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Oatly Healthy Oat Organic Drink

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9 Reviews

Manufacturer: Oatly / Type: Other / Food quality: Organic food

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    9 Reviews
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      21.09.2013 19:12
      Very helpful
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      Delicious and worth paying extra for!

      About a year ago I decided to cut back on eating dairy (because of ethical concerns) and as part of this decision I stopped drinking cow's milk. I have mostly substituted this with soya, rice or nut milks but I recently saw this 'Oatly' milk and decided I would like to try it. I have seen this product for sale many times before in my local health food stores but I actually bought it from my local supermarket. They had it stocked in a special section along with other 'free from' products.

      This product now looks a little different from the Dooyoo picture. The carton is now blue and features a glass of white milk which looks very appealing. The carton is 1 litre in size and is printed with product information on the sides and back of carton. It is designed with a spout on the top which you have to screw off. This top is easy to remove and is perfectly secure when tightened. The spout has a small lip which is not specifically shaped for pouring but if you tip the carton sideways the milk is dispensed with great aim and with no spillages or drips.

      Oatly milk has an oat base which is then blended with other ingredients. Full ingredients are listed on the pack and include 10% oat base of water and oats as well as rapeseed oil, salt, calcium carbonate, calcium phosphates and vitamins D2, riboflavin and B12. The milk is dairy free and therefore suitable for vegetarians and vegans. The milk is also soya free and is naturally low in saturated fat. There are no nasty things included like artificial flavours, stabilisers or preservatives. It is also unsweetened.

      An easy read nutritional chart on the side of the carton shows me that a 200ml serving of the milk provides 90 calories and 3g of fat. The milk also contains 120mg of calcium per 100mls.

      When I first used this milk I followed the instructions and shook it well before pouring out. I decided to try it straight first before using it for other things. I poured it into a glass and grimaced because it looked a bit horrible. The milk isn't bright white like it appears to be on the carton illustration. It's actually a bit dirty looking which shouldn't be that surprising if you think about the colour of porridge oats - it has a slightly brown tinge to it. When I first tasted the milk I was really surprised as it was so sweet and yet it is not sweetened naturally or artificially. It also tastes very creamy and rich. The texture of the milk is very silky and soft.

      After one taste of this Oatly milk I was hooked. I have been using the milk in different ways. It tastes great as a drink on it's own. It's also wonderful when added to hot drinks and it blends in well. I especially like this milk on my cereal. Of all non dairy milks I've used this is the one I most prefer on cereal. It makes any cereal taste delicious and high quality and I also feel it's a milk that most mimics the flavour and consistency of cow's milk. It seems as though I've added a dash of double cream to my breakfast dish as it is so flavoursome.

      Oatly milk is slightly more expensive than some soya milks and I paid £1.39 for my carton which is about the same price as almond and hazelnut milks. Although it's a bit pricier I'm willing to pay the extra as the milk is so satisfying to me. I therefore will be buying it again in the future and I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is thinking about going non-dairy or to anyone who just wants to try something different.

      Oatly milk can also be used in cooking and there is a recipe idea for a fruit smoothie on the back of the carton. Go to the website for more ideas about how to use Oatly in savoury cooking.



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        05.05.2013 10:17
        Very helpful



        A great product. Numerous health benefits, readily available and tasty!

        I first became aware of Oatly Oat milk when my young son was diagnosed as being dairy intolerant. The dietician he saw recommended this specific product as being a great alternative to milk and also more appealing in taste to young children than soya milk. So on her recommendation I called into the supermarket and stocked up straight away.

        ~~Availability & Price~~
        Oatly Healthy Oat Drink is available in all of the big four supermarkets (Asda, Sainsburys, Morrisons and Tesco) It is also available on Amazon and in smaller independent health food stores. You will find Oatly in the section with long life and UHT milks. The price is £1.39 per litre carton. I have from time to time seen it on offer for £1 in Sainsburys and due to the nature of the product I was able to stock up! The packaging is now different to the image above, the carton is now green for the organic milk and blue for the regular oat drink. The carton has the Oatly logo in red and shows the milk being poured into a glass. The type of carton remains the same as the picture, it is just the art work that has changed.

        Oatly is sold in a 1 litre carton, the carton has the pastic screw top pourer you often see on fruit juices etc. I found this helpful as I felt it kept the milk fresher and also it enable me to give it a good shake without redecorating the kitchen in oat milk!

        ~~What is it?~~
        Oatly oat drink is dairy free, naturally low in saturated fat and contains healthy oat fibre that is good for your heart. It is also unsweetened, and has no artificial flavours, stabilisers or preservatives. It is also suitable for vegans and vegetarians.
        As you would expect the carton contains lots of information about oats and the various health benefits that they provide. For example the carton talks of oats containing soluble oat fibre which is proven to be good for your heart if eaten regularly. Oatly is the only oat drink of its kind in the world which retains the soluble fibre caled beta-glucan which is found naturally in oats. Regular consumption of this contributes to maintenance of normal blood cholesterol concentration.

        Oat base (Water, Oats 10%), sea salt

        Once opened stays fresh in the fridge for 4-6 days (if it lasts that long!)

        Oatly can be used for cooking, baking, using on cereal, in hot drinks or just drunk straight from the fridge. The pack also contains a recipe for a breakfast smoothie although I haven't tried it.
        Oatly has a naturally sweet taste (it tastes like the milk you get at the bottom of your cereal bowl, quite sweet and unsurprisingly Oatly!) For this reason I find it doesn't make particularly nice white sauces etc. it isn't really suitable for savoury recipes in my opinion due to the sweet taste. It does however make a lovely rice pudding, and can also be used successfully in baking.

        ~~Other Oatly products~~
        Oatly also make a non organic milk and also a chocolate milk in the same size (1 litre) and an alternative to cream in 250ml.

        ~~Additional information~~
        Please be aware that the organic Oatly oat drink does not contain calcium, the regular Oatly is enriched with calcium and vitamins so if you are giving it to a child please be aware as obviously calcium is very important. For that reason I buy the regular Oatly oat milk as I want to ensure my son gets sufficient calcium,

        When opening, remove foil tab and then close screw lid and give it a really good shake as it does have a tendency to separate. Once shaken the milk is a creamy colour and the same consistency as semi skimmed milk.

        A great all round alternative to dairy or soya with real health benefits. A great taste that appeals to children and adults. Easily available and at a reasonable price.


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          01.04.2013 13:46
          Very helpful



          Make your own!

          We use a lot of oats in my house and I do not like dairy milk much at all for taste and ethical reasons. This is how I managed to come across Oatly, whilst looking for alternatives. My daughter sometimes drinks dairy but is still Breastfed so cows milk is not a priority. There are a few alternatives to dairy available to buy, soya of course has been around for a while now, hazelnut, almond and hemp milks and then this one. Oat milk available to buy in a carton is an interesting idea. Oats are very nutritious and tasty so technically this should taste good. It doesn't.

          Oatly comes in one of the tetra packs that you may find UHT milk in. There is a screw top and a minimalist package design. When you open it up, the colour is a sludgey slightly grey/white colour. In this case the colour sums up the taste quite well. Oatly is slightly salty, floury and watery. Having tried the nut milks such as almond and hazel, I was disappointed that my initial impressions of Oatly were so negative. I did persevere and tried it in coffee, with cereal, in tea and even to cook with but was not happy with the results at all. Although cooking it and putting it in coffee disguises the somewhat unpalatable taste, it did not enhance anything that I put it in at all. On its own it is not pleasant and it reminds me of stomach medicine (Andrews salts springs to mind but without the fizz)

          Oatly contains an "Oat base" (water, oats 10%), rapeseed oil, salt, vitamins (D2, riboflavin, folic acid and B12), calcium so nutritionally it is sound. Taste wise though it is not. Once opened it lasts up to 5 days in the fridge. I am afraid I threw it away.

          Oats are a balanced food containing carbs, protein and fats. They are also high in fibre and oat milk is the same. This product would be very useful for those with a lactose allergy or intolerance. Unfortunately they would have to survive the taste first.

          Therefore I do NOT recommend Oatly, simply because it tastes pretty horrible. However should you wish to explore the concept of oat milk yourself you could always make your own. This is easier (and cheaper ) than you would think.

          Oat milk recipe (raw/uncooked )

          You start with uncooked oats. It is best to start this off in the evening so that the milk is ready for the next day as it will need to soak. You will need something to filter the milk with.


          12 tablespoons dry whole oats
          1.5 litres of water to soak (preferably filtered )

          Rinse and drain the oats and then soak oak the oats in water for approximately 6-8 hrs.
          I usually use a hand stick blender at this point to break the oats up.
          I find it easiest to make the milk in a large jug. Once soaked for 6-8 hrs you can either sieve the mixture (you could use a jam making bag etc ) and you can either throw the oats away or blend them in (better to blend them in for a thicker milk and more nutrition)
          That is it! Easy peasy and it will not taste half as gross as Oatly.
          You can add dessicated coconut for taste, a pinch of sea-salt or vanilla if desired.
          Store in the fridge and use within 48 hrs. Can be frozen.

          Fresh oat milk will start to separate after a few hours, this is just oat sediment. Just shake it up before use.

          You can also make oat milk from cooked oats. The recipe is below:


          In summary I would not recommend Oatly and would advise you to make your own. It will taste far superior and will be much cheaper. Oatly ranges in price from £1.00 on offer to £1.50. Making your own will cost you in the region of 20p a litre.


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            12.03.2013 17:13
            Very helpful



            Not a great milk substitute

            I try not to drink too much cows milk as I am slightly allergic, and really love soya as both a drink and on cereal. However I went into Sainsburys and they didnt have my normal soya chocolate drink, but they had this oat chocolate version. It was £1.39 for a box of 1L which is quite expensive I think, but I bought it anyway. Ocado at the moment do have it on offer for 3 for £3.

            It comes in a light blue box and has a nice picture of chocolate looking liquid being poured into a glass. It also has the Oatly logo. It only contains 3g of added sugar, is low in saturated fat and is cholesterol free. Although Im not so worried about my cholesterol yet. The box has a screw top lid and it pours out easily when tipped over. It lasts once opened for around 4-6 days, but I just cant finish the last little bit.

            I have tried to make it taste good, heating it for hot chocolate, on cereal, cold and shaken as suggested on the packet on its own but it just is disgusting. Its so watery I may as well have added water to powder and got a better result. It also tastes really salty and almost like one of those medicines that replaces the salt when you have had a bug. Its only 25 calories less than other similar drinks so not that healthy after all.

            The consistency is very thin, the colour is like light muddy water. It leaves a salty aftertaste in your mouth and the smell isnt great. I wont be buying this again I will be sticking to rice milk and soya.


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              13.06.2012 01:46
              Very helpful
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              Since becoming vegeterian I've made a concious effort to cut back dramatically on the amount of dairy products that I consume, including milk. As a result, I've explored a number of alternatives to cow's milk such as rice milk, soy milk, almond milk and so on. I came across this particular 'milk' a couple of weeks ago in my local Tesco's and picked it up as I'd never seen or heard of oat milk before and I suppose I bought it mainly out of curiousity, although to be fair after reading the packaging and all of the companies claims - eg that it helps lower cholestrol, I decided it seemed like a healthy alternative to cow's milk as well as a nice change from soy and rice milk so decided to give it a try.

              I paid £1.39 for my one litre carton of this which I personally think is a reasonable price, although considering an organic carton of cow's milk is 39 pence less it definitely isn't dirt cheap but as it's a 'special' and unusual kind of product I suppose the price reflects this. It is only available in 1l cartons as far as I am aware. Oatly oat milk is easily available and can be found in all the major supermarkets such as Sainsbury's, Tesco's and Waitrose etc. There are a range of different 'types' of oat milk in the oatly range including organic (which I am reviewing), chocolate flavour and there's also a vitamin enriched one too.

              The oat milk comes in a white and red carton, although I think the packaging may of changed recently as the picture on the Tesco website shows a blue carton which I find a bit odd but mine came in a simple sqaure shaped cardboard carton with a red and white colourscheme. The carton is very informative and it explains about the benefits of oat milk on the side. The branding is good and I find that the carton is easy to store too as it doesn't need putting in the fridge until it's been opened and it doesn't take up too much room in the fridge. The carton has a round screw-top lid which once removed exposes a foil top which needs to be removed. Once opened, the milk should be consumed within 4-5 days.

              The milk itself is pretty weird in appearence and it does not resemble normal (eg cow's) milk at all. In fact I was really confused and thought the milk had gone off or something when I saw the pale yellow liquid. The liquid has a wattery consistency and is almost transparent.. it looks just like a waterred down glass of apple juice. The appearence is not very appealing which is a disadvantage and I felt let down as the illustration on the front of the carton clearly shows a white, milk-like liquid. Anyway, taste wise this is actually quite nice. The taste of oats is prominent and suprisingly tasty and it is nice enough to drink on its own and it is actually pretty refreshing as well as filling. I would decribe the taste as an accquired one that not everyone will like although my boyfriend wasn't keen on it at first but has gotten used to it within a couple of weeks. I'm not sure if this will appeal to children due to the unusual and quite rich taste as well as the slightly off putting wee-like appearence! Smell wise, this smells just like cooked porridge oats.

              The milk can be used in a range of different meals. It's a great alternative to cow's milk in drinks such as tea and coffee and it doesn't ruin the flavour of the drink at all in my opinion. I also use it in smoothies for a bit of extra flavour and it tastes amazing blended up with some cocoa powder. It's also good for eating with cereal, baking, cooking and so on. As well as tasting nice and being a reasonably versatile drink, the oat milk is also very nutritious. It provides vegetable based protein, carbohydrates, fibre and unsaturated fats. It is low in calories at just 35 calories per 100ml. Ingredients wise, this contains water, oats (10 percent) and organic sea salt. I must admit the salt put me off a little but there's only 0.04 grams of sodium per 100ml and the drink does not taste at all salty!

              Overall, this is a nutritious and tasty alternative to cow's milk, soya milk and rice milk. It's unsweetened and has no weird ingredients such as artificial flavours, stabilisers or preservatives. It is suitable for vegetarians and vegans and I overall reccomend this product, although I knock one Dooyoo star off due to the off-putting appearence!


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                19.08.2010 20:55
                Very helpful



                A tasty healthy oat drink

                My daughter has recently been diagnosed as being lactose intolerant. Whilst this is not a serious condition, it really only affects her skin and causes her to eczema to break out , it is unpleasant. I've struggled to find an alternative to cow's milk which suits her and that she enjoys. We tried soya milk, which she also can not tolerate well. We have tried goat's milk, which she thought was terrible, rice milk, which she quite likes, but have found Oatly enriched with Calcium and added vitamins to be the best choice so far.

                Oatly is a dairy free alternative to cow's milk and is made from, as the name suggests, pure oats. This 'milk' style drink is free from added sugar, is low in saturated fat and contains oat fibre. Oat fibre when eaten as part of a healthy diet can help to lower cholesterol levels. All good stuff in my opinion.

                100ml of Oatly provides the following:

                Energy 45 calories
                Protein 1g
                Carbohydrates 6.5g (of which 4g is sugar)
                Fat 1.5g (of which 0.2g is saturated)
                Fibre 0.8g
                Sodium 0.04g
                Vitamin D 10% of RDA
                Riboflavin 10% of RDA
                Folic Acid 10% RDA
                Vitamin B12 20% RDA
                Calcium 15% RDA


                Oat base (water, oats 10%)
                Rapeseed oil
                Calcium carbonate
                Calcium phosphates
                Vitamins (D, riboflavin, folic acid, B12)

                It is always a concern when embarking on a milk free diet for children that they get enough calcium included from other sources. That is one of the main reasons in choosing Oatly. I'm confident that my daughter is getting plenty of calcium from including this in her diet.

                On the carton it states that a 205ml glass of Oatly will provide 38% of the recommended daily allowance (RDA) of calcium, therefore 2.63 glasses would provide 100%.

                My daughter enjoys this on her cereal, a chilled glass just on its own, well with a cookie or two. She also has this made into hot drinks such as hot chocolate. I've used this in my tea too.

                It has quite a mild flavour, not creamy like milk, but quite pleasant non the less. It tastes just like oats mixed with semi skimmed milk, so would be a good choice if you would need to look at an alternative to regular milk.

                This has a long shelf life and can be stored unrefridgerated until best before date. Once opened store in the fridge as you would milk. It must be used within 4-5 days.

                I've not tried cooking with this product yet, so I'm unable to comment on how it performs in this area.

                It costs £1.18 for a 1 litre container and is available from most supermarkets. However I have found that it sells out pretty quickly so I like to stock up when it's available.

                Would I recommend this product? Yes definitely, for anyone looking to change from cow's milk, or is concerned with levels of cholesterol. It tastes nice, has a mild flavour not too dissimilar to skimmed milk and has added vitamins and calcium.


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                  14.12.2009 17:36
                  Very helpful



                  A good milk alternative that tastes 100% than soya milk lol

                  I love milk and I drink alot of it. Sadly though it's full fat milk that I love so of late I have been looking for healthier alternatives!

                  I found this product in my local Sainsburys and soon as I saw the word Oats mentioned Id ecided I just had to try it because I love porridge and so far after trying soya milk that really isn't my thing at all so this was very worth a go in my mind!

                  The Packaging:

                  Comes in a 1L white and light blue box with a twist on/off plastic lid to the top of it/ On the front there is a glass of the said milk and in red and black writing I'm told it is Made From Pure Oats 'Oatly' and that it is calcium & vitamin enriched and that it lowers cholesterol and contains oats. On the back of the box I'm told all about the product and then on another side of the box I'm given a list of ingredients, given contact details for Wassan International (the manufacturer of this product) and there is a bar-code on there. Nice enough carton and it's very informative.

                  A Bit About The Product According To The Carton:

                  There is nothing finer than Oats. Oats are a gift from nature, made for us to enjoy.

                  Do we exaggerate? Maybe a little, but that doesn't change the fact that Oatly is a healthy and tasty alternative to milk and soya.

                  Oatly is free from added sugar, low in saturated fat and contains Oat Fibre. Oat fibre, eaten as part of a healthy diet, can help lower your cholesterol levels.

                  Oatly is made from carefully selected oats, based on a unique process developed at the university of Lund in Sweden. It is free from soya, lactose and milk protein.
                  Produced by Oatly AB, which is a Swedish company which specialises in the research and development of health foods made from oats.

                  The Milk:

                  In colour it's an off grey sort of colour. Has no real smell to it and you can use it as you would milk or soya etc.

                  Taste wise well it's actually ok to be fair to it. It isn't too sweet or salty or anything it's just like drinking oats really! It is a bit chalky if drank with nothing added to it and it is always best served chilled.

                  You can make milkshakes with this, add it to drinks (coffee tea, hot choc) etc, it blends well with things but the taste of oats always does come through so there's not disguising that! Of course use it in porridge oats for extra flavour is a good one and I love that!

                  I don't find this unpleasant to drink alone but do prefer to add it to things and all it all it's far tastier (in my opinion) than soya milk anyway!

                  It is a feel good drink low in everything but what it should be I.E taste. It lasts once opened for 5 days if stored in the refrigerator and is a versatile product full of goodness! I'm getting used to drinking this more and more with each passing day now!

                  Nutritional Information Per... 100ml

                  Energy: 45 Kcal
                  Protein: 1.g
                  Carbohydrate: 6.5g
                  of which is sugars: 4g
                  Fat: 1.5g
                  of which is saturated: 0.2g
                  Fibre: 0.8g
                  of which is beta- glucans: 0.4g
                  Sodium: 0.05g
                  Vitamin D: 0.5 ug
                  Ribofalvin: 0.13mg
                  Folic Acid: 20 ug
                  Vitamin B12: 0.2ug
                  Calcium: 120mg

                  This costs about £1.32 a carton usually and is only available in Sainsbury's stores. Currently this in offer for a £1.00 in Sainsbury's too.


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                    11.10.2009 09:32
                    Very helpful



                    Everything milk can do this can do at least as well

                    I don't drink much cow's milk as I don't like the taste very much, and my usual replacement is soya milk. However my mother has started drinking Oatly after being told by her doctor that she should avoid soya. This plus the fact that she has a lactose intolerance led her to try alternatives including Rice Milk and Oatly. She decided to stick with Oatly as she prefers it to Rice Milk due to taste, and I agree with her.

                    Oatly is sugar free and doesn't contain any saturated fat. It is made from water and oats plus a tiny bit of sea salt and that's it, so you can't get more wholesome and natural than that. Oats are very good for lowering cholesterol and are one of the most frequently recommended foods for health in all the articles I've read about eating well. If you don't like the taste of porridge, oatly could be a good way to get your oats in.

                    Oatly doesn't really taste of oats, perhaps as it's so well blended and smooth. It has a nice, light flavour and I find you need to add a bit more of it to tea or coffee than you would soya or regular milk in order to get that same milky colour and flavour. It has a pleasant, inoffensive taste and isn't chalky like soya milk can be.

                    I have used Oatly on cereal and in tea and coffee and find it to be very good in baking as well. I have also used it to make pancakes and these were also very good. Basically I haven't run across any situation where Oatly doesn't offer a good alternative where you would normally use some other type of milk.

                    The only downside to Oatly is the price. It usually costs around £1.50 or so for a carton which is almost £1 more than an equal amount of soya milk would cost. This is the reason why I only have Oatly when I'm round at my mother's house and when I'm at home I stick with soya milk.


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                    21.04.2009 15:38
                    Very helpful




                    I am always looking for alternatives to dairy, but was struggling to find an alternative to cow's milk. I absolutely hate soya milk and rice milk but when I saw a carton of Oatly Oatmilk I thought I would give it a try.

                    ++ABOUT OATLY++
                    Oatly is a range of products made from oats, as alternatives to dairy. All products are milk- and soya-free, and vegetable based. They are suitable for dairy-intolerants and vegetarians. They are recommended for gluten-intolerants but they recommend checking with a doctor first.

                    It can be drunk as it is, or it can be used in recipes as an alternative to dairy milk.

                    ++INGREDIENTS/NUTRITIONAL INFO++
                    Oat base (water, organic oats), sea salt. (All cultivated ecologically)

                    100ml has 6.5g carbs and 0.7g fat. It is rich in soluble oat fibres which is said to lower cholestorol, and contains vitamin E. Regular consumption is said to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

                    It comes in a standard tetra pak with a screw cap on the top which saves having to cut a corner to get the milk out!

                    On pouring the product into a glass, it doesn't resemble cow's milk. It's an off-white colour, similar to the colour of wallpaper paste!! It also appears really thin and almost looks as if it has been watered down. On first impressions it didn't look too appetising, although the smell made up for this. Its faint, but it has a sweet, porridge smell.

                    I was a bit dubious about this; as I said above I hate soya and rice milk, and although I can take cow's milk with cereal, tea, etc I don't particularly like drinking it on its own so I wasn't sure if I would like this. However it has a mild, slightly sweet taste that is similar to porridge (not surprisingly as it's made from oats!) so if you like porridge, you'd probably like the taste of this. It's not something I will drink on its own but this is not because it doesn't taste nice, it's simply because milk of any kind is not something I tend to drink. It's definitely palatable and pleasant enough as a drink.

                    I use it on my cereal and find I enjoy it more than cow's milk anyway as it seems lighter, plus I enjoy the taste more as it has a sweeter tinge. I've tried it in tea and coffee but I didn't enjoy the taste, however I prefer herbal teas to regular tea/coffee anyway so this could have something to do with it. I just didn't feel that the taste went well with the milk.

                    I mainly use the milk in smoothies as a substitute for orange juice. It is nice blended with sharper flavours such as kiwi fruits or passion fruits. It's also nice blended with half a banana and some berries.

                    I haven't tried baking or cooking with it I'm afraid. I don't tend to do baking so can't say whether or not this would be a suitable substitute. If I ever do feel the need to bake I'd give this a go though. It's a great substitute for milk in everything else I've used it in so would be happy to bake with it if the occasion arose!

                    ++PRICE AND AVAILABILITY++
                    Currently available in most large supermarkets in 1 litre cartons for about £1.40.

                    Finally! A nice tasting versatile alternative to cow's milk.


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                  • Product Details

                    The popular Oatly Oat Drink has now been given a brand new package design and also a new name for the UK market, Oatly Healthy Oat Organic. The inside is still the same, though. The Oatly Healthy Oat Enriched, with added calcium and vitamins, will be available from June.

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