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Red Rooster Energy Drink

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    6 Reviews
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      08.10.2011 18:30
      Very helpful



      great alternative to red bull

      As you can see red rooster is obviously a spin off copy version of red bull and some people i know are quite snobby about these sort of things, if they want a vodka red bull, it has to be red bull but quite honestly with something like this i don't understand why.

      Red rooster can actually be purchased quite cheaply in comparison to its rival red bull and the size of the can is also identical meaning no sill calculations working out who is giving you better value for money. The drink has a very strong scent as you would expect from an energy drink however i believe it to be nicer than the fragrance you get from the "official" red bull energy drink. The actual flavor of the drink is very similar to red bull i would not say that is worse than red bull but i wouldn't say it was my preference over the two. My choice of this over red bull would be based solely on the fact it is much cheaper and accessible. This red rooster also gives you the same as the red bull, you have the massive caffeine content and the big downer when your body hits bottom again as the caffeine wears off, a no brainer for savvy savers.


      Multi-pack availability
      Stocked in many places
      Tastes good
      Smells Good


      Cans, not resealable


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      09.07.2010 19:40
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      red rooster is king

      My fellow people, when you first open this drink, like me you will notice, the first thing that jumped out at me (or more accurately what didn't jump out at me) was the lack of overpowering odour that you usually get from opening a can of Red Bull. OK, so Red Rooster is hardly a drink with an inconspicuous aroma, but personally, the sweeter taste of Red Rooster is much more pleasing on the taste buds.

      Now, moving on to the actually flavour and taste. Again, I was totally unsure what to expect from this new drink as I chugged the first few mouthfuls. To this very day, I still find it difficult to explain exactly what Red Rooster tastes of. All I can really offer is what you would expect. A unique combination of flavours, no doubt rounded off by pangs contributed by the "active ingredients" in the energy blend.

      Since the very first can I tried, to the present day (strangely enough I am drinking a can of Red Rooster at the time of writing), I have never ever experienced a noticeable detrimental side-effect, but hey, each to their own, everyone is different.

      The actual energy hit that I receive from drinking a can of Red Rooster, generally seems to be more effective than the likes provided by its competitors' products. I'm sure we've all been in the position of struggling through an afternoon in work and needing a pick-up to push you the extra distance.

      Basically, what I am trying to encourage, is people to go out and try it for themselves.

      If you do decide to give Red Rooster a go, make sure it is ice cold.

      I am not sure 100% if all shops and supermarkets stock this drink and for some people individually the cost of drinking Red Rooster's will soon add up and its much easier to purchase in bulk, therefore my quest took me to an online source http://www.energyshack.co.uk where you can purchase this stuff and get it delivered straight to your door, saving time and petrol, as it's much easier to stock up on this stuff.


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        10.02.2010 03:55
        Very helpful





        I was at my local coop last night and whilst looking at the drinks section I spotted this and was feeling a little tired so thought I would try it as I had never had it before but had bought Red Bull and Tesco's Kick so I thought I'd see what their competition was like. Red Rooster has recently received a makeover and instead of the silver and red can you see in the picture, It's now a orangey red can with Blue at the top and White and Blue letters. Red Rooster is manufactured by the Canadian drinks company Cott Corporation.

        **The Drink**

        The drink was obviously released to challenge Red Bull and even though it's not as big around the world it's still one of the leading Energy Drinks. Just like Red Bull it's a mixed fruit flavoured energy drink which is available in same sized cans. My can was quite cold which I find an energy drink must be otherwise it can taste not that nice at all. Whilst it was not quite as nice as Red Bull and the Tesco equivalent Kick It's still a lot nicer than some of the other energy drinks on the market.


        So does it work?? well the answer to that question is yes it does but for me not quite as well as the two energy drinks mentioned. It's quite a bit cheaper than Red Bull at around 70p but it's taste and lesser stimulation let it down a little bit compared to Red Bull. It will give you a few hours of boost but not really as much as what Red Bull will. Having said that you may not be wanting a huge boost maybe just a little pick me up. This of course contains both Caffeine and Taurine.


        So on summing up how do I rate this Rooster Energy??. I would still drink it if it was nice and cold and still cheaper than Red Bull but if I had the choice of the two then Red Bull would win all the time with Tesco's Kick in a photo finish. The price will undoubtedly appeal to some people as Red Bull is comparatively more expensive than many other energy drinks of this type. Try it and make up your own mind.


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          02.01.2010 21:38
          Very helpful



          I do enjoy it and will continue to buy it but will watch my intake

          I cannot start my day without the intake of a can of Red rooster.
          It gives me the push i need to face the morning running round like Linford Christie
          after the children to get them sorted for school.

          I was always told that coffee was the best thing to get you going in the morning but why have something
          that is so bitter tasting? (I normally drink tea hence why i say bitter tasting,
          that is my personal preference i know some people prefer coffee to tea) ,
          when you can have a mixed fruit drink that tastes a lot better and does virtually the same job?
          And each can offers you 30mg of caffeine per 100ml. so thats 75mg per can.

          I came across Red rooster at a local supermarket that had run out of Red bull so tried the Red rooster and i was
          rather surprised i did not expect it to be exactly like Red bull but thought Red Rooster tasted better so much so i now buy
          Red rooster on a regular basis.
          At my local Farmfoods i can buy 4 cans of red rooster for a £1 where as Red bull is 79p per can which is the same size as red rooster.
          And as i have said it is a lot better tasting . Not only as a drink on its own but also as a mixer.

          Nutrition value on each can of 250 ml

          Energy ... 117kcal
          protien ... trace
          Carbohydrate ... 27.0g
          of which are sugars ...26.5g
          Fat ... 0.0g
          of which are saturates ...0.0g
          fibre ... 0.0g
          sodium ... 0.1g

          Niacin ... 18.0mg (100% of recommended daily allowance)
          vitamin B6 ... 2.0mg (100% of recommended daily allowance)
          vitamin B12 ... 0.5mg (50% of recommended daily allowance)
          Pantothenic Acid ... 5.0mg (83% of recommended daily allowance)

          As with any stimulation drink Red rooster is not suitable for children or pregnant women or for those that are sensitive to caffeine.
          So be sure to read the back of the can to inform yourself.

          I have never once really looked at the information on the back of a can or a packet like i have been since doing these
          reviews and i am actually amazed at what i am discovering.
          I never once thought that there would be any vitamins in the drink and i am also shocked at the caffeine content.
          No wonder i am bouncing of the walls on a morning 75mg of caffeine... wow, i am sure i read somewhere that each cup of coffee contains
          10mg of caffeine, so in theory one can is like drinking 7 and a half cups in the morning!!!

          Wow!! Well it is working for me for the time being but i shall be cutting the drinks out on a weekend to give my body time
          to recover from all the caffeine during the week.

          Overall i do enjoy the drink it is very tasty and the mix of the fruit juices is rather refreshing.


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          13.11.2009 19:22
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          Product very similar to Red Bull et al

          Here's yet another of those energy boosting drinks, a cheap substitute for Red Bull, essentially the same drink, but from a different company and with different packaging.

          Red Rooster, Red Bull, Kick, all these kinds of drinks, they're all basically good for one thing: giving you an energy kick, with a burst of caffeine, nicely flavoured and in a small and compact can that makes it easy and practical to drink. The drink is sold in 250ml cans, costing anywhere from 35p to around 60p. It has quite appealing packaging, with a shiny silver and vibrant red tin can that is quite thin and elongated, not like a coke can or anything like that, which is quite stocky.

          There is a ring pull on the top, and when you pull it, the gas expulsion is quite tame. With other similar products there is usually quite a bit of gas, whereas this doesn't seem to be quite as carbonated. The smell hits you straight away, a sickly and sweet smell, and when you taste it, it tastes exactly like Red Bull or other similar products.

          Not long after the drink, I started to feel the effects. I can get quite hyperactive, and I drink coffee quite regularly. Drinks such as this with high levels of caffeine often give me the kick I need when I'm particularly tired, and I had one this morning, as I had a bad night's sleep. As a result, I was buzzing for most of the morning.

          The reason for this is the caffeine levels. Concentrated levels in this drink mean that you get 30mg of caffeine in every 100ml of the drink. There are 25g of sugar in the whole can, and it should give you around 120 calories. The caffeine hit is quite quick after actually drinking it, which is good as this is the desired effect. However, a few hours later, and I was hitting the down side of the caffeine mountain. The down slope is one to struggle with, but to be fair to Red Rooster, it's not unique to this drink. I have found it with Red Bull and Kick as well, and on a night out drinking Vodka Red Bull one too many will often make you overtired and have an adverse effect, not keeping you awake at al.

          Overall, it's a recommended product if you want it for the same reasons as you would need Red Bull or any other similar drink. It tastes quite nice, isn't particularly gassy, and does the trick. Just beware of the downside a few hours later when the effects of the initial caffeine hit wear off and you're faced with a long, tiring afternoon.


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            29.09.2009 11:07
            Very helpful



            Just as good as the other brands!

            Red Rooster energy drinks can be bought in 250ml cans for around 35p, or litre bottles for around £1.

            I usually buy 4 250ml cans in Farmfoods for £1. I tend to buy these for a quick hit of energy when I need it rather than to simply drink, which is why the 250ml cans are a perfect size for me.

            I only buy the 'light' version that is pictured above, so this is what I am reviewing.

            The drink has:
            0.4% Taurine
            0.03% caffeine

            It also contains (per 100ml):
            3 cals
            7.2mg Niacin
            0.8mg Vitamin B6
            0.2mg Vitamin B12
            2mg Pantothenic Acid.

            ... Please don't ask me what Pantothenic Acid is!

            Being an energy drink, Red Rooster is not suitable for pregnant women or children.

            If you haven't tried an energy drink before, I should probably tell you that they are best served cold. They taste absolutely awful when served at room temp.

            When you open the can you will see that the drink is a pale yellow colour, it reminds me of something but I won't say what!

            It is very bubbly, and you can tell this when you take a sip; it is quite a harsh drink on the throat but has a very sweet, sugary taste.

            A couple of sips of this really kills sugar cravings - quite suprising since it doesn't actually contain any!

            As for the energy aspect, it does wake you up a little and make you feel a little more 'alive', but everyone is different so I cannot say what it would do for you.
            I have a stupidly high tolerance level for caffiene so it doesn't affect me as much, but if you don't have it very ofen then you may end up as high as a kite, lol!

            One word of warning though, do not drink it after 5pm (earlier, if you are planning on an early night).
            It may not seem to affect you much during the day, but you can feel the effects of it at night when you lie in bed for 4 hours unable to sleep!

            Overall, I would recommend Red Rooster.
            It is very similar to many of the other energy drinks around, it tastes just as nice (better than some other brands that I do not care to mention!), and it is very cheap as well.


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