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Marks and Spencer Pressed Grape and Raspberry Juice

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Manufacturer: Marks & Spencer / Fruit juice

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    1 Review
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      08.02.2008 10:13
      Very helpful



      Try again Marks and Sparks. This stuff is simply dreadful!

      She meant well, she really did. My teenage daughter is always thinking about her old dad (bless her) and devising new ways she can please him. She knows that I don't drink alcohol, and she also knows that even after all this time off the hooch (29 years) I *STILL* miss a wee glass of wine when I'm having a meal.

      I like non-alcoholic wines like Schloer, (did I spell that correctly?) so when herself and her mother were on one of their regular shopping expeditions, she picked up a container of this non-alcoholic wine, Marks and Spencer Pressed Grape and Raspberry Juice, for her old dad.

      But I'm afraid this is one instance where her well-intentioned good nature hasn't resulted in me falling in love with a new product. I normally like almost anything that comes out of the Marks and Spencer food hall, but I'm afraid that this drink is the exception to the rule. I simply didn't take to it at all, and the 1 Litre container (just like a milk carton) is still sitting in the fridge with only a wee drop out of it almost a week after it was bought.

      So what's the drink like then, and why exactly don't I like it?
      Here's what Marks and Sparks have to say about it on the side of the carton.

      "Taking pressed juicy red and white grapes and blending them with rich crushed raspberries, we found we had a full-flavoured, fruity combination that is just delicious."

      Well, it might be pressed red and white grapes, (I can't comment on the 'juicy' bit) and it may well be blended with crushed raspberries. (I can't comment on the 'rich' bit) And they may well actually believe that they've produced a full-flavoured, fruity combination. But as for the very last bit, the 'just delicious' description, I'm very much afraid that their copywriters are being just a tad optimistic in their description.

      With Schloer you get a very satisfying taste of the grapes, with just a touch of bite to the drink, which would almost have you believing that you were drinking the 'real thing'. But with this drink the overwhelming flavour that comes through is the raspberries. I suppose that if I was pushed I could just about say I tasted the grape juice, but the sweet taste of the raspberries really is overpowering, and almost completely masks any other flavour that the drink might have.

      Don't get me wrong. I actually like raspberries, and raspberry jam (especially home made) is one of my all time favourites. I was raised on 'jammy pieces' (jam sandwiches) as a wee fella, and have never lost my liking for them.

      But I don't particularly like drinking raspberry juice, which in reality is all this is. It's simply too sweet and sickly for my palate.The juice is sort of deep, rich red in colour, and I'd think you'd be very sorry if you happened to spill any on your clothes, carpets, or furniture by mistake. My impression is that it would stain them very badly, and be the very devil to get out. So be careful not to spill any if you do drink it.

      It does do you good though. Well, if you believe the blurb on the box, that is.

      "Just one glass of Grape and Raspberry Juice gives you 1 of your 5 portions of fruit and vegetables, as recommended by the British Diabetic Association"

      Quite why they're quoting the British Diabetic Association I'm not too sure. But if they're hoping to get thousands of diabetics drinking the product, then I think they're on a loser. My own wee lass is a diabetic, and she can't stand the stuff either! No faulting the ingredients, mind you, which are totally natural with no additives or dreaded "E's". It's 75% Red and White Grape Juice, 24.5% Raspberry puree, and lemon juice. (Presumably this is the other 0.5%)

      For those of you who are weight conscious, it contains 138 calories per 250ml glass.

      It currently costs Euro2.90 for a 1 Litre container.

      I've just noticed that it's now out of date, by the way. You have to drink it within four days of purchase, and as we bought it over a week ago, so it's now a "down the sink" job. Just as well, and the best place for it!!


      Copyright KenJ



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