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Options Tempting Toffee Instant Hot Chocolate Drink

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Manufacturer: Options / Type: Chocolate Drinks

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    1 Review
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      04.03.2010 21:10
      Very helpful



      Surprisingly Yummy.

      Im not usually a massive fan of hot drinks but lately I seem to be drinking loads so my mom having noticed this bought me and my little brother a load of these different Options flavours home from shopping the other day and this Tempting Toffee flavour was one of them. Ive been meaning to try this flavour for ages but none of the shops by me ever seem to have it in stock so I guess it must be pretty popular so when she bought these sachets home I was chuffed mainly because someone had finally listened to me lol. The only reason I was a little apprehensive about trying this is because Ive alwasy found the Options flavours to be very hit and miss, some are lovely and taste great and others...well the less said about them the better. But Im happy to report this flavour falls in the first catagory, it was lovely!

      You just make this as you would an ordinary hot chocolate. Add boling water and add sugar and milk to your tastes. Most of the time with these sachets I dont add anything else but I think this one definately needs a drop of milk because I reckon it justs inhances the flavour, no sguar needed though I dont think as this is quite sweet already. Also remember to stir this like hell because it will leave horrid, powdery lumps behind floating away on the top which is just vile.

      As soon as you start to pour the water into your mug you can smell a really rich scent of proper toffee. It doesnt smell artificial or fake at all it smells like rich, creamy toffee so at this stage it was winning on all counts for me. The only thing I will say it that thi drink is really runny. I was hoping it would be a lot thicker and creamier but it was really thin and thats why I added the milk (hoping to thicken it up) and that worked a treat so thats why I recommend adding milk.

      This honestly taste beautiful. I cant believe for a second that this has only just over 40 calories because it tastes so sweet and actually like a runnier version of proper toffee. This is definately the best Options flavour Ive tried as yet and since then Ive been to the supermarket & bought myself a big tub of this because my brother liked it just as much as I did. I highly recommend this to everyone, especially dieters who are looking for a quick sugar fix that wont ruin your figure!

      Highly recommended as one sachet of this only contains 43 calories, taste just like proper, sweet toffee and its only 35p a sachet.
      Whats not to like.

      Thanks For Reading

      x0 Salz 0x

      Im knocking one star off because it was very runny and I hoped it would be much creamier and thick.


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