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Manufacturer: Jolt / Type: Energydrinks

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    2 Reviews
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      05.09.2010 22:15
      Very helpful



      Gives you the energy you need to hack the planet.

      Jolt Cola The ultimate Soft drink for the Elite Hacker!
      Jolt cola is a soft drink/pop/energy drink from the 80s into the 90s
      JOLT really was the original "energized" beverage in both name and product. Included on every can and bottle was the memorable slogan "All the Sugar and Twice the Caffeine." helped fuel the early growth of the technology industry and quickly became the beverage of choice among internet users, virtual reality enthusiasts, gamers and computer industry employees.
      For many years, the leading programming periodical, Software Development, has awarded 25 JOLT Awards in recognition for excellence within the computer programming industry.

      It use to contain loads of sugar and caffeine but it has since been lowered because it was overloading people and making them look like they were on cocaine,lol,that is no joke.

      this drink use to come in a ordinary can with the same logo on it, but the modern version now comes in a giant canteen cylinder 23.5 oz / 695 ml resealable aluminum'' bottles''.

      when you open the steel cap it makes a loud POP sound and cool fumes/smoke looking stuff comes out,the drink is dark like any Cola,and really fizzy,and doesn't really taste like coke it taste like a mixture of two different sodas i guess,its hard to describe the taste...but you can definitely taste some caffeine in there and you get this small high from the first big sip too.
      its very addictive, and may give you a bit of the jitters drinking it the first time.

      New Available flavors are,Blue Raspberry, Cherry Bomb (cherry cola), Silver (lemon-lime), Wild Grape, Orange Blast, Passionfruit (featuring a yellow can) and Ultra (a diet drink with Splenda as its artificial sweetener alongside guarana, ginseng, taurine, and vitamin B complex).

      How Much Energy is in Jolt you say?
      JOLT has more energy than any refreshment beverage and most leading energy drinks.if you drink 16 oz. of JOLT it equals about 2 cups of coffee based on caffeine alone.

      Unique Facts :
      Jolt Cola was featured in Steven Spielberg's film Jurassic Park in a scene which shows computer programmer Dennis Nedry's work station covered with Jolt Cola cans & bottles. It was also shown in several scenes in the film Hackers; in one scene, the characters Razor and Blade refer to it as, "Jolt Cola: The soft drink of the elite hacker." There is product placement of Jolt Cola in the movies Deep Impact,Gremlins 2: The New Batch, Men at Work, .
      It is also mentioned in Wayne's World 2, when Garth attributes a hallucination to his excessive intake of the drink. Although the name was changed to "Volt Cola,".

      this is definitely my favorite soft drink and energy drink.

      Where can you find JOLT cola?
      if your from america or canada your local 711 should have it.
      if your from the UK you might have to buy it online from a uk site that imports it, just type in 'jolt cola' in the search box:


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        11.04.2009 18:07
        Very helpful



        This interesting American cola is a good option if you're planning on staying up all night!

        *Gives you a jolt*

        Jolt Cola is famed for being highly caffeinated, delicious and just a bit different from the usual cola drinks that litter the shelves like so many samey marvels.

        Unfortunately for us, they no longer produce any of their drinks in the UK, but they can be easily tracked down from a range of websites that sell North American 'soda' and ephemera - albeit at a price. As a confirmed fan of most things American, I was very pleased to discover that my lovely girlfriend had purchased me a crate of twelve cans of this wonder-cola (a selection of flavours) for my Christmas. It was like the boy nerd equivalent of a Lush selection for girls, so I was understandably pleased.

        *Availability and cost*

        Can occasionally be had from Cyber Candy (www.cybercandy.co.uk) or American Soda (www.americansoda.co.uk) - a website where I've grown to like the quick service and reliable no nonsense approach.

        It's not particularly cheap - sorry! You'll pay about £14 for six hefty 16 oz cans (about half a litre), plus postage and packaging of £4.95. That said, it's possible to get a range of deals on it when they order too much etc. and if you bulk buy a selection of sweet treats the cost goes down.

        *Packaging and shrinkage*

        The drink comes in a very cool resealable can shaped like a battery.. It looks somewhat funky sitting on your shelf, in the fridge and gets the message across that this is a drink that will have you wide awake for hours. Sadly for you, they recently shrunk the can size - it used to be a ridiculously large drink of ~700 ml!

        *Taste, effect and nutrition*

        Like cause and effect, but more delicious.

        Jolt CX2 Cola is an enjoyable beverage, with a very pleasing caramel taste, quite a lot of fizz and a smooth after taste. In my opinion it doesn't taste any sweeter than the leading brand, although it is slightly higher in calories. Not unlike some 'herbal' colas on the market, it has an interesting selection of tastes that linger on the tongue - a hint of aniseed being the most pronounced.

        It contains double the caffeine of 'regular' cola and this, combined with the sources of sugar in the drink, will have you buzzing for a couple of hours. You won't feel so great if you chug the whole thing and then crash afterwards, so I recommend splitting it into two sittings (can reseals and is wholly airtight). If you're knackered it's a good option to set you up for the day. Please note, I don't advocate constant caffeine abuse, but most of us do it du temps en temps.

        Can't really recommend this on its nutritional merits, as it contains high fructose corn syrup and other dietary nasties that aren't even used in food in the UK. That said, nobody ever bought a can of cola because they were on a health kick.

        It gets four stars from me, as it's delicious, large, imaginatively packaged and highly caffeinated. I'm taking off a star because it's not cheap and it's pretty bad for you.


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