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Moment Du Chocolat Gourmet Hot Chocolate

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Manufacturer: Mars / Type: Chocolate Drinks

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    3 Reviews
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      26.08.2011 11:51
      Very helpful



      If you like rich luxury chocolate then you will like this.

      This Moment Du Chocolat is a gourmet hot chocolate that you simply put in the microwave as it is and you don't need to add any milk or hot water. I didn't actually realise this when I bought this though and thought you would still have to add something, until I tore the top bit off the hot chocolate to find it already full with a creamy hot chocolate inside.

      I had seen these in supermarkets and various other shops such as B&M but had never actually considered buying one before due to the price. They usually cost around £1.79 - £1.99 which I thought is a lot for one hot chocolate. It wasn't until I was shopping in Asda with my friends for supplies for our girly movie night in that they suggested we get these, and they were on offer for £1 each. A couple of my friends had already tried it before and told me it was the best hot chocolate they had ever had and so I was easily persuaded to finally buy one.

      They had a few to choose from including this one, that also came with marshmallows (these are not shown in the picture), galaxy and a malteasers one. The malteasers one also came with some malteasers to add to the drink. I have also seen a Mars one too in other shops, that came with a few mini mars bars like what you find in Celebrations. This Moment du Chocolat one was the only one for £1 though so I chose this one.

      To heat this up you remove the plastic lid and foil seal and microwave on full power for 30 seconds, stir, then heat for a further 30 seconds or until you reach your desired temperature. I heated it up for longer than this as it was only warm and not hot, how I wanted it. I then added the marshmallows after which slowly started to melt.

      The hot chocolate itself was very thick and creamy, I had never had a hot chocolate like it before, the texture of it reminded me of eating the leftover melted chocolate you use when baking cakes! The first few sips I had it tasted amazing, it was a very rich hot chocolate and any chocolate lover will like this. However, it was just too rich for me. I am not a massive chocolate lover and just go through my phases of craving chocolate, unlike some who always crave it. I could not finish the whole cup as it just got sickly towards the end, and I thought when buying it that it wasn't big enough!

      I think I would have been able to drink it all no problem if it had been milkier as I am not a fan of rich chocolate, and so I think any dark chocolate lovers will like this one. However, if like me you like milky chocolate then I wouldn't recommend this one. You may enjoy the first few sips like I did but after that it just becomes sickly and so I couldn't drink it all, and it became a waste.

      This hasn't put me off all the hot chocolates in this range though and I won't be afraid to try the malteasers or mars one, I think I might enjoy them more than this one as I imagine they won't be as rich. The marshmallows on this one also made it that more sickly.

      I think these are still priced at £1 in Asda at the moment, I have tried to check on their website but can only see the Galaxy one, which is also £1, if you are a galaxy lover then you may prefer that one to this. I have also seen these in B&M bargains and other big supermarkets priced from as little as £1 if on offer up to £1.99.


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        15.03.2009 15:54
        Very helpful



        The best hot chocolate!

        When I want a real treat with the weekly shopping, I tend to pop a couple of these into the trolley. At £1.79 each (from Sainsbury's anyway), they are a bit of a rare addition though as they are quite a bit more expensive than my usual choice(s) of hot chocolate.

        These work a little differently to most other instant hot chocolates. Instead of boiling the kettle and pouring hot water onto the hot chocolate, you actually put these in the microwave to heat them up. When they come out, they are usually piping hot so you need to leave them for at least ten minutes to give them chance to cool down. If you don't, you'll probably get a burnt tongue, like me! I don't know if this is standard across all Moment Du Chocolat hot chocolates, but mine come with marshmallows that you can add when it comes out of microwave. By the time it has cooled down, these will also have melted. This gives a nice sweet topping that I like to spoon off.

        Taste-wise, these are very chocolatey and the taste remains right through to the end of the drink. The container is very reminescent of takeaway coffee and is designed to keep the hot chocolate warm while you drink it. I have been known to microwave one of these before I head out of the house and take it with me to drink on the way, and the container is quite conducive to this.

        I absolutely love this hot chocolate as it is delicious. If you are a chocolate lover, this is strong enough to satisfy a chocolate craving as it seems a lot stronger than most instant hot chocolates that I have tried. However, the more expensive cost means that you probably won't want to buy enough of these to have one every day so it is more of a semi-regular or occasional treat.


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          10.11.2008 19:43
          Very helpful



          Beautiful for choc lovers that appreciate true quality

          I wouldn't say I'm a huge hot chocolate lover. I certainly was never a fan of it growing up but maybe that's cos I was never given it as it wasn't a thing my mother bought! Aw poor me I'm feeling deprived now! However saying I'm not a fan really is, I guess down to the fact I don't really have a sweet tooth. Mum always said that when I was a child and she bought me say a cake from a bakery I'd throw it to the floor and she'd have to nip back into said shop to get me something like a sausage roll. I am a snacker on a huge level but it tends to be on savoury goods unless I'm in pmt mood or that I'm out shopping like the other day!

          So picture the scene... it's freezing and I have walked half way to my destination when the sky caved in, the world went black and I had on a thin jacket (which was at one point warm enough!) and possessed no brolly! I got into Tescos drenched, cold, hungry and feeling very sorry for myself indeed. I shopped for ages until the rain stopped knowing it was pointless to torture myself by attempting to walk back and I resent getting a cab when I have feet so it meant I had time to peruse the shelves at stuff that I wouldn't normally look at and make a few random purchases.

          I had seen this product before but at the usual price (in my local Nisa shop) of £1.79 and in Tescos the price was £1.29. Not only did I think that's a bargain (though it is Tescos normal price) I also felt I needed and deserved it after what was about to be a rather long walk home with heavy shopping bags in the dark, cold afternoon.

          Anyway I got back home, got myself dry and wrapped up and set about making me this drink and boy was I for some reason excited! I was all prepared for it in my fleecy pjs and everything. Luxury and pampering I was hoping for and as I sneezed I knew I needed it too!

          The Packaging....

          Well it's a long brown cup which is like cardboard to the touch but shiny and the inside is white plastic. There is a lid which is brown plastic with a hole to sip the drink out of if desired of course. The cup itself is decorated with brown chunks of chocolate on a picture then on the front I'm told it's 'Moment Du Chocolat', Gourmet Hot Chocolate which is 'Real Belgian Milk Chocolate Melted Into Milk and is made of 30% chocolate. On the back I'm told about the product, then how to heat it, given the list of ingredients ,given contact details for Mars (the manufacturers of these products), size is stated and recycle symbol is shown, told the best before date is given on the lid, told to consume it once opened within 3 days and finally there is a nutritional chart. Nice enough packaging and does appear to look promising!

          About The Product...

          Moment Du Chocolat is a completely new gourmet hot chocolate experience you can enjoy at home. Ordinary drinking chocolate can often be a little more than cocoa powder - whereas this is made with real Belgian chocolate melted into milk.

          The result is unashamedly sensuous and excitedly different - even down to the cup that keeps your chocolate piping hot without burning your hands.

          It all adds up to a special chocolate moment that is yours alone to savour.

          To Heat....

          Microwave in less than 2 minutes (800w). Remove outer packaging and all of the foil seal. Microwave on full power for 1 minute, stir and heat for a further 30 seconds or until required temperature is reached. Stir before drinking.

          The Drink....

          Well at point of purchase I thought I'd have to add water so when I was ready I pulled off the outer lid and was met with a white plastic wrapper as well which I tore off. Luckily I could see with boiled kettle in my hand that I didn't need to add water! I was stopped in my tracks when my eyes was met with a dark brown slightly stodgy chocolate sauce type of mixture that was almost set and certainly had a chocolate smell to it that was fairly rich.

          So I heated it up according the the instructions I had read and yes it was heated through and had melted. The drink melted to fill 3/4 of my cup. It wasn't steaming but was warm enough but not burnable hot. I did contemplate putting it back in the microwave to get it a bit warmer but as this was drinkable I then decided that I may impair the flavour by doing that so opted not to. So my complaint is that this cup is pretty daft. The liquid doesn't get to boiling point even in an 800w microwave (as mine is) so why go on about the cup being genius and giving us special star buck style lids is beyond me lol

          Me not being a fan of these types of lids unless I'm on the move removed mine and drank it that way. The liquid was thicker than a home made hot chocolate even if made with milk etc by miles. I personally have never had one consistency wise like this at home. It wasn't so thick I had to eat it with a spoon and I do think that when I'm told this is milk that chocolate has been melted into it... well I believe that statement as it has that feel to it. I like the consistency and the smell, colour, texture and shine as it all screams luxury.

          Now the taste for me personally was a let down and let me explain why. I am a ' 'Milk' chocolate lover. I don't like rich or expensive chocolate and this? Well it is. For me it wasn't milky enough and even in colour being darker brown than I'm used to I knew it was going to be too rich tasting for me. This is for a real old fashioned chocolate lover. First sip, it's bitter. It has that expensive bitter taste I've tasted before and I'm not impressed by that. Then it has a sweetness that follows that actually does help with that said bitterness but no, still not for me.

          There is no doubting that this is an high quality chocolate drink and if you like thick luxury choccy drinks then yes this is for you as there is something very luxurious about it but this really is for real chocolate lovers! Me though as I said no!

          Suitable for vegetarians. Less than 5% fat.

          Nutritional Information.... Per 100ml (half cup)....

          Energy 111kcal
          Protein 4.5g
          Carbohydrate 12.9g
          Fat 4.6g


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