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Monin Strawberry Puree

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Brand: Monin / Type: Puree

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    1 Review
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      03.07.2013 17:57
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      Great addition to the drinks cabinet!

      Item: Monin Syrup
      Flavour: Strawberry
      Size: 1 Ltr
      Price: £10
      Bought from: "Syrups and Stuff" Website

      When we were in Egypt last year we had a load of really good cocktails at out hotel and we noticed that a lot of them had "Monin" syrups in them, so we took a note of the brand and looked it up when we got home. The one I will review today is Strawberry Syrup. For the most part I use this in a Strawberry Coladas! Yum

      Packaging and design:
      This comes in a large plastic bottle. It is made from silver plastic so you can't actually see the colour of the syrup through the bottle. Parts of the bottle have a bubbled effect on it so it looks like it is beads of water on it, as if it has just come out of the fridge and condensation has developed on it. I wouldn't say I love this design but it is an added extra to what would other wise be a plain bottle, so does make it a bit more distinctive. There is a picture of large strawberries across the bottom of the bottle so you see straight away what flavour it will be. The text advises "Le Fruit De Monin, Strawberry" so it does tell you it is strawberry there too. The lid has a flip cap and you should hold the bottle around the neck and use your thumb to release the syrup out of the bottle. The cap is really good and allows you to get out just what you need. The syrup is quite thick too so you can use the cap (simply release it from your thumbs pressure) and it stops too much coming out. Admittedly it can be awkward at first to work out how to get the syrup out using the cap, but luckily we saw the bar men at our hotel doing a very professional job, although they did make it look easier to do than we have found (I must be quite weak as holding the full bottle up and pouring one handed was a struggle but it got easier the emptier it gets haha) If in doubt you could go for a smaller bottle, which comes in a clear plastic bottle with no pourer, just a regular bottle top, but that didn't seem as exciting as the pour caps we saw on holiday!

      What is it, what's it like and does it pass the smell and taste test:
      This Monin syrup is strawberry and is a puree made from concentrated and preserved strawberries. It is rich bright red in colour and smells really strongly of strawberries. As it is a puree as well as a syrup is it thicker than your average syrup. It tastes really sweet and very strongly of strawberries.

      Recipe for our strawberry coladas (to fill a big hurricane cocktail glass for one person) all to be dropped in the blender:
      35ml White rum
      Half scoop of ice cream
      70ml milk
      A light sprinkle of desiccated coconut
      Enough Strawberry Syrup to cover a tea spoon (measure it until you know your taste preference)
      You will end up with a light pink milk shake looking concoction.
      Pour in glass, squirty cream on top, straw in, drink, enjoy!
      (Once you are confident pouring the syrup, you can get your glass and pour it in a swirl pattern around the inside of the glass to make it look extra special.)

      What else can it be used on:
      *You can pour this over ice cream as a syrup ( I find that too sickly for my taste buds)
      *It can be added to milk and ice cream to make a strawberry ice cream milkshake
      *You can add a tiny spot to cloudy lemonade to make strawberry lemonade
      *You CAN add it to fruit smoothies, but I think if you are making a real fruit smoothie I guess you are trying to be healthy so maybe adding sugary syrups not the healthiest option haha

      This lasts for soooo long, we have had it since Oct last year and it comes out at every party and has been used loads and is still more than half full as you only need a small spot each time. It tastes and smells really sweet and of strawberries. It is versatile (although mainly I do only use it in cocktails). The website we got it from are doing a 4for price of 3 deal just now too! http://www.syrupsandstuff.co.uk/acatalog/Monin_Puree_Single_Bottles.html


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    • Product Details

      The strawberry is the first fruit of spring. Everyone looks forward to the end of winter and to this sweet and delicious berry taste. Enjoyed all over the world, delicious strawberries are eaten fresh or used in making juice, desserts, jam, wine and syrup. Picked at maturity in the Mediterranean region, MONIN Strawberry fruit puree will bring to your drinks the perfect taste and texture any time of the year. Colour: Deep ruby red with some copper red glints. Taste: Intense nose of Mediterranean ripe strawberries. Refreshing and juicy strawberry taste with some acidulous notes. Natural taste reinforced with the strawberry seeds. Application: Cocktails, smoothies, mocktails, iced teas, sodas, culinary.

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