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Jolt CX2 Orange Blast

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Manufacturer: Jolt / Type: Energydrinks

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    1 Review
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      30.04.2009 14:44
      Very helpful



      One of my favourites from the Jolt CX2 range, Orange Blast will knock your socks off

      Yet another review based around my caffeine fuelled Christmas and new year, I'm here to document my happy experiences with Jolt CX2 Orange Blast. This energy drink comes from the Jolt stable, best known for their wide range of hyperactivity inducing beverages and treats for good boys and girls.

      The first time I received this was as part of a mixed crate of drinks from www.americansoda.co.uk - a good website for North American goodies, also home to the cheapest full size boxes of Lucky Charms in the UK. No, I don't work for them, but I'd consider it if they're reading :D Bought in quantities of six, you'll pay just short of £3 a can. Bought as part of 12 cans, the price drops to not too much over £2 a can. Cans are a reasonable 475 ml (American quantities) and you'll get two normal sized glasses from each one.

      *Does exactly what it says on the... battery?*

      Like other products in the CX2 range, this one comes housed in a resealable and achingly cool aluminium can shaped liked a battery. For fellow literature fans - a gun on a wall (or a drink in a battery shaped can) is a fairly deliberate statement. The statement here being that this drink will have you charged up for a night dancing, gaming or dragging yourself through the night shift!

      The drink provides said energy through a nutritionally shocking selection of sugars, twice the caffeine of a Red Bull, Guarana and a range of energy releasing B vitamins. Drinking a full can is guaranteed to put a smile on your face and a spring in your step (well, maybe not guaranteed, but I'm pretty confident!)

      *Tastes orangey - like Fanta on acid*

      Advanced apologies to Fanta fans (or, heaven forbid, acid fans!) for the silly paragraph heading...

      This energy drink is absolutely delicious, incredibly orangey and tastes like a beautifully engineered hybrid that's part Fanta, part orange Lucozade and part good orange squash. From the initial hiss when you open the can, the drink exudes a strong aroma of oranges and tastes good to boot.

      The flavour is perhaps just a little artificial, but is one of the better orange flavoured sodas that I've tried to date. So, it tastes orange, but perhaps not like orange juice as such..

      In addition to this, it's a wonderfully bright colour and frankly looks like something that you'd have seen in an eighties movie set in the year 2000. So, all good in my eyes bar the lack of nutritional value.


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