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Maxitone Definity Shake

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Brand: Maxitone / Type: Milkshake

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    2 Reviews
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      12.11.2012 15:04
      Very helpful



      An effective protein supplement to support your exercise and fitness goals

      Over the past year I've become more and more interested in health and fitness, and have developed a series of workouts and routines that I fit into my weekly schedule to keep my body in good shape and condition. I've always been tall and skinny and never really paid too much attention to my diet, but as I've done more research into the matter I've now started to incorporate supplements into my daily diet. The easiest way for me to do this is to use a protein powder supplement, and I have been trying various types to gauge the results I get. I decided to go start with the Maxitone Definity range as it is aimed specifically at women and seemed to offer what I was looking for as a beginner without much knowledge of these products.


      "Maxitone Definity shakes can help your body tone, recover and repair after exercise. Available in 2 flavours, these great tasting shakes help to reduce unhealthy cravings and keeps you feeling fuller for longer."

      Recommended Use: For best results take 2 servings a day. One at breakfast and another after exercise or at lunch.
      Directions: Add 1 scoop (30g) of Definity in your preferred flavour to your maxitone shaker, add 200-250ml water, shake and drink.

      A recommended serving is one 30g scoop mixed with 200mls water. Each serving contains:
      Energy - 120Kcal - 497 kJ
      Protein - 24.3g
      Carbohydrate - 2.04g - Of which sugars - 0.81g
      Fats - 2.07g - Of which saturates 1.23g
      Sodium - 0.12g


      I buy my health foods and supplements from Holland and Barrett and am quite a frequent customer there thanks to their special offers and loyalty card. Maxitone Definity powder comes in two different flavours; chocolate and strawberry, and costs £18.99 for a 420g tub. 420g gives 14 x 30g servings, which works out at a cost of around £1.35 per serving. If you're using it twice a day this can become an expensive addition to your diet. I tend to use only one serving per day, either at breakfast time on a rest day, or after my workout on an exercise day.

      There are other products available in this line, including Definity CLA Capsules, Definity Crisp Bar, and the Maxitone Shaker. I personally prefer to stick to just the Definity shake as I like the drink form, and I use this with my Maxitone Shaker.


      I've worked my way through 3 tubs of Definity powders and have tried both the strawberry and chocolate varieties. They are both fairly pleasant tasting, but I find the chocolate flavour more enjoyable as I'm definitely a sweet toothed kind of girl! The shakes are tasty but do have a slight aftertaste which I believe is from the artificial sweetener used. They have a nice consistency when mixed with a shaker bottle, and the powder blends in easily without any clumps getting stuck in the bottle. I sometimes add a few ice cubes to the shake if I'm drinking it at home and this seems to give a nice effect with the flavour being clearer.

      Based on my weight and specific needs, my RDA for protein is ~50g on an inactive rest day, going up to ~80g on an active day. I am a bit of a fussy eater and most of the time I'll avoid eating meat, so my intake of protein through food is usually from fish, eggs, nuts and whole grains. By adding a Definity shake into my daily routine I gain nearly half of my RDA protein on an inactive day, and over a quarter of my RDA protein on an active day. This makes a huge difference to me as it makes meal preparation much easier because I can still eat a mainly vegetarian diet and not worry about lacking in protein. It's also a really easy way to get a quick intake which is required after exercise, as I only need to mix up the powder with some water in my shaker bottle and it's ready to consume straight away. It's convenient to take this along to the gym as it requires little in the way of preparation and helps to give extra hydration as well as supporting the muscles.

      When you're exercising, and in particular lifting weights, the muscle fibres will tear and then re-bond. By drinking a protein shake after exercising I am giving my body the "building material" that it needs to aid the bonding process and this is what helps to achieve muscle tone and definition. I like to do a mixture of dance-based cardio exercise along with sets of free weights for my upper body and resistance machines for my lower body. The Definity shake is a good all-rounder and provides a high dose of protein with only a minimal amount of carbohydrate, which is exactly what you need to help tone muscles without storing excess fat. I think it really depends on the intensity of your workouts and overall level of activity as to whether you need to take one or two shakes a day, and seeing as I have a low-level activity office job, I go for one shake a day as needed. This helps the tubs to last a bit longer and costs me less, but will mean that visible results are going to be a bit slower for me than they would for someone who is more active and takes two shakes per day.

      I would say it took me about one month of using this supplement on a daily basis before I began to notice a visible improvement to my muscle definition, above and beyond what I would expect from just exercising without following up with a supplement drink. It was great to see results within this time-frame and I am happy that my shape does seem to have noticeably improved. In particular, my shoulders, upper arms, forearms and stomach are all looking more toned and defined. Even my difficult "love handle" region looks more streamlined and I am sure this is due to the increased protein intake that my body has received through taking these drinks. I would really recommend for any woman who is following an exercise routine to consider taking an additional protein supplement, as it has been really worthwhile for me to make the most of my exercise and really support my body. To get the shape I want it requires me to exercise, but if I'm not providing my body with a good diet then this means I'm not achieving my full potential and some of my efforts would be going to waste without the additional support provided by my Maxitone Definity shakes. They have a really good nutritional content which gives balance to my diet where ordinarily it would be lacking, and I will certainly continue to use them.


      So, how does Maxitone's Definity shake compare to other similar products? I'm going to look at this against Maxitone's other supplement shake, Sculptress, and the most popular of their mens range, Maximuscle Promax supplement shake.

      Cost-wise it's all pretty similar. Maxitone Definity comes in 420g tubs with the unit price of 5p per gram. Sculptress is available in larger 700g tubs costing slightly less at 4p per gram. Maximuscle Promax is also available in larger 908g tubs costing 5p per gram.

      As for the content, there are further similarities. In fact, this was pointed out to me by one of the sales assistants at Holland and Barrett where I buy my supplements from, and she explained to me that their supplier had informed them that there is no difference whatsoever in the content of the Definity womens range and the Promax mens range. Intrigued by this I checked out the nutritional info on the Maximuscle website and found that the two supplements are indeed exactly the same based on the recommended amount of 30g powder to 200mls water, with 120 calories, 24g protein, 2.04g carbohydrates. The womens range seems to just be a clever marketing approach to make the supplement more appealing to the intended female customers. It offers nothing specific to support womens nutritional needs. Seeing as there's no difference in the price per gram I'm not overly concerned about this, but the Promax supplements have a wider variety of flavours to choose from, so I may well be tempted to give that a go next time instead.

      The Definity range aims to help you tone and repair muscles after exercise. The Sculptress range aims to support weight loss goals. I found it interesting that the diet-friendly Sculptress supplement drink has a larger recommended serving amount of 100g to 250mls water, with 418 calories, 32g protein, 48g carbohydrates. These are recommended to have with breakfast or as a snack, but I would personally be put off by the higher calorie count and there is a huge amount of carbohydrate content compared to the Definity version. I am definitely happy that I made the right choice to go with the Definity range as this seems much better suited to my requirements.


      I have no complaints with the Maxitone Definity range of supplement powders other than being a little bit annoyed that the Definity range is just a marketing ploy to encourage women to buy this particular brand based on the packaging, and that the nutritional content does not differ from their mainline mens product. The Definity shakes are a practical and easy way to boost my protein intake and support my body after exercise. I like that they are very simple to prepare and the drink form suits my needs for something fast and effective. I think that this is a great way to achieve better results from a workout routine and I am happy with the results that I've seen so far.


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        25.07.2012 15:40
        Very helpful



        Definity shakes to help muscle support.

        ~ The Definity Range/Shakes ~
        If you don't want to shed any weight but want to tone up your body and have a desire for a better shaped body then the Definity range is perfect for you. The products contain high protein nutrition to help achieve enhanced body toning results from regular exercise including weights, body pump, Pilates, bands and more. You can choose to either drink 1-2 shakes or bars per day. You can add the toning capsules for even faster toning. The Definity shakes are a great nutritious protein shake that helps to tone your body and to help recovery and repair after exercise and keeps you feeling fuller for longer. I exercise at least 4-5 times a week which includes weights, body pump, pilates and more. I thought the shakes would be perfect for me to help me tone up and to also help my body recover after exercising. As well as exercising 4-5 times a week I also walk at least 20mins to and from work during the week. The shakes come in 2 different flavours which are chocolate and strawberry. One tub of this is meant to last you for 7 days, which isn't very long so it's best to purchase more than one tub of this at one time. The shakes contain whey protein to help nourish your muscles after working out and rapidly support body shaping and toning goals. As well as hoping to tone and shape your body the shakes are also great for hair, skin nails and immune function too. I have two shakes a day one mid-morning or with lunch and one in the evening after exercising.

        ~ Price/Availability ~
        You can purchase this from www.maxitone.com along with their other products.
        * Definity Shake (Chocolate or Strawberry) - £18.99 (for a 420g tub which is meant to last 7 days).
        * Definity Capsules - £9.99 for 28 soft gel capsules.
        * Definity Crisp Bars (Chocolate or Cranberry) - £11.99 for a box of bars.

        ~ Nutritional Information (Per 30g scoop) ~
        * Energy - 120kcal/497 kj
        * Protein - 24.3g
        * Carbohydrate - 2.04g of which sugars - 0.81g
        * Fats - 2.07g of which saturates - 1.23g
        * Sodium - 0.12g

        This product is suitable for vegetarians.

        ~ Packaging ~
        The powder comes in a large plastic tub which is white in colours and is then covered with a plastic label around it. The label is a red colour and it states on the front what flavour shake it is. It also states that the product is a Definity product and is a delicious, high protein shake which helps your body to recover after exercise. On the back of the packaging you will find other information such as a list of ingredients, nutritional information and suggestions on when to use the product. You can choose the have the shakes at different times of the day, how-ever you must eat well balanced meals as well during the time you drink the definity shakes. The packaging is quite big and bulky; how-ever there is a lot of powder in the tub. The lid simply unscrews to reveal the powder inside with a plastic scoop. The first time you use the product it should be sealed with plastic so you can tell that the product hasn't been opened before hand. The packaging is a very simple design how-ever I think it stands out a little more when comparing it to other/similar products.

        ~ Using the product ~
        It's recommended to use a maxitone shaker when using their shakes range. This can be purchased from their website or if you place an order you will receive a maxitone shaker for free on your first order. In the tub there should be a plastic scoop, this may be buried a little in the powder but it will be in there. Depending on which flavour you get will depend on the colour and smell of the powder. In this review I will write about the strawberry flavour. As soon as you unscrew the lid you can smell a light strawberry smell which isn't too strong. The powder is a very light pink colour and I could see the scoop sticking out from the powder. The powder is very, very fine and it was easy to use the scoop in order to get the right amount of powder. Simply add one scoop into your shaker and then add 200ml-250ml of water and shake until the powder has mixed with the water to create a shake. I added the scoop to the shakes and then added some cold water to the shaker. I ensured the lid was securely on and then shook the shaker for a few minutes to ensure that the product was mixed before drinking it. The shake is now ready to drink and enjoy.

        When I opened the lid to the shaker ready to try it, the smell of strawberries was a little stronger than it was before adding water to the product. The colour of the product was a very light pink colour and it did look like a strawberry milkshake and smelt of one too. I drank the shake within a few minutes. I find that it's best to use chilled cold water for the shake as I think this make the shake taste slightly better than it would if you used cold water directly from the tap. The shake wasn't too thick and was quite runny. The shake did have a strawberry taste to it; how-ever there was also another taste to it which I can't describe. The taste wasn't unpleasant but it did taste a little bit off and wasn't a taste I was used to. The shake does taste a little powdery; how-ever you could probably add more water to the shake to overcome this problem. The overall taste of the shake was ok and certainly wasn't unpleasant to drink.

        ~ Results ~
        After a week of drinking the shakes twice a day I did start to notice a little different in my body tone. My muscles seemed more toned and defined that what they were before I had started drinking the shakes. There wasn't a huge different, how-ever I could see and notice the difference slightly. I would continue with the shakes twice a day for a few weeks to see the results then. After 3-4 weeks of using the shakes my body was noticeably more toned. The muscles in my legs and stomach were much more defined and I look very fit and healthy. I was really impressed with the results and will continue using this product, despite the cost of it. I have found that the shakes do make me feel fuller for longer, which means I stop cravings sweets and snacks during the day and in between meals. This is fantastic as I always quite weak when it came to say no to sweets and chocolate. As the strawberry flavour has a slight sweet taste to it anyway this helps to take away any sweet cravings that I might have. When I first started using this product it did make me go to the loo a few times, how-ever now my body has got used to the product this isn't the case anymore and it doesn't cause any bad reactions with my body.

        ~ Overall Opinion ~
        I think the product is a little pricey, how-ever they often have special offers and discounts on the maxitone website which I why I always buy the product from here rather than from stores such as Boots where the products are also available to buy. I don't mind paying £18.99 a week for this product as I have noticed a different in my body tone and shape and I love the results it has given me. In terms of taste the strawberry one tastes nice, but not too sweet. It did taste a little strange at first, how-ever I have now got used to this flavour and I can drink it quite quickly so the taste doesn't really bother me now. I have tried the chocolate flavour but found this too sickly for me which is why I now stick with just the strawberry flavour rather than switching between the two. I think this a fantastic product from Maxitone and is a lot cheaper than other brands out there which are available to buy. I would highly recommend this product to others who are looking to tone up and want some extra help after exercising. The shaker you can buy to use with the product is fantastic and can be carried to and from the gym or around with you without leaking. This product deserves a fantastic 5 out of 5 stars.

        PLEASE NOTE: That the shakes are only suitable if you exercise and are not an aid to weight loss as this product helps to tone and support muscles, especially after exercising.

        (review may also appear on ciao)


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