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Mars Maltesers Thick Shake

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Manufacturer: Mars / Type: Milkshake

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    1 Review
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      21.02.2010 22:43
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      Nice For A Freebie But I Won't Buy One

      I was given one of these as a free sample outside the train station in town a couple of weeks ago, it was quite nice but I deffo wouldn't pay the £1.50 usual price for it because it's not that good and is actually a bit too sickly for me.

      It comes in a cup exactly the same as the one you can see in the photo Dooyoo have got up, there's a thick straw stuck to the side and inside the domed plastic lid is a packet of Maltesers for you to stir through the milk shake.

      When I took the straw off I thought it was stupidly thick and couldn't understand why it was so big until I opened the top of the milkshake and saw how thick it was. It's a light chocolate brown colour and smells a bit malty like Maltesers, it's not got a mega Malteser smell but is deffo very nice.

      I didn't stir my Maltesers through because I forgot! lol I'd nearly finished the milkshake by the time I saw them sitting on the table so I ate them seperate and even though there wasn't many in the bag they was just normal Maltesers.

      The cup says that this is Super Thick Shake but I reckon it should be called Stupidly Thick Shake! lol It's got the same sort of thickness as a Mcdonalds milkshake but without the ice cream so even though it's mega cold out of the fridge it didn't taste as cool and refreshing. The thickness is a problem because you've got to put shedloads of effort into actually sucking the milkshake up the straw and it doesn't even taste that good to make it WORTH the effort I don't think.

      The taste is similar to Maltesers but a bit of a let down at the same time. It's got a malty flavour that's just like the honeycomb inside a Malteser but the taste of the chocolate is all wrong, it's too faint tasting and that spoils it for me because I'm using to eating Maltesers where you've got the yummy chocolate that goes sooooo good with the malty middle.

      I don't see the point in putting the Maltesers in the milkshake because the straw isn't going to suck them up so when you finish the drink you're going to be left with half a dozen gooey Maltesers in the bottom of your cup! lol

      Not recommended... not much like Maltesers, too thick and expensive!!!


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