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Brand: Silver Spring / Type: Energy Drink

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    1 Review
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      17.11.2010 16:16
      Very helpful



      Lovely cheaper version of Orange Lucozade

      Whilst looking for alternatives to Lucozade I came across a cheaper brand that seemed to be offering the same sort of products to the original Lucozade drinks. Lucozade energy, as many will know is a high glucose energy drink, relying on the energy from sugar to provide a boost to the drinker. Although energy drinks in recent years has come to be a term more closely associated with high caffeine drinks, these have to be considered energy drinks just as equally.

      Pulsar Xtra Energy was the name of the brand, they were selling an "original" flavour (similar to the "original" Lucozade) and this, the orange flavoured drink. Officially this is a "orange energy glucose drink", though we all know it's a cheaper knock off of Lucozade, though can it compete? Or is Lucozade still the only duracell bunny in the glucose drinks world?

      The bottle, as many may expect, fizzes upon opening though doesn't seem to froth up like a fizzy drink, ala Coke or Pepsi instead it sits very still with bubbles sitting on the top like an energised volcano looking ready to blow. A slight orange scent eminates from the top of the bottle though when it's drank the sweetness of the drink over powers the orange flavour. It's this sweetness, and the heavy concentration of the drink that are to blame for the main effect of the drink. If Red Bull claims to give you wings, this, instead, gives you a slight kick up the backside and a slight fuzziness along with a shot of energy (and holes in your teeth I assume if you drink it too much).

      The characteristics and effects are due to the drink being very heavy on sugar. In a 380ml bottle there is an amazing 57.6g of sugars (64% the RDA). This gives the drink a thick, syrup like consistency as well as the high energy content (277 Calories per 380ml bottle, 14% the RDA). This has a flip side, to "re-energise" you don't need to drink a whole load of it but if you just want a drink this probably isn't the greatest idea. It tastes fine, with a soft orange undertone and a sweet flavour, but drinking it as a normal drink will soon see you becoming a toothless insomniac.

      In comparison to Lucozade it's cheaper, not quite as nice tasting but a solid competitor thats worth giving a try if you do need that rocket up the jacksie that so many feel they need on a daily basis.


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