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Rockstar Recovery

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3 Reviews

Brand: Rockstar / Type: Lemonade energy and hydration drink

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    3 Reviews
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      04.06.2013 12:32
      Very helpful



      Didnt enjoy this one so got no benefits

      The last few months have been a busy and testing time for all sorts of reasons. The next few months look like they will be heading in the same direction as I seem to have so many things I need to participate in whether its things connected with my sons nursery, billions of childrens birthday parties, courses, my own childrens birthdays and this doesn't even take into consideration the normal everyday stuff that's on my to do list. Put on top of that is the fact I get interrupted sleep every night from one or both kids. To make up for my usual short fall in energy, I bought this energy drink in my local B & M store for 79p for a 500ml can.

      Why did I buy it?

      I think my opening rant answers that one! I am partial to the odd energy drink once and awhile. I have had this brand before but not this flavour, and was curious to see what this tasted like.

      What is this drink supposed to do?

      Provide energy ( short term ), help the body to remain hydrated when needed.

      How is it packaged?

      It comes in a 500ml can with a pull ring to open. The main colour is yellow, which makes it very eye catching and stands out. Most of the writing is done in black. On the front the logo ' Rockstar ' is on the top, along with the work ' recovery ' directly underneath along with the words hydration and energy. It also states high caffeine content and its non carbonated lemonade.

      On the back it has nutritional information, ingredients list and the general warnings associated in regards to a high caffeine drink e.g not suitable for pregnant women, anyone who is sensitive to caffeine etc.


      Water, Sucrose, Lemon juice from concentrate ( 3% ), Taurine ( 0.4% ), Citric Acid E330 and Malic acid E296, Flavourings, Acidity regulators ( Sodium citrate E331, Calcium lactate E327 and Potassium phosphate E340 ), Flavourings, Caffeine ( 0.03% ), Ginseng root extract ( 0.01% ), Guarana ( Paullinia cupana ), Seed extract, Niacin, Stabilisers ( Gum Arabic E414 and Glycerol esters of wood rosins E445 ), Pantothenic acid, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12.

      Nutritional Information

      Energy 1105 kj
      Protein 2.1g
      Carbohydrate 60.5g
      Of which are sugars 60.5g
      Fat 0.1g
      Of which are saturates 0g
      Fibre 0g
      Sodium 0.1g
      Niacin 16.00mg ( 100% RDA )
      Vitamin B6 1.40mg ( 100% RDA )
      Vitamin B12 2.50 ug ( 100% RDA )
      Pantothenic acid 6.00mg ( 100% RDA )

      How does it taste?

      Firstly, its not carbonated, completely flat. For me there is more of a cordial taste rather than juice in my opinion. I don't feel the actual taste has enough depth to it. Theres a lemon taste to it, its not sharp but for me could do with having more tang to it and overall being alittle stronger in taste. To me, this tastes like a lemon drink that was carbonated and has lost its fizz. I would have expected more fruit content.

      Its not too sweet to be fair, but enough to make it easier to drink. This has got to be drunk cold, silly thing to say, but a not chilled energy juice drink like this is not as refreshing or half as enjoyable unless ice cold.

      I cant say this drink gave me much energy because I didn't finish it-its still sat in the fridge! I literally drank afew sips here and there so cant get the full effect.

      Would I buy this again. No-in all honestly when I bought it I didn't read on the can it wasn't carbonated, I just assumed. If I had I wouldn't have bought it as I prefer my energy drink to contain fizz. So what I expected was carbonated lemonade type energy drink, not limp and flat cordial. My fault-but for once this is an energy drink that doesn't get me going.

      If you like a traditional style and taste to an energy drink-maybe not for you.


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        24.04.2012 08:13
        Very helpful




        I have an energy drink every morning and although it is usually the 250ml tins that I reach for I d sometimes have the larger tins and sometimes drink the odd 1 in the house too. I can't say if they do work so much in waking me up but I just like the tast of them.

        There is a few different ones in the Rockstar range and this was the 1st time that I had tried this one. my local Asda had an offer on these tins when I bought them and they were £1.29 or 2 for £2 so I bought 1 that I have had a few times and then decided to try this one. The tin looks alright - just a bright yellow tin that stands out on the shelf.

        The flavouring of this is Lemonade and the taste is quite strong. It reminds me of the old fashioned Cloudy Lemonade that you get in 2 litre bottles. I know that that kind of Lemonade can taste a bit Tart but this is sweet enough. The Juice is flat so no sparkle to it. This is best drank nice and cold.

        Per 500ml tin this has 260 calories which is a huge amounr for a Juice but it is a large tin and I would have expected calories like this in here.

        Would I buy this again? No. It is alright tasting but there is so many more nice tasting ones in the range and this just seems to taste that bit boring compared to other nicer flavoured Energy drinks.

        Perhaps worth a try if you are curious about the taste and you never know you may end up liking this more than me.


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        24.03.2011 09:18
        Very helpful



        Nice, refreshing drink but high in calories!

        I absoloutely live on energy drinks. I have no idea whether they increase my energy or not to be perfectly honest with you and have no idea if they work as such but like I say I drink alot of them and recently at about £1.25 a can (in all good supermarkets etc) I spotted these drinks and couldn't wait to get stuck in! Usually energy drinks come in rather small sized cans however this is a huge 500ml size so to me, for the price I was offered.... value!

        The Packaging:

        Rockstar do a few different flavoured energy drink offerings. This particular one I am reviewing here is the Non-Carbonated Lemonade flavour and comes in a bright yellow can with a ringpull to the top of it and on the front we are told that it is Rockstar Revovery 'Energy + Hydration- Non-Carbonated Lemonade With Juice and that it contains Electrolytes and High Caffeine along with Ginseng, Taurine, B Vitamins and Guarana and the size is stated (as I have listed already). On the back of the can other information listed includes ingredients and warnings being given as well as nutritional chart and contact details for the manufacturer. This is a loud and colourful can with its black and yellow theme going on, on it and it is of course informative enough too!

        The Drink Itself:

        This is like very sweet, still, cloudy looking lemonade. It has no sparkle to it at all and although it is sweet it isn't syrupy as such but quite sharp and thirst quenching! Best served chilled, I liked this 'long' naturally sweet tasting drink a lot and found it to kick start my slow brain from the first few sips and for a short time I did feel slightly re-enerergised somewhat. Course that feeling didn't last very long but my boyfriend who I treated to a can of this at the same time I had mine reported a complete surge in energy (again it only lasted a very short time sadly and we're talking minutes like it did with me lol).

        If you like sweet drinks that rids that thirst fast..... great, give this a go and it does give a slight alertness however if you don't like sharpish drinks that leaves a lingering sour taste in the mouth....then avoid it however me I love this one and at least I felt something for consuming it even if I wasn't dangling off the chandelier lol.

        Nutritional Information Per 500ml Serving (The Important Bits!):

        Energy: 260Kcal
        Carbohydrate: 60.5g
        of which sugars: 0g
        Fat: 0.1g
        of which saturates: 0g

        I bought our cans in Asda and have seen them in Tesco and Morrisons too!


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