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Jolt CX2 Passion Fruit

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Manufacturer: Jolt / Type: Energydrinks

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    1 Review
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      02.05.2009 12:15
      Very helpful



      A reasonable energy drink, Jolt CX2 Passion Fruit is far less exciting than other Jolt drinks

      Jolt CX2 Passion Fruit was one of the last flavours from the selection box of imported US energy drinks that I spent much of the festive period in 2008 and the new year sipping, gulping and leaping my way around the room through and to. As it's produced by a company best known for their cola, I had to spend some time reminding myself that this was intended to be an energy drink - as opposed to a freakish yellow Coke facsimile!

      More so than the other drinks in the range, I found this one to be overly sweet - something like a container full of UmBongo had mated with a pineapple and a jar of honey?

      *Fancy trying this drink oddity?* 

      The only website in the UK where I've seen this is www.americansoda.co.uk - a relatively small operation that manages to offer a good range of North American niceties. The owner/operator Dave also has a presence on Facebook/Twitter, where discount codes and competition details can occasionally be had.

      Unfortunately for us candy connoisseurs, 6 cans of this will set you back £18.10 (£3.02 each), or £26.60 for 12 (£2.22 each). You'll typically be offered a £5 off £20 or more voucher with each purchase, meaning that any further purchases of 12 cans would cost a more reasonable £1.80 each. That's like one and a half Red Bulls...

      You will get two generous servings out of each ~500 ml can and that should be enough to slake even a fierce thirst.

      *Limit your carbon footprint where you can, starting with the can* 

      The nifty battery shaped aluminium packaging is, of course, fully recyclable. In addition to this, it can be re-sealed. This prevents you feeling like you have to drink the whole thing at once - which is good for people who can't handle more than a small amount of energy drink at any one time. As well as the cans being recyclable, the foam 'nuts' that they're packed in are of the variety that will dissolve in running water, without environmental detriment. So, once you've crushed the can, got rid of the packaging down the sink and re-cycled the box you can start to feel just a little less guilty about drinking something that's travelled thousands of miles from the factory to your glass :(  

      *Yellow, yellow, electric yellow* 

      While CX2 Passion Fruit isn't by any means unpleasant, it's not as kind on the eye or the tongue as some of the other beverages in the range. After the initial, violent 'pop' of opening the can, the first thing that will probably strike you is the vivid yellow hue of the drink (hence the slightly crude title of this review!) It looks for all the world as if it's already been.... erm, processed and this is never a good start with something that you're meant to drink.

      Like the other CX2s, this one is suitably fizzy without going everywhere when you try to serve it. This is far preferable to the normally explosive reaction one gets when opening a soft drink (diet sodas are particularly guilty of this).

      In its defence, it tastes far less of chemicals than most energy drinks on the UK market, but this may be because they're masked behind a sugary wall of syrups and sweeteners? The claim to energy drink status is supported by the inclusion of a double dose of caffeine, guarana and a range of B vitamins (which are commonly accepted to aid in energy release and transit throughout the body). I can't really say that I felt much of a boost after drinking half a can and as I'm normally fairly aware of such things, I didn't find CX2 Passion Fruit to be as effective as other Jolt drinks. A full can, however, does promote increased alertness, a gentle buzz and the desire to be outside doing something energetic.

      I've decided to give this one three stars - while it's a good workaday energy drink, the off-putting colour and slightly sickly taste mean that it's not up to the other drinks in this range.


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