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Jolt CX2 Ultra

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Manufacturer: Jolt / Type: Energydrinks

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    1 Review
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      20.04.2009 20:45
      Very helpful



      Gimme back my £3!

      Jolt CX2 is a highly caffeinated branding of a popular American soda which relies on a combination of taste and chemical goodness to keep the customers coming back for more. I can only assume that Jolt CX2 Ultra was named ironically, as this horrendous sugar free energy drink is a poor cousin of the other drinks in the range, a sort of tragic Mountain Dew light.

      Like other flavours of Jolt Cola, this one can only be tracked down in the UK through specialist candy and beverage retailers and I've put some contacts in the next paragraph. 

      *Pricing and Availability* 

      Cherry Bomb can be purchased from Cyber Candy (www.cybercandy.co.uk) or American Soda (www.americansoda.co.uk) - a website that sees a fair bit of my custom these days. 

      It isn't cheap, retailing at ~£14 for six 16 oz cans (about half a litre), plus postage and packaging of £4.95 per order. Each can is approximately two servings. That said, it's possible to get a range of deals on it when they order too much etc. and if you bulk buy a selection of sweet treats the cost goes down. In all honesty I can't recommend this product, but have included these details for the sake of completeness.

      *Shaped like a battery, tastes like one too* 

      The nerd in me still loves the Jolt Cola packaging, with its distinctive and amusing battery shape. The realist in me, however, thinks that this product tastes like battery fluid and looks like the chemical remains of a toxic waste dump.

      *The CIA should buy a few crates of this* 

      While I love this range of sodas for the most part, this is everything that's wrong with sugar free drinks that try and borrow the credentials of their 'full fat' brothers and sisters. It's electric green, tastes terrible (a saccharine edge with a sharp after taste) and a slight bubble gum mouth feel after drinking. I suppose it might serve some use as mouthwash, as it left my mouth feeling somewhat battered!

      It's far too fizzy and I struggle to drink half a can before feeling like I'm being tortured: why are there so many bubbles? Why is there so little flavour?

      Ingredients (my paraphrasing) are: bubbles, double the caffeine of regular cola, green and water. It tastes it too and with a gigantic can of nearly 700 ml I'm left with none of the usual 'buzz' that I'd expect from an energy drink of sorts. For once, this drink has next to no calories and this doesn't make up for what was a very sad soda experience.

      Whip out the world's smallest violin - I'm going for a cry.


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