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Meal replacement milk drink / available in a variety of flavours.

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    3 Reviews
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      11.05.2013 20:59
      Very helpful



      I would say good in moderation


      Around a year ago I had a reaction to some of my medication I was taking, I felt very ill and could not face food. I could not even eat a slice of toast without feeling sick and a friend suggested these milk drinks to me. They are a decent meal replacement for a short time although not designed for this I do not think.

      These milk drinks are produced by Grace foods Ltd.

      I think these are really primarily designed as a sports type of protein drink, they have a lot of added vitamins and minerals although looking at their website they also advertise them as being suitable for someone on a diet, I am not so sure about this as they have a very high calorie content.

      The drink comes in a tin that is almost the size of a normal tin of baked beans with a very similar style label on the tin. To open the tin you need to remove an old style non safety ring pull that I remember from my teens. I have to admit I had not seen this style of ring pull in years until I bought one of these. I am really not a big fan of this style of ring pull after standing on one when I was in my teens on a holiday abroad, it had been left on the beach and was slightly buried in the sand, it made an awfully sore deep cut on my foot and I have been very wary of them ever since.

      The drink itself is quite thick for a milk drink and reminds me more of a tin of flavoured condensed milk. The flavours I have tried are Strawberry, Chocolate, Banana and Vanilla. I have to say I found the Strawberry and Banana a little fake tasting, not very much like the real fruits but tolerable, however I really liked the Chocolate and Vanilla ones.


      I think it really is best not to read the ingredients on the side of these tins but here they are :-

      Whole Milk , Skimmed Milk , Sugar , Milk Protein , Emulsifier (E471) , Vitamins and Minerals (Sodium Ascorbate, Copper Gluconate, Manganese Sulphate, Nicotinamide, Thiamine Mononitrate, Folic Acid - includes Dextrose, Potassium Iodide, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride, Vitamin B12 - includes Mannitol, Riboflavin, Vitamin A Palmitate, Vitamin D3) , Stabiliser (E331) , Salt , Flavouring , Colour (E101) .

      These drinks are also very high in calories and fat which again is why I feel they are more suited to work out drinks rather than diet.

      Each tin has around 400 calories in and around 12 grams of fat (depending upon the flavouring)


      Asda is the only large store I have found that stocks these however many corner shops do, I am not sure why this is. The prices vary with stores but I have paid around £1.00 - £1.40 per tin depending on the store.


      400g Tins


      Chocolate, Strawberry, Banana, Cherry, Vanilla and Raspberry


      These are alright for a meal replacement once in a while, they are a little sickly and have a little bit of a strange after taste. High calories and fat would have me advising to drink with caution however I would suggest them as a meal replacement if you are ill but needing to take medication that can not be taken on an empty stomach.

      I would give them 3 stars out of 5 because of the funny after taste, high calories, nasty ring pull and high cost per tin.


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        07.05.2013 23:40
        Very helpful



        Perfect as a meal replacment when you don't have time to eat, or to help recover from excersize.

        --- Firstly, a bit about Nurishments in general ---
        In short, they are like protein shakes combined with a weight gainer. I started drinking Nurishments after going to the gym to help recovery and to give my body everything it needs to grow. This worked well and worked out about the same price of buying the protein powder to mix yourself, although can make you feel a bit sickly as it's like eating a meal straight after your workout.

        I haven't been gym in a while but I found a new use for them; at work I don't get enough time to eat and I am constantly on my feet burning a lot of calories, so I started taking 2 of these to work with me each day and just drink throughout my shift. The energy it gives you helps keep you going and also acting as a meal replacement (although not advised to constantly use in replace of a meal) meant you don't get hungry and restores the calories burnt throughout the day.

        --- Packaging ---
        Although they are starting to sell some of them in plastic bottles, the main ones are in cans. The cans are suitable for this as they have a pull-ring to open them making them easy to open whilst busy or on the move. The cans are quite large (400 grams), larger than normal coke cans etc.. A bit annoying that you can't reseal them as they can be hard to drink all in one go, but I usually manage.

        --- Cost ---
        They used to sell them in Sainsburys for 3 for £2.50, but they don't sell them any more so I am forced to shop at Spar where they are around £1.29 each. Most News Agents also sell them for similar prices.

        --- Flavour ---
        Nurishments come in a range of flavours, the main ones I've seen are Strawberry, Vanilla, Banana and Chocolate, but some places also sell Mango, Raspberry and Peanut... yes, Peanut Flavour!

        The vanilla flavour is basically what most people would consider plain. It tastes like Condensed Milk which you usually put on deserts; quite sweet but refreshing. Not particularly a favourite but it is nice to have a break from the other flavours from time to time.

        The Strawberry one is my favourite. It is reasonably sweet and can be a bit too sweet if you're sensitive, but for me is the easiest to drink. It feels light... I'm not sure how to explain it but you can drink it fast if you need to and easily forget that you're gulping down 500 calories.

        As with most flavoured drinks, you can't really associate the flavour with the actual food. Yes for example the Strawberry one 'tastes like strawberries' but in reality it tastes nothing like them... if you get what I mean? They do still taste really nice though so I'm not complaining.

        --- Overall ---
        Taking value for money into account, around 500 calories per tin almost equates to a good sized meal, combined with being healthy, for just over a pound, definitely worth it.
        All the flavours are really nice but of course everyone has preferences, so just buy the flavours which are available in your store and see which you like best!

        (Please note, I have also published this review on Ciao under the same username).


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        17.09.2009 12:28
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        A tasty nutritional milk drink

        My dads a bit of fitness freak and my younger brother has followed in his footsteps being only 15 though he is just a slight bit fitter. He is constantly drinking fitness drinks and boosts and one he will come home from work with is a tin or can of Nurishment.

        Nurishment like I said comes in a tin or a can with a ring pull on top, this ring pull allows you to pull off the ring section alone to leave a little gap for you to pour it out into a glass with ease, or even if you want to, drink it from the can - although you should probably be careful with the sharp edges of the tin.

        Nurishment to be more precise is a Nutritionally Enriched Milk Drink. Even if you hadn't seen these before they are not hard to miss on the shelves being different from other drinks coming in a tin for starters and the Blue Nurishment band is swiped along the front of the tin proudly. It actually comes in many flavours but I have only ever tried Strawberry but you have plenty of choice when the flavours available are Vanilla, Banana, Cherry, Raspberry and Chocolate. I don't think I have seen these in larger supermarkets to be honest and have only really seen them in smaller newsagents. Each flavour is represented by a different bright colour on the bottom of the tin so no mistaking which flavour you are buying, it also tells you clearly what flavour the drink is too. Strawberry comes in the Red tin.

        On the front of the tin it provides us with a few top points, this drink is;

        *Rich in Calcium and Vitamins
        *Made with fresh milk
        *Source of Protein

        Each can contains;
        462 calories
        11.8g fat
        7.1g saturates
        67.6g sugars

        The consistency of the drink is just a slight bit thicker than that of milk.

        It pours out smoothly it is not too thick, and it is not frothy nor bubbly it is almost exactly like milk. It is a lovely deep pink in colour and it has a very subtle strawberry smell.

        It has a strange taste but I do enjoy it, in moderation though as it is extremely filling and quite sickly if it is drunk too quickly. It does taste of strawberry but as it is meant to be an energy and nutritional boost drink it was bound to taste alot different too the likes of Frijj and Yazoo and my expectations were right. It has a funny aftertaste and leaves a milky foam in my mouth. I can almost taste whatever the funny stuff is that it contains that is meant to 'boost' your energy. It is a difficult taste to describe, it definitely tastes of strawberry as you'd expect but it has 'that' nutritional drink taste to it as well.

        Yes one can of this does have a staggering amount of calories for you to consume but the purpose of these drinks are to fill you with nutrients and nourish your body filling you with goodness preparing your body for a full workout, especially weight training. After drinking one of these your body is full with the goodness it needs to last through a hard workout. It carries you throughout your fitness routine resulting in you burning off the calories provided in this drink but it is this drink that is meant to provide you with the boost to fulfill the workout in the first place.

        To be honest I don't see it as a boost for my energy, it is quite heavy on the stomach even when drank in sips and can leave me feeling groggy and frumpy rather than energised and refreshed - but then this is not meant to be Lucozade or a glucose drink either. It is not the type of drink you would buy whilst out and about shopping or on a day trip as a thirst quencher, nor is it a refreshing soft drink. I tend to buy them when feeling a little low and I convince myself it is going to be a slight pick me up to no avail. I wouldn't personally advise that people drink this drink before a cardio workout perhaps as it will more than likely be brought back up. If participating in martial arts and strenous muscle work outs then this can be drunk around 2 hours before. In my opinion it would benefit weight lifters more than anybody.

        Due to it being such a filling drink though I have in the past used this drink as a stop gap / meal whilst on the go, instead of buying slim fast drinks. For me it works just the same as a slim fast drinks only difference being it provides me with more calories so I tend to use these if I know I am going to be walking about for most of the day so I know I can walk a few of them off lol!

        I'd recommend these drinks to people who are into their fitness or who do weightlifting and people who are out and about alot and need a quick, nutritional filler and don't have time or the money to buy or prepare a meal. I do find it a tasty drink but don't get it confused with a fruity milk drink as it's not, this is a nutrtional milk drink that is aiming to provide your body with 'nurishment' and nutrients that it's lacking or needs!

        In my local newsagents a tin of this cost me roughly £1.29, so if comparing it so a slimfast drink they are roughly the same price but the tin of Nurishment provides more for your money.


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