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Pure Heaven White Grape with Peach Drink

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Brand: Pure Heaven / Type: Non-Alcoholic - White Grape with Peach

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    1 Review
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      21.09.2011 19:11
      Very helpful



      Great drink for enjoyment

      ~Pure Heaven Celebration Drinks - White Grape with Peach~

      For some reason now I tend to be invited to a lot of adult parties in the likes of wedding anniversaries, big number birthday parties. This seems to be a new phase in my life as I have now graduated from hosting and attending birthday parties for kids since my girls are now young adults. Some of the parties I attend are really grand and it takes me a lot of effort to prepare for them. I do not take alcohol neither do I like fizzy sweet drinks like cokes so I normally find myself stuck with fruit juices and water. I often find that as the day/night goes on I can't take on any more juices as there is a limit to what the body can take within a limited time. I usually take a bottle or two of Schloer (White Grape and Apple) to share and just to have something to sip and look "cool" whilst others I drinking their wines and alcohols etc so that I do not feel left out. For some reason I just find that sipping something makes conversation and socialising easier and holding a wine glass makes one fit in as well. It so happened that I went to one party recently where there were no juices at all and the host offered me Pure Heaven Celebration Drinks. I love white grapes and peaches so I naturally went for White Grape with Peach combination. I was hesitant at first as I had not seen this range of drinks before so I scrutinised the label just to see what I was up for. When I tasted it, well I could not believe what I had missing. After this I went off and did my research to see where I could get these drinks.

      ~Appearance and Packaging~

      The drink comes in a nice green bottle which looks rather posh. The whole top part of the bottle and the neck is covered in a gold coloured thin foil. The foil is held in place by white paper cut into a nice undulating design and the label PURE HEAVEN and the other text all in gold font. There is another big label from midway of the bottle to the bottom with the words "NON-ALCOHOLIC" clearly visible in the gold font and very big letters of name of the drink again complemented and contrasted with the name of the flavour in this case "White Grape with Peach" and the pictures of the peach fruit both in peach colour.
      The presentation of the bottle is very attractive and would stand out in the crowd but on the other hand maybe a bit too much.

      ~Availability and Price~

      Pure Heaven Celebration Drinks are manufactured by Sunmark which also manufactures other fruit juices and juice drinks.


      Pure Heaven Celebration Drinks come in 6 flavours and are available in 750 ml bottles:
      -White Grape with Peach
      -White Grape with Strawberry
      -Red Grape
      -White Grape with Mango
      -White Grape

      I was expecting the drinks to readily available from major supermarkets but to my disappointment that wasn't the case. Further search indicated that the drinks are available mainly from online outlets including:
      Woolworth at http://www.woolworths.co.uk with the price at least £4.00/bottle ~ £5.33/litre.

      This is rather expensive for me as I am not used to these sort of prices for drinks. I compared with other drinks such as Schloer which cost ~£2.00 per 750 ml bottle and are usually sold on special offer in most supermarkets. I was too embarrassed to check with my host where she had bought hers.

      ~Taste and Scent~

      The drink tastes very nice, has a semi-sweet fruit taste and smells nicely of grapes with a hint of peach. It doesn't leave an after taste in the month like other drinks. It looks very posh when served in a wine glass and people would not be able to tell the difference just by looking that it is not wine. The drink tastes very nice when chilled and it is very tempting to continue sipping through and before you know it you may be surprised to see yourself finishing the contents of the bottle slowly but sure.


      Non alcoholic Sparkling Celebration Drink contains 100% Fruit Juice, no preservatives, no colouring and no sugar added.


      The drinks have a shelf life of 36 months and can be refrigerated but not frozen. Once the bottle has been opened, it is recommended to consume the contents within 3 days.

      ~My experience~

      These drinks are handy in that I have a variety of what I can serve to visitors who like me do not take alcohol whilst those who take alcohol enjoy their drink as well. I can now relax at parties whilst sipping something "cool" as well in a wine glass like others but not sure how many I can afford at that price. Other alcohol free drinks like Schloer which are readily available in supermarkets are also usually readily available at most parties I have attended but this was my first time to see and to be served Pure Heavens Celebration drinks. I know of a lot of people who started taking alcohol by being pushed by peer pressure to fit in and look "cool". With this drink, you can still look "cool" and fit in at parties without the undesirable effects of alcohol. I assure you that after this party I could still safely drive home when my better half was already way over the alcohol limit. Sorry no offence to those who take alcohol!

      Like other alcohol free drinks, these drinks can also be served at teenage parties; surely they will feel like grown-ups although I can see the price being a deterrent factor.

      As the manufacturer clearly states "Pure Heaven celebration drink allows you the freedom to enjoy the taste of a sparkling drink while being free from alcohol. It is the perfect celebration drink."

      Enjoy this sparkling alcohol free drink, which is bubbly and made with pure fruit juice.

      Thank you for taking time to read and review.

      ©hildah11 Sept 2011


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