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Jolt Endurance Shot

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Manufacturer: Jolt / Type: Energydrinks

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    1 Review
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      23.04.2009 21:36
      Very helpful



      A stand out energy shot that will make a genuine difference to your ability to function!

      *coffee mug can clear away the haze, liquid proof that I can win this race*

      As well as being a fan of testing the weird and wonderful gamut of strangely flavoured and coloured sodas and energy drinks on both the domestic and the North American market, I'm something of a caffeine fiend. I don't drink caffeinated drinks constantly, but it's certainly my chemical of choice for a quick pick me up. It could be a lot worse, so I'm learning to live with my mild physiological addiction!

      *I think I'm turning Japanese*

      The first thing you'll notice about the Jolt Endurance Shot is the fact that it's tiny, measuring in at a mere two fluid ounces. While energy drinks in the UK and North America are typically massive cans full of highly sweetened and carbonated beverages, it's more common to find Japanese energy drinks served in very small bottles not unlike a medicine container. I quite like the fact that this one follows that style, as it's a good reminder that it's best to use these when you're feeling genuinely run down and not just when you're playing at silly beggars... All in all, the Japanese attitude to nutrition beats British habits hands down, so I was looking forward to giving this a shot.

      It's a fairly stylish bottle, with a silver shrink wrap sleeve and some vaguely 'edgy' lettering. The shrink wrap provides an additional degree of security and prevents anyone from tampering with your tipple.

      *Not easy to track down, but well worth the price*

      The only UK retailer I've found for this is www.americansoda.co.uk, where it comes in at £2.47 for a bottle, or £24.97 for twelve, plus postage of £4.65. As I'll go on to explain, twelve bottles will provide 24 servings, which works out at £1.23 a pop. I genuinely believe that this is wonderful value for money, as this energy drink really works wonders for the fatigued mind.

      *Sweet, sweet, sugar free nectar*

      Jolt Endurance Shot is free from added sugar, but is absolutely crammed with wake up goodies and some fairly advanced science for a drink. In a bottle you'll find:

      Vitamin B5 - 20mg - B vitamins are associated with energy release and are often added to energy drinks.
      Vitamin B6 - 50mg
      Vitamin B12 - 45mcg
      Vitamin C - 120mg - A great way to get some of your daily vitamin C allowance!
      Folic Acid - 500mcg - Helps to promote cell growth, often added to bread in the UK to promote maternal and infant health.
      Taurine - 250mg - Another chemical energy staple - perhaps best known for the odd odour it helps to give Red Bull?
      Caffeine - 150mg - This tiny bottle contains close to double the caffeine of a can of red bull!
      Guarana - 20mg - A herbal additive, associated with energy promotion and often used in Chinese herbal medicine.
      Ginseng - 20mg - A herbal additive, associated with energy promotion and often used in Chinese herbal medicine.

      The calorie content is negligible and while I'm not happy that the drink uses food colouring and some artificial sweeteners, I'd feel far more confident drinking this than a can of Rockstar or the like.

      *Chase the purple fairy*

      I've recently written a review for Monster energy drink where I railed against the use of a whole host of unproven chemical additives in a drink that made me feel very sick. Jolt Endurance Shot contains some of the same additives, but appears to be an altogether better tested product.

      I got a wonderful lift from half a bottle of this and felt a sustained and genuine improvement in my level of alertness and general mood for a steady 3-4 hours afterwards. There was no nausea, no sugar come down, no change of mood and no other negative side effects to complain about. This is no doubt due to the fact that this drink is more a tonic than a gigantic fizzy nasty.

      The taste is a pleasant (but strong) grape flavour, which no doubt masks the very busy ingredients list in this drink. There is a very slightly bitter after taste, but it's just like drinking a spoonful of medicine. On the up side, this will do more for you than most medicines I've ever drunk.

      The makers recommend drinking half the bottle for a 'sustained jolt', or downing the whole thing for a quick burst of energy. I probably wouldn't recommend the latter, as I'm over 200 lbs and found half to be more than sufficient for a boost.

      *Treat it with respect and you'll never need another energy drink!*

      This product is very much the holy grail of energy boosters in my eyes. It will give you a good amount of fast-acting energy, which won't dump you in the gutter once it wears off and it contains negligible calories and some vitamins. It's certainly not the cheapest product on the market, but it's the best I've tried by a long shot and it's wonderful for anyone living a hectic lifestyle who occasionally needs just a little help waking up in the morning.

      Don't overdo it, but do enjoy Jolt's gift to the sleepy world...


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