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Happy Monkey Smoothies Strawberry & Banana

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3 Reviews

Manufacturer: Happy Monkey / Type: Smoothies

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    3 Reviews
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      03.06.2012 23:27
      Very helpful



      Good for my kids.

      I regularly buy Happy Monkey Smoothies Strawberry & Banana because my children really like then - and from time to time I have had had one of the smoothies also. The smoothies come in little cardboard cartons that contain 180 mls each - and to be honest I think that this is not quite enough smoothie for anyone except really small children. For example, my 3 year old is happy with just one carton, but my two older children will generally take two cartons at once (for which I yell at them for!!). Four cartons costs £2.00 from Asda, which obviously equates to 50p per carton - and I think that's quite expensive for so little smoothie.

      The cartons look really cute and they definitely appeal to children - particularly because of the whole monkey theme. A straw is attached to the side of the carton and then there is a foil-sealed hole at the top of the carton - which is easy enough for even a small child to pierce. The carton also provides nutritional information for parents also and states that it is made entirely of fruit, without any added sugar, sweeteners or preservatives - which from a health point of view is fantastic and one of the ways that I try to get fruit into my youngest child.

      The smoothie is.....and I don't mean this to sound silly.....but it is very smooth. I like the fact that there are no bits of sediment in the smoothie and it is entirely smooth and silky. It tastes pretty rich and it's very refreshing, especially when served chilled. The flavour is very true to the flavour on the front of the carton and the individual flavours of fruit are very easy to distinguish. I also like the fact that it tastes natural and not too sweet, but also sweet enough.

      Overall, i think this is a very good product that is perfect for my kids lunch boxes. I will continue to buy them, but I do wish they came down in price a little!


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      27.02.2012 23:10
      Very helpful



      Nice price but same about the taste quality

      These Happy Monkey smoothies come in two flavours Strawberry and banana, and Orange and Mango. This review is based on the Strawberry and Banana flavour.

      My 3 year old son has been a little obsessed with what he calls smoothie juice for a little while now, after my mother in law bought him a box of innocent smoothies for kids, as a treat when we went to stay at christmas time. Ever since every time we do our food shop and he sees the innocent smoothies he's after them, now I don't mind buying them when they are on offer but full price they are a little steep. So when my son spotted these next to the innocent smoothie range in our local Asda and I saw they were only £1.50 I though why not and let him put them in the trolley.

      The Box-

      The box is made of sturdy recyclable cardboard which is a pastel pink colour. The box opens from the top. The front of the box has large writting which says Happy Monkey Smoothies with a cartoon style monkey popping up from behind the words. The words are in bright pinks, reds, and purples which stand out from the background. Underneath these words in smaller writting it states that these smoothies where made for kids and they are Strawberry and banana flavour. On either side of the words strawberry and banana there is a little cartoon style picture of a strawberry and banana. In the top right hand corner it states that this is a 4 pack. The front of the box also features a checklist which states,
      -Great for lunchboxes
      -100% fruit
      -1 full portion of fruit
      -No bits
      -No added sugar
      -No sweeteners
      -No preservatives

      The top of the box features a smaller version of the image that's on the front of the box, the best before date and a Rainforest Alliance Certified logo. This also states that all Bananas used in this product come from rainforest alliance certified plantations, there is also a website address for more information.

      Both the left and right hand sides of the box feature a picture of the monkey balancing strawberries and bananas on his head, behind a cup of smoothie with a straw. On the cup there is the same writting as on the front, Happy Monkey Smoothies, made for kids, strawberry and banana.

      Back of the box is loaded with information. It states that there are 4x 180ml cartons inside. An ingredients list which is as follows,
      Apple juice from concentrate,
      banana puree (12%),
      crushed strawberries (2%),
      crushed raspberries, and natural flavour.

      A nutritional guide as follows,
      Nutritional Information per 100ml
      Energy 228ky (54kcal)
      Protein 0.2g
      Carbohydrates 13.2g
      of which sugar (naturally found in juice) 12.7g
      Fat trace
      of which saturates trace
      Fibre 0.3g
      Sodium trace
      Vitamin C 0.53mg

      There are storage instructions, which I'm sure you'll have guess due to the type of product is best kept chilled.
      A note to parents also features on the back of the box, in a speech bubble coming from a monkey's mouth. In which there is also a website address for parents and kids alike to have fun and play games. I found this a nice little touch.

      The cartoon is the same colour as the box and is also recyclable. The image on the front of the carton is the same as the image on the side of the box, except the straw goes in at the top of the straw on the picture. The straw goes in easily. I thought this was quite a clever idea. My son pretended he was drinking the monkey's smoothie.

      The back of the cartoon has a funny image of a happy monkey throwing strawberries and bananas into the smoothie cup. It also features the majority of the information that was on the back of the box.

      The smoothie -
      The smoothie is an orange/pink pastel colour, which has more of a juice consistency than that of a normal smoothie. I however think this is good for kids as its easier for them to drink. My son seems to enjoy the taste, but I found them to be a little on the sweet side, they left me with a bit of a sicky feeling.

      I feel a lot of time was put into the image and style of Happy Monkey smoothies and a lot less time was put into the actual taste and quality of the product. I have found that they tend to leak, and as my son has the tendency to hold them a little tight, I've found squeezing the smoothie out into a cup works better for him. They may be cheaper than competitor Innocent smoothie but I feel the quality just isn't the same. They are ok now and again but I think I'll just stock up when Innocent smoothies are on offer or make a fresh smoothie at home. On the plus side it is a good way to get 1 of your childs 5 a day, especially if they are fussy with eating fruit or veg. I've found them a little too sweet for breakfast but my son tends to come home and enjoy one instead of a snack after nursery. They are handy for when you are on the go, but I just feel there are better quality products than this out there.


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      09.11.2009 19:22
      Very helpful



      An occasional lunchbox or breakfast treat - they're easy to drink quickly.

      How could you resist buying something called 'Happy Monkey'?! I know I couldn't, especially as they were on offer at Sainsbury's - £1.50 for a box of four. Their usual full price at Sainsbury's is £2.39. I've not really looked for them in other shops so I can't compare the prices, sorry!

      They come in two different flavours: Strawberry & Banana, and Orange & Mango. I've only tried the first flavour so this review will focus on that.

      I found them in the fridge section of Sainsbury's (as they're best kept chilled according to the packaging), right next to Innocent's Kids Smoothies. The box depicts a cute monkey and on the individual cartons he's balancing strawberries and bananas on his head.

      Each carton is 180ml and has a straw attached to the front. I had a little bit of trouble getting the straw out of the plastic so small children may need help but it was easy to insert into the carton.

      Unfortunately I can't describe the smell as it was in a carton but the colour you see coming through the straw is a pale pink, almost the colour of the carton it comes in.

      It tastes very sweet and smooth but it's not very thick. It almost reminds me of a watered-down version of the Innocent smoothies. I would say it's more like juice than a smoothie because it's so thin. It has a very sweet aftertaste and I could mainly taste strawberries in the flavour.

      When I left the carton on the side to get Tess (my dog) some fresh water I noticed it dripped out of the end of the straw while unattended so be sure to put it on a coaster!

      It's really good to see that the bananas in this smoothie come from Rainforest Alliance Certified plantations.

      The packaging says:
      - Great for lunchboxes
      - 100% pure fruit
      - 1 full portion of fruit
      - No bits
      - No added sugar
      - No sweeteners
      - No preservatives
      Developed for kids, tested by kids. Fun and games at www.happymonkeydrinks.com

      Apple juice from concentrate, banana puree (12%), crushed strawberries (2%), crushed raspberries, natural flavour.

      Nutritional information:
      (per 100ml)
      Energy 228kj/54kcal
      Protein 0.2g
      Carbohydrates 13.2g
      Fat Trace
      Vitamin C 0.53mg

      Overall, they're nice smoothies but at their full price I wouldn't buy them all the time. They would be handy to keep in the fridge in case I was rushing in the morning or perhaps I needed an extra drink for a long day out.
      I'm sure most children would really enjoy these and, if you struggle to get fruit into your children, I think these smoothies would be a good way to help keep them healthy.


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