 litre cartons from the 'Five Alive' range that I have seen for sale in supermarkets such as Tesco and Asda. In addition, some of the drinks are available in individual cartons (supplied with a straw) in smaller grocery stores, which cost around 70 pence each.


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  • Product Details

    'Five Alive' is a juicy blend of five fruits that’s fun for all the family! Originally introduced to Great Britain in 1981, each juice drink is fortified with vitamins and minerals and contains no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives.

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