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Innocent Pineapple, Bananas and Coconuts Smoothie

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    1 Review
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      26.11.2009 17:37
      Very helpful



      Pure and Innocent

      I first tried an Innocent Smoothie after I came out of hospital after having my first baby. My mum came round to visit with bags of supplies including some fab home cooked food and several cartons of these smoothies. She was quite insistent that I drink some and get some goodness back into me..... ah makes me feel all warm and gooey remembering that!

      Anyway I had never really taken any notice of them in the supermarket before, any curiousity I had, had been completely erased when I had seen the price. They really are very expensive costing over £3 for a 1 litre carton. At this time they were on some kind of offer - buy one get one free I believe and although you don't see them that cheap anymore they are frequently on buy 2 for £4 at Tesco's. Until I'd tasted them and knew what they were all about I found it impossible to entertain the idea that a fruit smoothie drink could actually warrent such a huge price.

      Anyway it all changed when I actually tasted them... and this flavour Pineapple, Banana and Coconut was one of the first ones that I tried. Now I wouldn't have acutally picked this one for myself as I am really not a fan of coconut, I just don't really like the flavour... love the smell but not the flavour. It was therefore a good thing that my mum bought this for me as I absolutely loved it, the combination of flavours works incredibly well and it results in a mellow tropical tasting drink of gorgeousness. The bananagives it a thickness and creaminess and the pineapple and coconut just complement each other brilliantly. It tastes like something you would drink on a tropical island while relaxing on the beach.

      Once I tasted the Innocent Smoothies I was completely won over and it was only after having had a good look at the packaging that I realised what you were paying for. They contain 100% fruit - no concentrate, no rubbish they really are just the real deal with nothing added. While I could never afford these at full price on a regular basis, I do now stock up if they are on special offer and I always buy a carton if I am feeling run down or as though I am coming down with something. Just gorgeous!


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